Ford May Shift Fusion And Mondeo Production To China In 2020

Ford will reportedly move production of the Fusion and Mondeo sedans to China in 2020.

Three unnamed sources told Reuters of the plan, suggesting that the Fusion will no longer be built in Hermosillo, Mexico and that construction of the Mondeo will shift from Valencia, Spain.

Initially, it was reported that the American automaker would export the Chinese-built Fusion to North America and the Mondeo to Europe. However, Ford has since released a statement to the press indicating that there are no such plans.

“We have no plans to export the next-generation Fusion / Mondeo from China to North America and Europe. Fusion / Mondeo are an important part of the Ford car lineup. We will have more information to share about the next Fusion / Mondeo at a later date,” a Ford spokesperson said.

This year, U.S. sales of the Fusion have dropped by 22 per cent and Mondeo sales are down 21 per cent in Europe over 2016.

In June, Ford confirmed that it will shift some Fiesta production from Mexico to China. Additionally, the brand recently announced that it will build a future EV in Cuatitlan, Mexico, rather than in Michigan as originally planned.


  • Six Thousand Times

    This is where governments need to step up. Match China’s 25% important duty and quit crying about Mexico.

    • brn

      Agreed. Mexico has plenty of problems, but it’s our next door neighbor, a good trade partner, and I’d buy a car made there. I’d rather not buy a car made in China, a terrible trade partner who steals our tech (much like Japan did with electronics, decades ago).

      • Six Thousand Times

        Yep, Mexican-built cars carry about 40% US content on average. Chinese cars? Close to zero. Ford won’t likely cut prices, they’ll shed American jobs and pocket the extra money. American taxpayers will eat the cost of unemployment benefits, public assistance for workers and their families who can’t find new jobs, retraining, and everything else. I’m perplexed and angered by our inaction.

  • FactChecker90803

    I guess we will just be FORCED to buy American, Toyota is moving production of the Corolla to there new joint Toyota/Mazda factory in the USA, ans Mazda will also build the Mazda 3 there, Toyota builds the Camry and Avalon in Kentucky, Honda builds the Civic and Accord in Indiana, Hyundai/Kia build there’s down in Alabama, Nissan builds the Altima in Tennessee & Mississippi and the Maxima in Tennessee, GM builds the Sonic, Cruze, Malibu and Impala in the USA..

    • diesel_vdub

      KIA doesn’t build anything in Alabama, the plant that builds the Optima and Sorrento is in West point, Georgia.

      • FactChecker90803

        Sorry, I knew it was somewhere in the SOUTH, but hey I was only one state

    • smartacus

      Now that’s a good point.
      consumers have tons of choices.
      How do they still operate as if even
      the most dedicated ignoramus doesn’t
      have access to a search engine to research
      where it was built and what can its competition do?

      • FactChecker90803

        Another thing, the new corporate 20 or 22% tax, should only be applicable on products company’s build and make in the USA and from countries that have no levies on American exports, so hey Commerce and IRS, make sure Ford, GM, and FCA pay the current 39% on profits from cars and trucks they import outside the NAFTA ZONE.

        Further more, how about a 25% levy on Chinese made cars and parts, you know the same levy the Chinese slap on ALL imported cars, trucks and parts, plus the Chinese also add a VAT, LUXURY TAX and Displacements Tax.

        As an example, Angie 24 yo daughter was in China this past summer, when she came back, she related that she saw a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited 3.6L V6, same Jeep she bought in March for $48,750. She told me that on the sales tag, it had the MSRP of 388,276.54 Yuan, plus a 25% import tariff, plus a 50% luxury Tax ( it used to be 40% but it was hiked up to prevent unwarranted consumerism ), 17% VAT and a 15% tax for the engine being over 3.0 Liters. The total was 711,017.19 Yuan, which is $107,549, how about we do the same to does imported Buick, Volvo and Cadilllac CT6 EV.

        The USA and Euro Zone, should not just stand still and allow Chinese Goverment predatory practices when it come to international trade, turning an eye while Chinese companies steal IP, while at same time having protectionist barriers in there domestic markets, time for Reciprocal actions on the part of the USA and Europe and F***k the WTO, does F&@**rd are so corrupt that we should withdraw from it.

        • Six Thousand Times

          Good point about the new corporate tax rates

  • Miknik

    Is the quality of the photoshop (that rear wheel) an indication of the quality to expect?

  • EyalN

    Ford are doing some weird shit to make profit. like when they almost killed Lincoln and now they are trying to bring them back.
    Ford China is 50:50 joint venture between Changan Automobile and Ford. so they make half the profit and ship it all the way to the US.
    did they hear about the days that american brands started importing cars from japan and what happened after that?

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    Oh I don’t think Ford is that stupid…

    • G82FS

      Then you have not been paying attention…

      • Auf Wiedersehen

        I think you just saw an opportunity for a one liner. Sending manufacturing of a domestic car to China that will be produced and sent back to the US would be suicide and Ford knows it. Made in America is a hot topic right now, and this would not go well for Ford.

        • G82FS

          That is incorrect sir.

          Since they already make the fusion in Mexico it is not American made so moving production to China would make no difference in that regard. If it adds a few dollars to the bottom line then it is a move they will make because they obviously do not care about build quality.

          I am currently driving a fusion sport that had a long block replacement at 8,735 miles and am dealing with various other mechanical issues and electronic bugs. There are many other people that I have contact with, who are experiencing the same or similar issues, so I am speaking from experience.

          • Auf Wiedersehen

            Experience to quality yes, but not to Ford’s inner circle and to be fair, neither do I but logic tells me I don’t see Ford doing this. VW has moved production to Mexico and the US for MANY models for the Americas for the very reason Ford would not move that far away then import. The financial reasons alone, not even including the domestic shit-storm it would bring. And companies moving to Mexico is one thing, that has enough people up in arms but China? that’s a whole ‘nother kind of shit-storm.

  • Bob White

    F%#& Ford!

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