Deliveries Of Sondors 3-Wheel EV To Start In April 2019

After bringing their electric prototype to the 2017 LA Auto Show, crowdfunded Sondors has now started taking reservations for it.

The company is asking a $100 refundable deposit for the Model Sondors, plus a non-refundable $3.30 transaction fee, claiming that they will start deliveries of the electric vehicle in April next year. That is if everything goes well and they don’t encounter any of the problems of Elio Motors.

Sondors appears to have kept their word about the final price of the car, which is set at $10,000. For the money, customers will get the three-wheeler, with its zero-emission powertrain that’s said to allow for a 0-60mph (0-96km/h) acceleration in an estimated 6.2sec and a top speed of 120mph (193km/h).

The lithium-ion battery packs, whose capacity remains undisclosed for now, can be charged from 110V or 240V outlets. The entry-level Model Sondors will have a claimed 75 miles (120km) of range, whereas the mid-range version will be able to travel for up to 150 miles (240km) in between charges. Opt for the top-of-the-line, and you get up to 200 miles (320km) of range, according to the electric startup.

Sondors state that at the beginning of January, when they started taking deposits for the three-wheeled EV, they had over 5,000 reservations in just 24 hours. The $100 deposit probably had something to do with it, yet it’s still an impressive number for a three-wheeler.

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  • S3XY

    Looks sick from the front, but then the rear… weird. Wish they’d make this a sick 4 wheeler.

    Kind of want to put a deposit anyway… only $100… would be unique to drive

    • LWOAP

      Just get one, we all know you are going to.

    • william readling

      Weird, or just different? Looks to be rear wheel drive, but since there’s only one, no differential. The narrow tail will also give it a low Cd, meaning good aerodynamics. Only having one rear wheel makes the rear suspension much simpler too.
      The transmission may consist of a toothed belt between the motor, and the rear wheel. That’s the sort of thing needed to sell one for $10k.

  • WG

    What is Elio doing this point?

    • LWOAP

      Don’t know but I’m going to assume it’s nothing good. I pretty much consider them dead and another failed startup.

      • Andrewthecarguy

        Not to mention the Eli looks like crap compared to this.

  • lagunas3ca

    Nice Huracán front fascia.

  • Bo Hanan

    Very interesting and only $10K.

  • kachuks

    Looks good. Now let’s stick a hayabusa motor in it and see what she can do.

  • robotlogic

    Wait don’t they need $600 million dollars like Elio to start making cars?
    Oh wait, no they don’t because they are not scam artists.

    • geo241

      I believe (not sure) that Sonders will contract out production to somewhere in China, getting costs down that way?

  • Andrewthecarguy

    Considering this is an existing company with existing products (electrified bicycles) I have more faith that they can actually pull this off.
    Price point is very good. This should be a success, proof of electric mobility? Just not sure it will take off.

    • Pamela

      Except that they don’t actually make anything, just contract out to Chinese manufacturers. Still much more likely to get them made than Elio.

  • SteersUright

    Too goofy looking. Will come and go like many before it.

  • geo241

    First, please understand by being 3-wheels, this qualifies as a MOTORCYCLE and escapes many of the production restrictions applied to actual “cars.” I have a deposit on this, because at $100 refundable….WHY NOT? I also have a deposit on a Lucid Air, again refundable, and a Tesla Model 3, just covering my options.

    Further I think it looks kind of neat, so remember “looks is a personal call.”

    Additionally, I am seriously considering getting the VERY pricey (again for my budget) Tesla Roadster II when it comes out in around 2020-21, and this Sonders would be a good “knock around city” car to keep the mileage down on the high cost Tesla. And this is a 3 passenger vehicle as well, so it could function fairly broadly in everyday use.

    • Pamela

      Does it rain or snow where you live? How do you think that single rear wheel drive will handle slick roads?

  • bfm01

    Works for me.

  • Pamela

    I like the concept except the single rear hub motor is the worst design decision they could possibly have made. A vehicle like this needs to be FWD unless you are only going to drive it on warm dry pavement. This thing will be practically undrivable on any slippery surfaces like wet or snowy roads. Since it’s only practical on dry roads it might as well just be a Polaris Slingshot. At least with that you’ve got the appeal of a convertible.

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