California Lawmaker Working On Bill To Ban Gas And Diesel Cars By 2040

A Californian Democrat plans on introducing a bill in the state that will ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040.

According to Bloomberg, California Assembly member Phil Tang, chairman of the chamber’s budget committee, is the man behind the bill. From 2040, he wants the state’s motor vehicles department to only register vehicles that don’t emit carbon dioxide, namely fully-electric and hydrogen-fuel cell cars.

California intends on slashing emissions by 80 per cent from 1990 levels by 2050 and Ting believes the introduction of such a bill could be an invaluable way to achieve this target. In fact, the transportation sector was recently named the top source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

“Until you set a deadline, nothing gets done. It’s responsible for us to set a deadline 23 years in advance,” Ting said.

In September, the California Air Resources Board said it had discussed such a vehicle ban following an expression of interest from Governor Jerry Brown.


  • Six Thousand Times

    22-plus years into the future who knows what’ll be what. Maybe we’ll all have electric autopods by then. Maybe it will be too soon and the ICE will still dominate (unlikely.) As long as there’s a classic car provision, I’m happy to wait and see.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Wait, I thought we were told that we were going to run out of oil by now?

    Wait, didnt they tell us they would ban oil by 2025? Now 2040?

    Lololol What a joke. I could predict we will be holograms and eat monkeys everyday in 2040. Who can prove otherwise and who will know?

    Grandstanding by the political class.

  • Moveon Libtards

    So gas cars WILL be around to 2040, they say?

  • Taegon Lewis

    Well, I know one state, I’m never going to go, forever… (In a few years time.)

    • Six Thousand Times

      When mom lets you travel on your own?

  • Hot Twink
    • Six Thousand Times

      Yay, another meme.

      • Hot Twink
        • Six Thousand Times

          This is why children should be kept away from the internet.

          • Hot Twink

            And grumpy old men should be kept away from the Internet also. If graphic interchange format content worries you, then you have a sad life. There are a lot worse things to be irked about.

            Disqus is designed and formated for use of still images, GIFs, and video. I happily use all three on occasion.

          • Six Thousand Times

            They’re just overused by people who have nothing original or clever to say. I’ve used plenty of GIFs myself – of cars.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      You beat me! I was gonna say the same thing! Let’s just make California succeed from the US and they can do all the crazy crap they want. Good riddance!

      How about we just ban oxygen to California lawmakers?

      • Six Thousand Times

        Too easily triggered.

  • thunder bolt

    Ok,which is it, Ting or Tang, and no freaking way it’s gonna happen. You’re dealing with the richest most powerful companies out there, Gas and Oil companies, Auto markers, the Government and its revenue. California’s governor Jerry Brown and his minions just increased a 12 cents gas tax, do you think they NOT want that money in the future.

    • MultiKdizzle

      Ting, Phil.

      Just you watch.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      Oh they will tax electricity even more. This is a new frontier. Gas prices are too controlled by others and limited on how much they can tax. With electricity they will start from scratch with a new model for electric cars…then all the craziness will start…”think of the environment! think of the CHILDREN!! We must pass this electricity tax now..we don’t have time to read what’s in the bill!!”

    • Blackwater

      Sum Ting Wong

  • Christian Wimmer

    News like this makes me want to move to some country where anti-pollution laws and panic-mode Greenies don’t exist.

    Let’s see… *Randomly picks country on world map* … aha… Namibia is looking pretty nice this time of the year…

  • brn

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    California can suck it!

    • Six Thousand Times

      Too easily triggered by something far into the future. Bit early to fire up the outrage machine.

      • brn

        We all have our triggers. This one is mine. 😉

      • Blackwater


        • Six Thousand Times

          In what way?

  • Mark S

    Liberal Grandstanding. Has anybody thought of the environmental impact of manufacturing and deposing of all these batteries and recharging infrastructure?

    • Good question… For me such a decision seems stupid. The future has to be made of several solutions. Not just 2. Different types of hybrids. I d’ont get why PSA is stopping Diesel/hybrid, sure expensive, but in countries such as the US where people drive long distances, it makes sense. In towns diesel cars are a nightmare, but with an hybrid system, no noise, no pollution in traffic, and when you can accelerate, your engine is at iddle. A mix of electric, gas, hydrogen… would be more efficient, and something that can be realizable in the whole country. And if tomorrow you can’t buy fun cars… the car industry is going to be boring. Just cars for people who do not like driving.

      • Six Thousand Times

        “Hybrids“ are never a good idea. Two separate propulsion systems lashed together to do the job of one? No, thank you.

    • Six Thousand Times

      Curious why you deleted your earlier comment. It seemed to say the same thing. Hoping this time there’d be less of an argument?

  • jsz00

    lol no one will sell cars in California by then, well maybe Tesla. Why not let people choose whatever car they want to buy?

    • Six Thousand Times

      The Leaf, the Bolt, the Zoe, Porsche’s Mission E, those New VW iD cars and that Honda Urban thing all say hello.

  • Blackwater

    California is full of lunatics. Most of them in Sacramento!

    This kind of lunacy is why people are fleeing that shithole.


    Good luck with that.

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