Audi Wants To Build An A9 Coupe – Just Not Yet

The high-end luxury coupe segment keeps growing with new entries. And Audi could join in, if its chief designer gets his way – but it won’t happen just yet.

“I love the shape of a two-door coupé,” Marc Lichte told Autocar, “but it is also true that the [sales] volumes [for them] are much lower than for four-doors. In the future, who knows? We have many ideas in this direction.”

The German automaker previewed just such a vehicle in the form of the Prologue concept in 2014, forecasting a potential A9 coupe to sit alongside the A8 sedan at the top of Audi’s lineup.

If it were to be put into production, the A9 would target the likes of the Mercedes S-Class coupe and the forthcoming new BMW 8 Series and Polestar 1 – not to mention sportier models like the Lexus LC and Aston Martin DB11 – while plugging the big gap between the existing Audi A5 and Bentley Continental GT.

To hear Lichte tell it, it’s not that Audi isn’t interested in pursuing that segment, it’s just that it has other priorities at the moment. “First we must launch the A6, then we have the Q8 next year, A1 and Q3. We won’t do anything before this. It’s step by step.”

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  • Elmediterraneo

    As much as I would like to see it business comes first (we learned that from them…) So before thinking about a luxury coupe they’ll do first a top of the line SUV to catch up the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS. And I don’t think they’ll made a luxury coupe because that would be an intenral bad competition for the Bentley Continental.

  • Bash

    What can I say, good for MB!!, because this looks sharper and edgier and would give them a really hard time.

  • Autoexperte

    This is the point: Audi isn’t a real premium brand, they have never built a large luxury segment coupe or cabrio. Audi built only volkswagen twins.
    BMW has the 6-series coupe and cabrio and the 8-series in the past and in the near future, Mercedes-Benz has the s-class coupe and cabrio, the former cl, Jaguars portfolio included the xk coupe and cabrio, even Lexus offers with the LC a coupe of the luxury segment.

    • TheBelltower

      You don’t think Audi is a premium brand, but Lexus is? Why… Because they are owned by VW group? Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti would have a few words to say about that.

      • Autoexperte

        Fiat (FCA) owned also a list of luxury brands like Ferrari or Maserati and for me Alfa Romeo isn´t a premium brand like Audi, because both has no luxury coupe and cabrio in their line-up and lots of small cars (Audi A1, Audi A2, Audi A3, Alfa Romeo 147, Alfa Romeo MiTo). Lexus, Mercedes for example has no mini cars in their line-up

        • Axel Cortez

          Audi A3 platform is the MQB and it was envisioned for a wide array of cars. The platform of the A4 is not shared with the Jetta as the Jetta uses the MQB as the A3. The A4 platform (MLBevo) that was introduced by the A5 it is used mostly by Audi only two cars use it outside Audi, The Porsche Macan and he VW Phideon (China Only car)

          Mercedes Benz has the A which is the same as the A3, Audi doesn’t make the A2 anymore.

        • TheBelltower

          First, there’s a huge difference between a “luxury brand” and a “premium” one. Buick is premium. Acura and Infiniti are Premium. Lexus is premium. None of them are luxury brands. Audi straddles the line, with some of their cars being premium, and a large percentage being luxury vehicles. No one can call an A3, S4 or Q5 luxury cars. But an A7, A8, R8 or Q7 arguably are. And a substantial percentage of Audi’s sales are of those expensive vehicles.

          There may not be similarities between an A3 and a Chiron. The Chiron was developed with VW resources, but is still a money loser because of how specific the parts are that are required to build it. Similar to the marketplace failure, the Lexus LFA, except that VW didn’t scrap the project like Toyota did. But there is clear DNA between the Q5 and the Macan. The Hurracan and the R8, the Urus/Bentayga/Q7/Cayenne. The Continental and the Phaeton. The A8 and the Panamera. Components, material specifications and suppliers are shared between all VW brands, including Bugatti. That’s why a Chiron is even possible.

