For $300,000 You Can Get A Rolls, Or Jayco’s Embark Luxury RV, A Mini-Mansion On Wheels

There’s a stigma that’s associated with RVs, as they are seen as a means for elderly people to see the country in. But the Jayco Embark Luxury coach from Thor Industries and Spartan Specialty Vehicles isn’t like the rest – in fact, it’s an opulent machine that would make anyone trade their house for a life on the road.

As with a lot of RVs, the best part is the interior. There’s an entertainment system, which includes a 50-inch LED HDTV and a sound bar in the living room, while the bedroom gets its own 32-inch LED HDTV. Besides being able to entertain yourself and guests on long trips, it has enough equipment for making some gourmet meals.

The interior comes with a Whirlpool refrigerator, a Frigidaire conventional microwave oven, solid-surface countertops and a stainless-steel sink. And when the time comes to clean up, there’s a one-piece fiberglass shower with a skylight and a sink that’s integrated into a solid-surface countertop, plus a Thetford toilet. The bathroom is definitely nicer than a restroom at a rest stop.

Instead of having to stop and stay at a dingy hotel, there’s a king-sized mattress in the bedroom section and a massive wardrobe as well. You won’t even have to stop to clean your clothes, as a washer and dryer are available as an option.

There are a lot of things to stay on top of, which is where a touchpad control system that can adjust the lighting, temperature, and other systems comes into play. The interior isn’t the only house-like aspect of the vehicle. The Embark Luxury Coach has a 39-inch LED HDTV on the outside along with LED lights, a power patio awning, and an exterior utility center with a system monitor panel.

Rolls-Royces and Bentleys are nice and well, but this RV is just as opulent – and then some. The available options are incredibly interesting, as well, with things like a fireplace, theater seating with reclining seats and a central vacuum system. Besides the fireplace, these are some features that houses don’t even have.

The Embark Luxury Coach is built on the all-new Spartan K1 chassis, is powered by a Cummins 360hp diesel engine and made its debut at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa. The pricing isn’t as bad as you’d expect, with the RV starting at roughly $290,000. Not exactly a bargain, but then again, if you consider all its features, it kinda makes sense.

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  • TheBelltower

    There’s a $300k Rolls Royce. Then there’s a $300k bus designed by the finest decorators from Home Depot.


    • Six Thousand Times

      Yeah, didn’t quite look as good as some of the custom Airstreams I’ve seen.

  • no25

    don’t understand why RVs can be so nice on the outside, yet contradicted by an ugly paint job on the outside.

    • Ary Wisesa

      Its unattractive exterior paint is exactly what it is intended: to look unattractive so it won’t attract unwanted burglars or robbers. I think they deliberately choose it . LOL…

  • Bash

    I would rather be seen in the rolls rather than a bus!

  • enthusia

    you’d get more use out of a rolls royce. how often do you drive an RV? like twice a year at most?

    • KingA

      Actually some retired folk sell up their homes and “travel”, so the RV is their retirement home on wheels…. (…but what happens when you get too old to drive, I don’t know – go into a retirement home I guess..?)

      But mainly in the US as there is much land… and big roads… and relaxed driving permits (you would not be allowed to drive this in Europe on a car license which restricts the vehicle to a max 3500kgs)…

  • diego

    Is there a option for a interior not in 70’s style? lol


    No thanks, I’d rather have one of these:

    Perfect for going off the beaten path.

  • Matthijs

    Looks pretty dated from the inside..

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Well it is geared towards Boomers, and they don’t like modern design so it makes sense.

  • KingA

    Check out the Newmar King Aire:

    Now this $800k+ coach completes with those well over $1m +
    Newmar are built by Amishes I think, and have something known as “comfort drive” to keep the coach going straight in cross winds

  • Vanquish

    anyone with money for this RV could obviously buy a rolls and could afford a hotel its not like this is a daily driver, its just ashame its interior looks like a cheap renovation from the 90s;more modern color choices would have even made it look better but this all beige look just looks bad

  • 2sfhim

    I will take a Prévost instead, much better and made in Québec

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