Corvette Z06 Crashes Into A House In West Virginia

The driver of this Chevrolet Corvette was lucky to have walked away from a horrific crash that left his supercar almost completely destroyed.

From the images posted on Facebook by Thomas Minnear, we can see that the Arctic White Corvette Z06, which appears to have been equipped with the Z07 Performance Package, rests sideways on the front porch of a house, in West Virginia.

There are more damages than we can count, from the passenger seat that was ripped off and thrown out, to a completely ruined front end. Various bits of this Vette, including the alternator and a wheel, together with the brake disc and caliper, were lying around in the vicinity, which shows just how violent the impact was.

Commentators also noticed that the summer tires aren’t exactly new either, which drastically affects the grip. Still, there’s no word on what exactly led to this horrific crash, but speed may have been a decisive factor.

The caption of the day goes to the man that posted these pictures, though: “I’d say his angel was riding shotgun”.


  • Dre Andre

    Not very smart. Bald Summer Tires in Winter (Cold) Weather on a high power rear wheel drive vehicle. An angel was indeed riding shotgun.

    • Krisnadi Imam

      actually i think its just plain worn out tire, it also had uneven wear.

  • TB

    Jesus…if you can afford a Z06 with an upgraded package…you should be able to afford to keep your tires updated. While this is clearly a case of poor maintenance & irresponsibility I am glad the driver was not seriously hurt.

    • AC

      Jesus drove a Honda…! Jesus was in Accord with his disciples outside the synagogue…!

  • This guy


    • rodriguez256

      I’d say so.

    • Moveon Libtards

      Yes, since it beats most exotics or is equal to them in performance numbers for less than half the price. Porsche and lower end Ferraris are routinley humilated by the Corvette Z06

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Absolutely it is. In what world is it not?

      Its performance is incredible.

      • jsz00

        Is my 1000hp Turbo Civic a supercar too?

      • KSegg

        If I stick a V8 in a Miata, does that make it a supercar too?

        • Krisnadi Imam

          if honda makes a 1000HP civic and mazda that does the V8, right from the factory, i would call it supercar right away.

        • rodriguez256

          What meets your criteria as a super super?

  • OdysseyTag

    Yeesh, those tires might as well be slicks.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    That wasn’t a wreck
    In West Virginia it’s considered a Home Improvement Project

  • mb4design

    Sure the driver was lucky, but what about the banjo player?


  • Ineed911

    Bald tires and, likely, driving too fast for the conditions. Feel bad for the driver? Wish that the driver is OK? I say, he escaped Darwinism that day. I’m just glad he didn’t hit anyone else! (And, I am not wishing anything bad on anyone but sometimes, you pay for your actions)

  • AC

    Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    West Virginia
    Mountain mamma, take me home
    Country roads…

    …..aaaarrrrghhhhh, Corvette….!

  • jsz00

    “Still, there’s no word on what exactly led to this horrific crash, but speed may have been a decisive factor.”

    Gee, what else could it be?

    • datCubanguy

      A white tail deer buck selling lemonade in a side of the road stand while plugging does for next season?

  • Vassilis

    I hope he learned from this.

    • Twit Happens

      Learned that next time he should aim for the trailer next door so he can go right thru it!!! Yee Haa!

  • Twit Happens


  • Auf Wiedersehen

    “Commentators also noticed that the summer tires aren’t exactly new either, which drastically affects the grip”

    Not exactly new? Affects grip? These guys must have been freakin’ top detectives.


    This is a good example of why you should change your tires when the tread wears down.

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