Ferrari 360 Owner Has A Blast Thrashing His Supercar In Monaco

Say what you want about the driver of this Ferrari 360, but when you have an Italian supercar at your disposal during a night out in Monaco, things are bound to get noisy, real fast.

Equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system, for a deeper tone, this Prancing Horse was spotted around the streets of the Principality revving its heart out.

The driver was obviously having a blast, and now he has the videos to remind him of his joyride thanks to a few bystanders excited by the show, who took out their cameras/phones and started recording when they heard the V8 symphony.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that the Ferrari 360 still has it, some 12 years after its production ended and was replaced by the F430, and to remind us that, even though today’s hot hatches might equal it on power, they’ll never match it when it comes to charisma.


  • exeptor

    I never fully appreciated this car in past. It just looked a bit strange in terms of finish touches (example is the back side of the headlights) and maybe a bit too plastic looking. Three years ago there were more than one offers with ~30k euro price tag. These days I strated liking 360 a lot – it has some elegance and sleek shape without too agressive details as the current Ferrari models. Unfortunately price has nothing to do with these 3-4 years ago.

    • Vassilis

      I think it’s the most affordable modern Ferrari you can buy. It is a bit shit inside but it’s still a good car.

  • peter


    This guy has sooooobig balls!
    Awesome driving!

  • Killerfish

    If the police catch you doing that in Monaco they will throw you in jail immediately. And they have the number plate and the speed in this video. Good luck!