Ford Fusion’s Future Is Up In The Air After Production Halt

Recently, Ford has announced plans of halting North American production for the current-generation Fusion, shifting manufacturing to China starting in 2020.

At this point in time, it’s unclear whether or not Ford will actually stop selling the Fusion altogether in the U.S., replace it with a new model or just build it elsewhere, reports Autonews.

All this comes at a time in which automakers are focusing more and more on utility vehicles and Ford is going about their business in a similar fashion. In fact, the American automaker plans on adding five new crossover nameplates by 2020.

This shift could spell doom for smaller models such as the Fiesta, currently built in Mexico. Furthermore, Focus production will be moving from Michigan to China, C-Max output will end in 2018 and the U.S. version of the Taurus is expected to go quietly into the night at some point.

As for the Fusion, it would be the highest-volume nameplate to go out of production in North America because of the crossover boom – Ford has sold more than 2.7 million Fusions in the U.S. since the model was first introduced back in 2005. Right now, sales are down 22% through November for the Fusion, compared to the general 16% slide registered for the mid-size segment.

With no plans to export the next-gen Fusion/Mondeo from China to North America and Europe, their future remains unknown on a global scale.


  • Liam Paul

    we all want trucks suv’s but once the next gas hike hits, everybody will want a small car again and the big3 will be hit hardest as their pretty much walking away from selling compacts for cuv’s suv’s and trucks and will have almost nothing to fall back on, I think chevy may be the best one now to cash in on the next gas hike

    • Mafio

      If one buys an SUV, they don’t give a **** about practicality or mpg. They just bought it because it’s big and looks good.

      • Merc1

        You missed the point. If gas goes to $5 a gallon again it will change just like last time. We know why everyone is buying NOW, but gas is cheap now. When gas prices changes it will flush out those who just want a SUV vs those that actually need one.


    • ediotsavant

      Cuvs are becoming more fuel efficient and they are not to far from a comparable car. Just look at the CRV/Accord. With this small difference, consumers will not rush back to cars. Trucks is a different matter.

      • Merc1

        Two Hondas don’t make the point and they aren’t even similar ins size. People buying all those big V8 guzzlers from GM, FCA, Ford and others will definitely be out of their SUVs when gas goes to $5 a gallon again. If that happens.


        • MultiKdizzle

          But most aren’t buying V8 SUVs, they are buying turbocharged small-displacement crossovers.

    • AJ Mieskolainen

      Liam, you are right on the money. Except this time, I think the auto manufacturers are going to transition from cars to efficient crossovers, rather than the silly huge SUV’s they did after the last gas crisis ended.

    • Benjamin B.

      Ford should import the Mondeo as an estate/wagon and hatchback model. I love the Fusion Sedan, but it doesn’t offer what I need. A Mondeo Estate would be perfect.

    • MarketAndChurch

      There will be hybrid SUVs in 2019. Lots of them. Ford will have the Escape Hybrid, and hybrid versions of it’s midsize crossovers. And then there’s Kia, and VW, obviously GM, Toyota will soon have out a hybrid Rav4 and Honda a hybrid CRV, the market for hybrid cuvs is about to take off.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Ford and GM are fine, FCA is f***ked.

      FCA has absolutely no smaller cars at the moment.

  • Kagan

    They had a good Mondeo (fusion) mk2 2001 onwards but missed to build on it.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle

    The Fusion is a good looking sedan.
    Soon, it will all be bricks sitting high in the air.
    We’ll be sorry when the sedans are all gone, you know.

  • rover10

    Funny how trends so quickly change however, I have some doubts about the return to popularity of the family saloon. I feel the next big news will be unique vans or what I call Luxvans, that will be purpose built and to very high quality standards. I’m not talking about variants of commercial vans or current MPV’s, but stand alone large volume traveling lounges. I know such concepts are not new to United States, but many usually require the help of coach builds, and don’t come off the company plant production lines. I would strongly suggest Ford investigate the Luxvan approach in their future planning.
    Currently, Mercedes Sprinters are receiving exquisitely trimmed interiors packed with a host of passenger comforts and conveniences. I’d be so bold as to suggest some examples are a match for a ‘S’ Class. However, the van concept offers something the ‘S’ Class can’t and that is space, especially headroom. The key attribute of luxury is space, and their is a growing market for that commodity, whether it’s aircraft cabins or cruise ships suites, people equate luxury with space. The VAN concept can coexist with SUV’s and Crossovers, as all offer command driving positions and in some cases space. Some may suggest that Motorhomes fulfill such a need, but these are homes on wheels. The Luxvan is a serious passenger carrier, but built to match anything the very best limousines can offer and more.

  • Bill Nguyen

    I guess we’re reaching the point where mid size sedans are like minivans.. people will only buy the Japanese models and every one else discontinues theirs.

    • MP4-12C

      I’m so tired of this SUV frenzy… I hope that it’s going to end at some point, although I suspect it still has a long a way to go, before people will stop buying those jacked up minivans with plastic “all terrain” covers all over them.


    • CarbonPhiber

      Well, you don’t have to yell..

      • no25

        he always yells. doesnt know how to turn off the all caps button.

  • Shane

    I’m often flabbergasted by the American companies short sightedness.

    • brn

      Don’t be. Ford isn’t that stupid.

      What is stupid is the fear mongering of the automotive press. They take bits and pieces of information and draw erronous conclusions. This is bunk.

  • Benjamin B.

    Fusion may go, but Ford probably will bring the Mondeo nameplate to the USA.

  • jsz00

    Nah, this car is too good for rental fleets

    • Benjamin B.

      Idk what rental agencies you use, but the Fusion EcoBoost models are pretty nice cars.

  • DGC

    Get rid of that Ford CEO!

  • Vassilis

    Wait, are we witnessing the death of the Mondeo?

  • Mr Hahn

    Ford sucks. Whats worse than a Mexican built Ford? a Chinese built one! FCA is worse. GM is atleast getting themselves turned around. Can’t say the Fusion or Taurus will be missed. The Fiesta most certainly won’t. The Taurus is outdated. It’s been out since 2010 as a 2011 model with zero updates it’s stale and stagnant the same goes for the 2011-Present Focus and Fiesta 2008-Present.

    • brn

      Um, the Taurus received a refresh in 2013 (much nicer interior and revamped drive train).

      The Fusion received a redesign in 2013. As recently as 2017, it received a facelift, new trim levels, and multiple new drive trains.

      I’m less familiar with the Focus and Fiesta, but given your track record so far, I’ll just assume you’re incorrect there too.

      • Mr Hahn

        Nope. The current Focus has been out since 2011 as a 2012 model. The Fiesta? 2008 as a 2009 model. The Fusion has been out since 2012 as a 2013 model.

        • brn

          Fine, you made me look it up.

          I already mentioned 2017 MY for the Fusion. I’m not sure why you claim otherwise.
          Focus received an update in 2014 MY.
          Fiesta received a redesign for 2018 MY.

          • Mr Hahn

            So I was right.

          • brn

            You were?

          • Mr Hahn

            I know when Ford released the models. Refreshes don’t count because they weren’t all new models.

          • brn

            In that case most BMW models are decades out of touch.

          • Mr Hahn

            Probably so. Their interiors don’t match the price either.

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