Incredibly Rare Bristol Fighter With Dodge V10 Shows Up For Sale

If you’re familiar with your British car makers, then you’ll know that coming across a Bristol Fighter on the used market is a big, if not huge, deal.

Thanks to Bristol’s infamous secrecy, no one really knows how many Fighters were even built, by hand of course. Some say that Bristol made as many as 14, others talk about 9, with specialists believing the exact number to be 11 cars. No matter what, the Bristol Fighter is a rare object.

This gull-winged GT is powered by the Dodge Viper’s 8.0-liter V10 engine, which Bristol has modified to produce around 525hp, allowing the Fighter to travel up to speeds of 210mph and reaching 60mph from a stop in 4 seconds flat.

This 2004 example is believed to be the first customer car Bristol made, which has been used for testing and promotional activities as well. It has covered 17,000 miles since new and has spent most of its lifetime in Netherlands.

This Bristol Fighter is offered by Derek C Mowat in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the price set at £199,950 (around $268k in current exchange rates). If you want one of the most exclusive hand-built British supercars ever made, you can’t go wrong with a Bristol Fighter.

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