New CAD Drawings Appear To Show The Corvette C8 And Its Engine

Chevrolet recently unveiled the Corvette ZR1 and although it features a supercharged 6.2-liter LT5 V8 engine and a top speed in excess of 210 mph (337 km/h), everyone’s anxiously awaiting the 2020 Corvette C8.

The mid-engine model promises to change everything we know about the Corvette and we might be learning more about the car thanks to several CAD drawings that recently surfaced on Corvette Forum. The original poster quickly deleted the images but not before Firebirdfan was able to save them for posterity’s sake.

While the images might not look that exciting to an untrained eye, Firebirdfan notes they show the car has coil springs and several components which appear to be an evolution of parts used on the Corvette C7. We can also see massive brake discs and a glimpse of the car’s powertrain which reportedly features an LT1 engine.

While it would be hard to confirm the authenticity of these images, someone put a lot of time and effort into creating them so it seems possible that these could be the real deal. However, we shouldn’t expect confirmation from General Motors anytime soon.

H/T to Jalopnik

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    • Polyester Poontang

      AmUsEmEnT PaRk?

    • jsz00

      GM millennium falcon

  • SteersUright

    Why no inboard coil suspension like all the real supercars use?

    • eb110americana

      Corvettes (since the C4 anyway) have always been able to swallow several full size golf bags. Those pushrod suspensions tend to eat up a lot of room (see Aston Martin One77), so I suspect that is why they didn’t go “full supercar” on it. Being a Corvette, even a mid-engine one, it still must possess some measure of practicality.