          Like VW/Audi/Bentley/Lamborghini, Lexus shares many components with Toyota and offers only one vehicle that could be considered a “luxury” car, the terribly outdated LS. The availability of a coupe does not determine what is or isn’t a luxury brand. Lexus hasn’t had a coupe for years, and the large majority of their sales volume is of low-end Toyota based vehicles and hardly any LS sedans. Mercedes, BMW, Porsche are all legitimate luxury brands because they sell a large number of vehicles with high transaction prices. Not because they do or don’t offer a coupe.

    • Matt

      Lexus puts CVT “gear box” into their “premium cars”. Sorry but a car for 100 k USD with a CVT is just missing the point. If Audi isn’t premium, then premium kind of does not exist, because it is essentialy the same as Mercedes and BMW in terms of their suppliers and parts and budgets for the models. I don’t think that you have to make a luxury coupe to be percieved as full on premium brand. Remember that Audi has R8 and BMW has what, i8? I would rather have the R8 😉

  • Infinite1

    Lexus’ done it with the LC 500, MB has the S Class coupe, and BMW’s 8 series coupe is about to debut so there is a market for it despite the family oriented SUV crazed that’s going on. I believe the want for coupes will come back after the SUV craze dies down

  • lagunas3ca

    “First we must launch the A6, then we have the Q8 next year, A1 and Q3. We won’t do anything before this. It’s step by step.”

    Funny, these are the steps BMW is taking in 2018:

    5 Series
    6 Series Gran Turismo
    8 Series
    Z4 or Z5

    Here is a list of BMW’s minor trim changes for 2018:

    M6 Convertible
    M6 Gran Coupe
    2 Series
    3 Series
    4 Series
    7 Series

    Dieselgate sucks, doesn’t it VAG?

    • Belthronding Tinuviel

      CHEATERS gonna hate this!

    • Bo Hanan

      Dude is this your dissertation? 1-liners or maybe a paragraph, only.

      • lagunas3ca


        • Bo Hanan

          After you. And take your 12 page report with you- B.

  • Bo Hanan

    The A9 would replace the R8, which is a Lambo-Huracan in drag and was a completely stupid idea for Audi to build. The only reason Audi built the R8 was because they wanted a mid engined car- cannibalizing Lamborghini be damned. The A9 w/ its front engine and room for 4 is a more profitable idea, aka BMW 8-Series/AMG GT. Just make sure the A9 is priced below the Bentley Coupe.

    • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

      I doubt the A9 would replace the R8 because they’re in two separate markets. Just like the S-Class and AMG GT are two completely different markets. You don’t see a Maybach-AMG GT and you won’t see the R8 replaced by the A9. The A9 should go against the S-Class coupe and similar. 4-seater against 4-seater.

      • Zach Soulios

        I don’t see them building it and using the A9 moniker since the number 8 has always stood for the pinnacle of things at Audi; Q8, R8 and A8 are all the top of their food chain in the Audi line up. I see more likely them making the A7 into a luxury coupe with 2 doors to avoid using the number 9 or reviving the ‘Quattro’ nameplate might be quite cool as wel since it technically would be anther 4 seater coupe.

    • LWOAP

      In what world would that be? The R8 is Audi’s halo car. I doubt they would replace it with the A9 even if they decided to put it into production.

  • Philip George

    One thing you got to like about Mercedes is that they don’t slack about. They design the car (concept), and they put it out (production) as quickly as possible. Other car makers take a bit too much time pondering and wondering if their concept will sell and make enough money back for them. Mercedes just makes them and sells them, no fuss or quibbles.

  • Please No , because you can,t make the concept Real !!

  • SteersUright

    This coupe, exactly as is shown, would likely be the only true (CL) S-class coupe rival out there. Its beautiful inside and out and in fact, even resembles the S coupe from the back. Audi needs something like this to ever be seen as a true rival to MB.

  • accolade

    They will need to hire Mercedes engineers and get someone to actually make an Audi Concept car into Production match to match.

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