Hyundai Is Making A 2018 Super Bowl Ad

Shortly after Kia confirmed that it will be airing an advertisement during the 2018 Super Bowl, Hyundai has done the same

The South Korean carmaker had a post-game Super Bowl spot at this year’s Super Bowl and while Hyundai has yet to say how many commercials it will produce for 2018, the company’s chief marketing officer said it will be the perfect way to spread awareness of the brand.

“We welcome the creative challenge and the opportunity to test and hone our Super Bowl formula, which has found success the past several years.

“Being an NFL sponsor gives us the ability to truly integrate our program across TV, digital, social and on the ground in Minnesota, and immerse Super Bowl fans in the latest vehicles and technologies Hyundai has to offer,” Dean Evans said.

Alongside the commercial, Autonews reports that Hyundai will bring along 275 of its vehicles to the Super Bowl site to provide transport for various teams, staff, and volunteers.

Super Bowl LII will take place on February 4 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Note: Hyundai’s 2016 Super Bowl ‘First Date’ Ad featured.


  • JR Glide

    I’ll be ready for the G70…

  • BlackPegasus

    Super Bowl ads costs upwards of $5 million dollars for just 30 seconds. Hyundai would be better served by investing that money in Genesis dealerships with Lexus customer service as your benchmark. As nice as the G70, G80 and G90 appears, buyers in that $50K-$70K price range will not step foot into a Hyundai dealership greeted by some retail sales kid who just sold a Hyundai Accent.

    • LWOAP
    • Kash

      And they’re working on that, but you can’t just do that overnight though. The original Store-in-a-store plan was one that was supposed to last 2-3 years after the G90’s launch with heavy emphasis on online sales like they were doing with the Equus and Hyundai Genesis. Everything from test drives, to arranging financing, doing the paperwork, and servicing the cars would be done at home. They bring everything to you and pick your car up from your home or office for servicing and leave you with a loaner car.

      In those 2-3 years they’d finalize plans for independent dealerships and work out who would or wouldn’t be allowed to open one, but they scrapped it very shortly after the G90’s debut after feedback from their actual dealers saying “Hey, you need less dealerships for Genesis” and now they’re working on getting independent stores built and ready, but again that takes time. They knew they couldn’t expect dealers to invest the money in free standing buildings without products, well now they have them and dealers are clearly willing to invest the time and money, so they’re pushing forward at a very accelerated rate. It’s not 1989 anymore and after everything that’s been going on with Fiat in America and their dealers and the lack of products they had in the beginning, for the US they knew dealers would be hesitant, and the dealers said they were. When Fiat first came back to America with the 500 and 500C no one really wanted to risk the time or money in a separate dealership for a 500, Fiat had to cave and allow their cars to be sold out of existing dealerships, same with Alfa Romeo. The Alfa and Fiat dealership near me is also a Jeep, Dodge/Ram, and Chrysler dealership. It’s not that big, it’s not even a superstore, and it’s not even the biggest dealership in the automall. There is no free standing Alfa or Fiat dealerships in this town like Toyota or Hyundai or BMW have. Hyundai was trying to avoid that situation but in turn created a much worse one for themselves.

      On top of all of this, Genesis is looking at maybe 200 dealerships nationwide, that means telling about half their dealers who opted to sell the G90 and G80 “Sorry, you can’t sell Genesis cars anymore” even though they invested in the Genesis store within their Hyundai dealership which was the original plan that Hyundai was requiring to carry the G90 and G80. What’s even worse, almost all Hyundai dealers were going to be able to do Genesis warranty work, with the new plan that’s not happening. Dealers who won’t be selling Genesis cars won’t even get paid to do any warranty work like they were promised which made a lot of them mad, but makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

      It’s such a storm of chaos that Hyundai retained legal counsel to help them navigate telling dealers “you can’t sell ours cars anymore” all while trying to keep these dealers as franchised Hyundai dealers. Beside the lawyers they’ve also hired a team of analysts to help them assess how to go about selecting dealers, what the dealerships should look like, what the uniform should be, what should the marketing strategy be, basically how to effectively launch Genesis as a brand, well as effective as they can at this point. So they’re investing a ton in Genesis, but they still need Hyundai to bring in money to pay for it all and to keep people going to their local Hyundai dealers so franchisers will be less likely to close their doors after Hyundai turns down their Genesis application.

      • BlackPegasus

        Thanks for the very detailed explanation for what’s currently going on with this process. It’s my hope that they would come into the new age by selling independently to consumers much like Tesla.

        • Kash

          They won’t, not unless the majority of their dealers turn their back on them. Even with everything being done online right now, it’s still done from the dealerships, by the dealerships, they’re just being sent orders via Hyundai/Genesis corporate.


    2018 super bowl : America’s only hope as americans won’t watch world cup cause its national teams sucks

  • nauticalone

    I’m definitely liking what I’m seeing from Hyundai – especially the G80 (featured above) and the new G70.
    My market is a small one…so happy to be informed just last week that my Hyundai Dealer will be able to order Genesis line as of Jan 2018.

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