Lamborghini Gallardo Ventures Into Hypercar Territory With 1,000WHP

Instead of opting for the usual wraps, body kits and wheels, the Texan owner of this Gallardo has turned to Underground Racing to make his Lambo more powerful.

The tuner fitted the naturally aspirated V10 with two turbocharges that, along with other mods such as a JRR MoTeC ECU, raised the output considerably.

According to Underground Racing, the 2004 Gallardo fitted with the Stage 3 upgrade now makes an impressive 1,000 horsepower at the wheels on 93 octane gasoline, but fill its tank with race fuel and it will produce an additional 250WHP.

For the 2003-208 Lamborghini Gallardo, these upgrades cost $89,000, whereas the same kit for the 2009-2013 LP640-4 models come with a $94,000 price tag, which is basically more than a used Gallardo.

Mind you, this isn’t the tuner’s top-of-the-line offer, because they also have a ‘Race Version’, with 1,050WHP on 93 octane gasoline and 1,500WHP on race fuel for $109,000, and a Stage 2 of the aforementioned upgrade, whose pricing is undisclosed, but is good enough for 1,750WHP on race fuel.

Finally, those who want the ultimate thrill can order the ‘X Version Turbo System’, which results in excess of 2,000WHP on race fuel.


  • Leconte Dave



    There was a point in time where I would have been impressed but I’ve seen so many 1000hp Gallardos it doesn’t faze me anymore.

    • True… Maybe because I’ve seen tuner car and well wonder if they have actual usability or reliability.


  • Ray Filetti

    Imagine the turbo lag on that! Worse than the 1980 Alfetta Turbo Diesel I had in Italy in the mid 80’s!

  • They have been doing this for sometimes, I wonder if they have reliability for long distance.

    • Auf Wiedersehen

      They don’t care about long distances or long life…it’s meant for one pointless thing.

      • Totally pointless, it’s probably ended up in some drag strip somewhere.

  • Auf Wiedersehen

    New Title:

    Lamborghini Gallardo Ventures Into Pointless Territory With 1,000WHP