All-Electric 2020 MINI Spied For The First Time

Last summer, Mini revealed a new Electric Concept. As a study, the vehicle shared the same lines as the traditional Mini, but had some pretty extravagant design cues befitting a concept. Our photographers managed to capture one of the first all-electric Mini test mules and the vehicle looks quintessentially like a Mini.

The test vehicle looks like it’s based on the two-door Mini Hardtop model. In fact, the lightly-disguised machine looks nearly identical to the gasoline-powered model. It even has a little hood scoop, despite featuring an electric powertrain.

If the word’s “Electric Test Vehicle” weren’t plastered onto the side of the hatchback, we wouldn’t have guessed that the machine is an EV. Sure the hatch is missing an exhaust pipe and the majority of the front grille appears to be sealed with camouflage, which wouldn’t be good for a gas-powered vehicle. But there’s no way anyone would mistake this for something other than a Mini.

With the body of the test vehicle being incredibly similar to that of the current Mini on sale today, we think the car could be used to just test the powertrain.

With the all-electric Mini set to come out in 2019 as a 2020 model, the automaker’s still got some time to perfect the vehicle’s design and powertrain. One thing’s for sure, though, the electric Mini will definitely look like it belongs in the family, as the brand won’t stray too far away from its winning recipe.

The test mules were captured testing in Sweden, as the country’s harsh winters will surely provide engineers a lot of data on how the powertrain will cope with colder months, and being transported on the back of a truck in Munich.

Not much is known about the EV besides the vehicle will have a range of at least 200 miles and will be available as a two-door hardtop body style.

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  • Jay

    strange it even looks like its all electric..


    • Edums

      Well, some random guy(s) took the pictures. Later on he(they) sold the pictures to Carscoops, and now they belong to Carscoops.
      It might be a little bit of a streach to call them “our photographers”, but they are certainly Carscoops’ photos.

  • badcyclist

    Why bother to put camo on a car like that? What dark secrets can they be hiding on a Mini that looks (extended drum solo) exactly like a Mini. There must be some earthshaking design secrets under wraps there.

    Sometimes they must just put that stuff on their cars to drum up a little attention.

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