McLaren Senna Spotted In Gas Station, Doesn’t Look That Bad In Black

The McLaren Senna, a 798-horsepower (800PS) hypercar that just happens to be street legal, was unveiled earlier last December with some impressive figures. But more than a few people, including us, thought it was too ugly to do justice to Ayrton Senna’s name, especially when compared to other hypercars on the market.

The automaker didn’t give the Senna a fighting chance, either, as the first pictures of the hypercar revealed a ghastly orange and black paint job that, somehow, made all those curves, scoops and edges look disconnected, as if different teams who didn’t talk to each other designed different parts of the car.

Since then, more images have come out, but the hypercar still isn’t doing it for us. However, this all-black one that Luke Papworth, an automotive photographer and YouTuber, spotted at a gas station has us rethinking the way we feel about the Senna. The black paint scheme manages to hide some of the hypercar’s busy lines and makes it look that much more menacing.

The photos, which were posted onto Papworth’s Instagram account, hampshirephotography, were taken at a gas station. With only 500 units of the Senna scheduled for production and Woking planning to start building them in the latter half of this year, managing to snap a few pics of one refueling is a rare opportunity.

While McLaren is still keeping some of the Senna’s specs to itself, it claims the hypercar is the most extreme street-legal car to wear the brand’s badge. All 500 units of the hypercar are spoken for already, with the automaker auctioning off the last unit for £2 million (roughly $2.67 million). Taste is, of course, highly subjective, but for us the old adage that you can’t go wrong with black certainly applies to the Senna.

Stopping for fuel on the way back to work has never been so exciting…!!! #Mclaren #Senna (#P15). On the road. WOW! I must say it looks a lot better in person 😳😍 Starting 2018 off the right way, just a shame I didn’t have my video camera… 😭🎥 Swipe ➡️ for more photos! #liveupload #HampshirePhotographyA post shared by Luke Papworth (@hampshirephotography) on Jan 3, 2018 at 8:10am PST

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  • ErnieB

    Ohhhh.. my pants!


    As someone pointed out in a previous article; the Senna is the type of car that looks better in black. This picture here is proof of that.

    • Rob Banks

      Its the paint scheme. Like most super/hyper cars today, they leave certain sections unpainted or black. Sometimes, it gives off the wrong impression. The Senna is not a bad looking car at all.

      • europeon

        It is. It’s disproportionate and overdesigned.

        • Rob Banks

          That’s like saying formula one or lmp cars are, too. Some here just can’t resist putting their own subjective idea of preferable looks before performance. Every single frt and rear pannel, fender, front fascia element, door and open air intake serves a purpose. If the aero, side skirts, frt bumper, hoods and roof were all painted the same color the Senna would look completely different. The two tone scheme isn’t, perhaps, the most ideal. But really, it matters not what you or i think because they are all already sold out. And that has got to tell you something.

          • europeon

            > Some here just can’t resist putting their own subjective idea of preferable looks before performance. Every single frt and rear pannel, fender, front fascia element, door and open air intake serves a purpose.

            Then don’t talk about its looks, talk about its performance. Simple as that.

            > But really, it matters not what you or i think because they are all already sold out. And that has got to tell you something.

            Barnett Newman’s “paintings” are selling for millions, that only means that there are people with more money than brains in this world.

            However, I never contested Senna’s performance, just its looks.

          • Rob Banks

            Hmm… perhaps it’s looks has a lot to do with its performance? Some fail to make that connection. Second, it’s a fallacy to try and equate or compare an engineering marvel, an evolution in racing pedigree to what some consider fine art. I seriously hope I don’t need to explain why, but I get your point…. sort of.

        • Michelin

          Yes, in the main picture it seems a bad remake of Ferrari Enzo…. 20 years later!!

        • exeptor

          In terms of design as aesthetic – yes it is a bit disproportional. In terms of design as optimal engineering – I guess it is not. Overdesigned – I really doubt that. The wing is massive, but it provides downforce. The transparent doors for me are a bit of overdesigned element – I can’t see how this brings value to the weight, but simply scream “I’m super light”. In general I like the car for being strange looking (and actually not exceptionally bad) and really hardcore.

  • Ilbirs

    The Senna looks very nice outdoors. If you are filthy rich and doesn’t live in Turkmenistan, black is a color that fits well this model.

    • exeptor

      Thanks for the link. I was about to ask about the Black vs Turkmenistan.

  • Peyton

    Sorry but it still looks embarrassing. Pretty bad when it makes an Aventador SV look timeless.

    If people disregard the Civic Type R performance because of its outlandish looks, then the same thing applies here. The difference is, this is owned and driven by wealthy people in bespoke suits, which is an even greater unforgivable gulf in taste.

  • Matt

    This instagrammer is an 18 year-old with a Nissan GT-R and Mercedes SLS as daily drivers.

    • Finkployd

      Mmh you mean that was a set up ?

      • Matt

        I don’t necessarily think it’s a set-up, I just thought it was interesting information. When I was 18 I had a Fiat Bravo.

        • exeptor

          Good for you. I had my two legs only, but boy, do I wanted (needed suits better I guess) a car … no matter what. Girls was always in a good mood when you offered a non-muscular transportation. And Bravo was not a bad looking car at all.

  • Still you can drive 650s or hell even 570s and people will thought you own P1 or Senna.

    That’s how bad Mclaren differentiate the car.

    • exeptor

      Only if you really car about that.

      • Yep, it’s like the old Aston, people had hard time to differentiate it.

  • HotnCool


  • S3XY
    • exeptor

      Thank you. Keep this style. Bring us some info from Tesla which doesn’t appear in media (for some weird reason :)) … if you really have one. Just don’t act like religious fanatic :).

    • MarketAndChurch

      This would have made a better looking NSX than the one we got.

  • S3XY

    Front end kinda ugly

    • Michelin

      100 agree, 720 looks a lot better!!!
      This is like Mazinga design … SOB

    • exeptor

      Unconventional :).

  • Six_Tymes

    horrible design. it looks like a kit car gone wild. but i’m sure the performance will be impressive. its all about function over form with mclaren now.

  • Vassilis

    Yeah because black hides the car’s edges and design. If you notice them it still looks bad.

  • exeptor

    Mean car …. but my all time favorite ultra performance car is Ultima GTR. So simple, so good. Senna has some similarities with Jon Olsson’s Ultima (don’t get me wrong – I don’t compare McLaren enginnering with the one of Ultima).

    • Yeah Ultima is the best bang for your money. But I don’t think it’s as refine as modern supercar, from what I read and heard from the owners. The beauty of modern supercar is you get all the comfort and it’s not as hard to drive as little hatchback.

  • JimmyK

    Beauty is a subjective thing.The most unfortunate is that 90% of the Sennas are going to spent their life at a garage just for show off, and that is ugly.

  • SteersUright

    Only cool in that “race car on a public street” sort of way. Still in a world of some beautiful race cars, this is quite the ugly race car at that.

  • Donal Maher

    Still looks like something from Playstation 1 Ridge Racer, and that’s not a good thing!

  • lagunas3ca

    Less emphasis on the word ‘photography’ in the account name smh

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