New Honda Insight Prototype Previews 2019 Model, Debuts In Detroit

The Honda Insight prototype will make its global debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, previewing a more upscale production model set to arrive next summer.

As you can see, the Insight will move on from its “quirky hatchback” roots and become a five-passenger sedan, taking its place above the Civic in the Japanese automaker’s passenger car lineup.

“With its sophisticated styling, dynamic stance, ample interior space and best-in-class performance, the all-new Insight embodies Honda’s approach to creating electrified vehicles without the typical tradeoffs,” said Honda exec, Henio Arcangeli Jr.

“You won’t have to be an electrification advocate to appreciate the new Insight – it’s a great car in its own right, independent of what’s happening under the hood.”

Compared to the old Insight, the all-new 2019 model features new styling, new packaging, premium features and improved performance, according to Honda. It will be powered by a two-motor hybrid system, said to offer fuel economy figures that are comparable to what you get in other compact hybrid models.

“At the 2017 North American International Auto Show we announced our Honda Electrification Initiative with the intention to make two-thirds of Honda’s global vehicle sales electrified vehicles by 2030,” added Arcangeli. “With the Insight launching later in 2018 as the fifth electrified vehicle brought to market over the past year, we’re demonstrating our commitment to that goal.”

Honda will build the 2019 Insight at their Greensburg plant in Indiana, alongside the Civic and CR-V.


  • Looks more conservative than Civic… Which surprisingly a lot of people here did not like.

    • Bash

      Well. I like that.

      • I like the new Civic. It’s bold yes but it has it’s own character and aggressive.

  • gor134

    Looks beautiful. Iffy about the rear taillights tho.

    • Krisnadi Imam

      i find the front grille is much iffier than the rear lights tho…

    • baofe

      better than the nightmare they put on the accord

  • Tumbi Mtika


    THat is SEXY! The proportions are near-spot-on!

    • Honda NSX-R

      Sexy is a bit of a stretch lol but it looks nice for sure

  • Honda NSX-R

    Wait…this actually looks good?! Definitely wasn’t expecting a new Insight to look this good. Hey Toyota, take notes.

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I actually cannot believe what a damn good job Honda has done with this.

      • Honda NSX-R

        Well this is a prototype (now that I’ve realized) so it’ll get “uglified” in some way for the production model but hopefully not by much. I’d say this prototype looks better than the new Accord.

        • CarCzarDesigner

          This is essentially a production Prototype. I doubt the actual will be much different. It’s “Mini-Me” styling matches the Civic & Accord so it is unlikely Honda will restyle the car further. Therefore, I wouldn’t worry about Honda making a mess of this.

  • Marty

    Looks good!
    A bit generic though, it could be anything in the Kia to Opel jungle. I miss the days when Honda has their own elegant design language, like a Japanese BMW 🙂

  • ErnieB

    I have seen a few of these new Honda accords and they have grown on me.. definitely on the nice side!

  • Leconte Dave

    Look better than the accord they release….

    • Hi I am Zako

      I am confused, it shares lots of part with the accord right?

      • Leconte Dave

        In between the civic and accord

    • Michelin

      Are you sure??? My opinion is the Honda car design is the worst in the world !!!
      They compete for top ugly design with some chinese carsmakers.
      Honda motorbikes are so sexy …. I don’t understand why Honda cars have washmashines or freezers design!!!

  • Matthijs

    Looks way better than de Civic with all its crazy lines, fake holes and ugly taillights..

  • NupeSquare7

    This looks nice. Nicer than the new Accord. I wonder why the Kia style /Maserati Ghibli rear lights though?


    I Thought Insights are dead since 2014

  • Craig

    I think it’s TOO much like an Accord and Civic. This should have a look all its own.

    • Bananarama

      No it shouldn’t. The majority of hybrids are weird. This is a nice blend of Civcord but more tasetful than both. It’s normal looking. Now you don’t need to sacrifice looks for being efficient (Tesla’s main selling point).

      • Craig

        I didn’t say ‘it should be UGLY’.

  • Toronado_II

    Nice. But unfortunately, these headlight will be stacked of ice and snow easily. Mostly with LED.

  • CarCzarDesigner

    This looks to me like Honda decided to enter a segment, Fiat Chrysler found unprofitable with the Dodge 200.

    “Bah-Humbug, I heard them say. We made a mistake and we are losing money, every day!!! No sedan anymore will fan their flames, it is SUV this or CUV that, …and how selling cars has changed.”

    “So, we enter the Cemetery with ghosts, a hallow… Look there, the Viper, the Dart, our beloved 200, rotting in a shallow… Forget about Tesla, Porsche and Volvo with their EVs for tomorrow. We still have Jeep and Ram, so perhaps we should give up and not bother to follow…”

  • Trackhacker

    So this must be the reason why the new Accord was made ugly. To make this one look better!

