Bespoke Tesla Shooting Brake Coming To London Motor Show

This year, the London Motor Show will host the world’s first Tesla Model S 90D-based Shooting Brake, between the 17th and 20th of May.

Put together by coach-building specialist QWest, this bespoke Tesla Shooting Brake has the same 0-60 mph (96 km/h) acceleration time as the regular Model S, specifically 2.8 seconds.

It also comes with a carbon fiber tailgate, rear roof section and D pillar construction, and while it may be larger than the regular car, it’s also 12 kg (26.4 lbs) lighter thanks to the lightweight construction.

“This year’s London Motor Show is set to welcome more world first than ever before in our new home, and we’re delighted to have the world’s first Tesla-based Shooting Brake coming to the capital,” said London Motor Show chairman, Alec Mumford.

“This is a serious feat of engineering using the very latest technology, making it perfect for our enthusiastic audience. This isn’t a car to be missed at the show!”

The Model S Shooting Brake was built in Norfolk and the goal was always to make it just as good if not better than the original when it comes to its aerodynamic properties.

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  • Six_Tymes

    I think black would have been better, but even so, not really liking it.

  • Matthijs

    The sharp lines and edges don’t match the rest of the car. Nice try but no…

    • I think it does. And the finish is probably better than on the rest of the car.

    • Six_Tymes

      sharp lines? lol

    • wait a minute

      Totally agree, So near, but so far.

  • gor134

    Nope. Rear windows don’t even fit completely.

    • good eye, let’s hope before May that’s changed.

  • Shahul Usman

    i dont dislike it.. im all for wagons.. there are no EV station wagons…just more crossovers lol..

  • That’s a fun project for someone who just wanted his Tesla to be able to take his dogs.

  • Shobin Drogan

    The roof looks like its as flat as a table while the lower body of the car still has curves. Needless to say i’m not a fan. Some things are best left for the manufacturers to do.

  • Erzhik

    All this work for a first gen S and rear windows don’t even close.

  • Guest

    Real life hater? Everyone who want bury tesla now have a hearse…. Even weather is misty

  • It just didn’t fit to me, from afar it looks like hearse tbh.


  • Zed68

    THAT. IS. NOT. A. SHOOTING. BRAKE. Damnit! And this is supposed to be a car website? Stop using that word if you don’t know what it means, please.

    • Zed68

      Definition of a shooting brake: “a sleek wagon with two doors and sports-car panache, its image entangled with European aristocracy, fox hunts and baying hounds,”

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      They’ll be telling us a coupe has a hatch back or 4 doors…

      • Status

        That’s a kammback.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    It’s not a f_cking shooting brake.

    And it’s not even that great as an estate, either.

    • exeptor

      As stated above they will tell you that coupes have 4 doors sooo … don’t give a fu*k about such sh*t.

  • On the Right Track

    Looks incredibly functional, but not so stylish. Still, someone took the time to fabricate one and they get my respect for doing so.

  • Charles Lane

    all that work and its not even a facelift model s, with windows that dont close.. Garbage


    It’s not a shooting brake. Aren’t you supposed to be car guy?

    • exeptor

      Valid question. Plus it was asked several times in the past. Still not a “visible” answer. On the other hand manufacturers demand calling their overweight monstrosities with fancy names. As people who has to bring dinner at home when working for this site, I guess, they need to follow some rules … and not trying to be smart (which sometimes means objective). Chris Harris tried with Ferrari and they showed him who’s “behind the wheel”.

      • LWOAP

        Ok, thanks.

  • Sparkopolo

    The rising waistline and “hips” of the donor car make for a very awkwardly contrived rear side profile, and the level roofline is at odds with the styling of the rest of the car. A tapering roofline and resulting compromised cargo space would have looked better stylistically. Not doubting the quality of the engineering though.

  • alexxx

    I like it…

  • Romanovich

    This is beginning of end the Tesla

    • Status

      It’s a one-off, non-production vehicle completed by an independent couch-builder and funded by a Tesla owner. This is not the end of Tesla as Tesla had nothing to do with this modification.

  • Bash

    Am I the only one who think that roof line is awful?

  • TheHake

    Station wagon, not shooting brake.

  • erly5

    Just awful

  • Galaxium

    It just looks like a hearse lol

  • Plutonium

    Rear door window belt moulding end should have rounded end. Now it looks home made.

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