The Grand Tour Episode 3 To Feature Bugatti Chiron And Stinger GT

Following the release of the first two episodes of The Grand Tour’s second season, details about episode 3 have just been announced before the show airs on Amazon Prime this Friday.

The feature film of the latest episode will see Jeremy Clarkson embarking on a European road trip in the almighty Bugatti Chiron to discover if it’s better to own a supercar than enjoy the glamor of breakfast in St Tropez, skiing in the Alps, and the dining in Turin that’s provided by jets and helicopters.

Another long-awaited review from The Grand Tour will involve James May test driving the range-topping Kia Stinger GT in Majorca to see if it really is worthy of all the hype.

Completing the episode will be a segment dedicated to a new form of car park racing invented by Richard Hammond and James May. Celebrity Face Off starring Hugh Bonneville and Casey Anderson will conclude the episode.


  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters
    • Benjamin B.

      That’s a bbc copyright

  • Interested on EB110 vs XJ220 mostly. Glad to see some old Supercar on the show.

  • smartacus

    EB110 has to be the most important supercar of the 90’s (excluding the McLaren F1)
    tiny 3.5 V12, quad turbos, 9000RPM, 12 throttle bodies, AWD, Scissor Doors, Carbon Fiber Chassis
    …back in 1991 before the F1 even existed. The best part is unlike every other supercar; the EB110
    never ended up in the hands of Sportsball players, Hip Hop “artists”, trust fund babies, or bankerbergs.

    • smartacus

      Now the XJ220 is also very rare. I’ve only seen two of them.
      This silver one at Mission Inn Festival Of Speed
      and this maroon one at Winter Park Concours d’ Elegance.
      I talked to the owner, Ian, and I actually saw him driving it on the road once.
      His 220 was also at the International Auto Show in Orlando this year.

      • Which is shame that at one point Jaguar were forgot about it! (Or embarrassed about it).

        I always find them beautiful and I love the 6R4 descendant twin turbo V6. I think it’s shame that people were disappointed because they are expecting 4WD, V12 Supercar and got this instead. and like EB110 they just come at wrong time.

        Still would love to go to Don Law Racing to see them (Don Law is the XJ220 authority for years ever since TWR closed down, and Jaguar refused to provide maintenance)

      • if only it didn’t have the ugly Citroën CX mirrors…

    • It also must be one of those supercar with more development story I can imagine of. Start it out as idea of ex-Lamborghini employees and include name like Ferruccio Lamborghini, Paolo Stanzani and Nuccio Bertone among others. And after Lamborghini resigned from the project (Reportedly because he wants the new car to be called “Ferruccio”) under guidance of Romano Artioli, an Italian businessman and collector, they bought the rights of Bugatti from Matra (I think, I forgot) and set up to build factory in Italy with no expense spared and well it’s one of the most beautiful factory except Mclaren Technological Center (And the factory still exists, good thing they haven’t demolish it).

      And they had several design proposal (I can’t remember the details but Giugiaro and Gandini submit their design. I remember Giuigiaro one felt modern and futuristic and I prefer that actually). Eventually Gandini design is chosen but Artioli felt it’s too Lamborghini and order the redesign. After years in 1991 they finally revealed the EB110 at Ettore Bugatti 110th birthday in Versailles with more luxury party than you can imagine, Artoli knows how to create luxury.

      But sadly of course EB110 is doomed, some blame the worsening world economy at that time, especially in Japan where the bubble burst pretty much kill the economy (Late 80s Japan is the center of luxury cars and wealth mind you). And EB110 introduction in America come late and frankly the whole operation is not one of the most economic ever, the state of the art factory is costing them more in maintenance than what they earn.

      However Romano Artioli suggest he is a victim of automotive conspiracy, suppliers were reluctant or put high price because they are threatened by one of their big customers and even he alleged that investors were driven out under influence of this conspiracy, with stories of Indian Prince who come and supposed to give the company money. No one know whose the head of this conspiracy since Artioli never named it. Some suggest Ferrari (and to extent Fiat) and some even suggest VW.

      But in the end I always think the car comes in wrong time… Bear in mind after that we got XJ220 and Mclaren F1 who surpassed the EB110. Which is shame since their next product is the four door EB 118… Oh well if only.

      Back to real world I once sit and explore Blue EB110 GT in JD Classic showroom, the sales person is kind enough for me to explore and sit on it. I have to say the interior is very luxurious indeed. Feels like big Mercedes SEC rather than supercar of it’s day (example: Diablo, I once try the mid 90s SV and well… Let’s just say Italian craftmanship at it best).

  • Bash

    My personal all time favorite super car here is the EB100… glad to see it,

  • So which one are they going to flip over?

  • Looking forward to Captain slow on the Stinger

  • Nik

    Season 2 is much better than 1

    • LWOAP

      Isn’t it always? Once they get the formula established it’s smooth sailing ahead.



    • Whoa whoa what’s with the hate?


        i wrote these to prove who drives and reviews chiron better

        • I had to disagree, Harris review on Chiron is not bad. Beside why we had to be mad about, we got two camps producing shows and we just enjoy what they produce.

    • Harris or Evans? either way, why so much hate?

  • Six Thousand Times

    I’m not the biggest supercar or hypercar enthusiast but that Chiron is a work of art.

  • I couldn’t get through S02E01 in one take, tried to watch it two nights ago.

    Last episode of Season 1 was really good, as far as I remember, but otherwise TGT is a verified snoozefest and the rivalry between the shows (other being Top Gear) didn’t do anything to enhance the (script) quality.

    Mat Watson’s (Carwow) 10 minute-reviews with two good jokes and DeMuro’s reviews (first halves, actually: the quirks) have become more interesting to me than GT/TGT.

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