  • Dennis Scipio

    Prototype? This looks like a production model.

    • Leconte Dave

      It is

  • Mark S

    Looks like real car instead of a science experiment. Great job Honda!

  • Rocket

    Cleaner all around than the Civic, but that front end ruins what would otherwise be a really nice design. I’m sure I’ll get used to that mug, but I promise you’ll I’ll never like it.

  • hwkr_01

    shut up and take my money

  • Imjus Sayin

    Dear Mr. 85,
    I would prefer any Honda hybrid to “Exceed” the fuel economy of other compact hybrids, and come in the Jade bodystyle instead of the CivicCord. Fuel economy+performance+ versatility please.

  • Stephen G

    This is a dam good looking vehicle. The question may be why does a drive-line justify a separate model. Why isn’t this just a Civic Hybrid?

    • Leconte Dave

      10 speed auto and bigger than the civic i guess

      • antbee

        It is bigger than a Civic. Much wider, and a bit longer.

  • Karl

    Mazda 6 is that you?

  • Autoexperte

    Please bring it to europe

  • Autoexperte

    and a station wagon version of this car, a Honda Insight Tourer, is what Honda in Europe needs

  • botornot387

    should have just been the accord. Way better rear end. Lots of Audi window design in here.


    So Honda can make good looking cars huh? That’s cool. Now redesign that Civic and Accord while you are at it.

  • Michelin

    Very unpersonal design, ugly !!!! Sexy like a freezer….

  • jsz00

    This should have been the Civic… better than the current generation Civic’s depressed rear end.

  • Galaxium

    First time that I’m really impressed with a design from Honda. Looks sleek! This is what the Accord should have looked like.

  • Darnell Robeson

    Wow it’s sexy. Looks better than Accord and Civic

  • diesel_vdub

    The front three-quarter view reminds me of the Accord Crosstour.

  • Alter Ego

    OH MY

  • Liam Paul

    I like it, looks good inside and outside. It’s their answer to whats above the accord and I like it

    • Imjus Sayin

      Insight-fully accord-ing to the article, this hybrid will slot above the Civic, so it sits below the Accord accord-ingly in Honda’s sedan model lineup heirarchy. Go CivicCord go.

  • Six_Tymes

    they definitely took design cues from SAAB 9-5 + New Volvo’s. the result does look quite good.

  • Looks like it shares a lot of body panels from the Civic.

  • :/ Yurr

    Ummm wow!…😞

  • Krisnadi Imam

    Looking at the small details like the rear trunk, the centre console, and the side profile… this is a civic underneath, with accord styling on top of it.
    Aside than the front fascia… man… this is one fine looking car. especially from the side – rear quarter.
    Interior looks spot on as well.
    Great job!

  • Justin Ragland


  • ナルト神威

    Looks really cool for Honda! Very Spacious indeed hope not expensive cause these days a brand new cars are too expensive. I can only drive a new model after 7 to 8 years after it has been driven :))

  • Raf

    Had the Civic looked more like this I would’ve bought one.

  • MarketAndChurch

    It just needs a little oomph under the hood, and I’m not even talking Tesla-grade acceleration, to top the Accord in sales. This is all people have wanted from a hybrid: Look like a luxury car / exotic, and provide a little performance. Having said that, for an EV, this is awesome.

  • DM

    Am I the only one getting a Mazda 6 vibe? Not ugly tho.

    • antbee

      Mazda6 has an understated beauty to it. This design is screaming for attention, IMHO. It’s come into the Civic and Accord design language.

  • songoku64

    Will it have a liftback?

    • antbee

      No, a regular trunk.

  • antbee

    I’ve seen this car, up here in Canada, just two days ago. I noticed it while in a parking lot. I knew it wasn’t a Civic nor an Accord, as it was too long to be a Civic, and too short to be an Accord. Also the deck lid is much higher than both. Another thing that gave me a clue, was that there was no badging on it, just a “Sport” badge.

    Now, I wish I had taken a picture of it! *drats!!*

    The car was silver, and it’s body lines were striking enough for me to go and take a closer look at it, as I thought it might be a new Accord, but the shortness of it ruled that out. When the back tail lights are off, it looks more like a Civic in the back, but as I’ve said, high deck lid ruled that out, and it’s also too wide to be a Civic.

    This car is far and away, much better looking than the current Insight.

  • 31/12/2999

    This must have been the new Honda Accord.

    • no25

      what? did you even read the article

  • antbee

    This car has been for sale, here in Canada, for the past six weeks or so. It’s really very handsome in black.

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