Porsche Sold More Cars Last Year Than All Its Main Rivals Combined

It’s been another record year of sales for Porsche, which delivered 246,375 vehicles over the course of 2017.

That’s a four-percent increase over the previous year, which had seen a far greater leap from 187,208 vehicles in 2015 to 225,121 in 2016.

More impressive, though, is how quickly the German automaker – once a fringe player – has doubled its output. Just six years ago in 2011 (when it still reported its sales by fiscal year, not calendar), it’s worldwide total came to 116,978 units… or less than half of what it moved last year.

So what gives? The Macan, that’s what. Porsche introduced the compact crossover in 2014, and it’s since grown to become its biggest seller. It sold over 97,000 of them last year alone, which is about how many vehicles it sold in total as recently as 2010, which nearly matched the best sales year it had until then (98,652 in 2008).

The Panamera more than held its own last year, the introduction of the new model boosting sales by a massive 83 percent to 28,000 units. It sold about 25,000 of the 718s and over 32,000 of the 911, with Cayenne ostensibly accounting for the remaining 64,000.

China stands as the automaker’s largest single market, where sales rose by 10 percent to 71,508 units compared to a two-percent increase in the United States (at 55,420) and a three-point drop in Germany to 28,317.

By comparison to Porsche’s total of 246,375, rival Aston Martin sold just 5,117 last year (representing an increase of 58% over 2016 and a nine-year high). Despite a broader product lineup, Jaguar still hasn’t matched Porsche’s sales (with 178,601 vehicles moved last year). And Maserati? It has yet to publish its sales for 2017, but sold a record 42,100 vehicles in 2016. In fact it only sold its 100,000th vehicle in its entire history less than a year ago – which is only slightly more than all the Porsche Macans sold in 2017 alone.

Add all those numbers up – even throw in the few thousand that McLaren sold last year and that Ferrari and Lamborghini are each expected to report – and still Porsche delivered more cars than its chief rivals combined. That’s pretty darn impressive… but the competition is working hard at catching up.

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  • Bo Hanan

    A perfect portfolio of cars for each segment while still offering limited-exclusive sports cars.
    So why can’t their competition do the same? Clearly Porsche’s “brand” hasn’t been damaged by SUV’s, sedans and a wagon.

    • roy

      I agree. They have an impressive lineup with very capable vehicles.

    • Merc1

      Porsche is one of the few that still strives to make the best car in every segment and they largely succeed at doing so. I want a Panamera and a 911 cabrio of some sort, perfect garage for me.


    • alexxx

      Make quality cars and the result is obvious.
      It’s only this ‘little’ thing…. QUALITY.

      • Merc1

        GM will never understand this.


    • SteersUright

      They do, however, need to work on quality and durability. They are amazing when new. But at just a few years old, they rattle and feel so rickety when I check them out at the auctions. Not to mention loads of electrical gremlins that are exceptionally expensive to keep on top of once out of warranty. Otherwise, Porsche makes stunning machinery and Im very much a huge fan, particularly of anything with a flat-6 motor from them!

  • Merc1

    My god I want a Panamera.


  • EyalN

    what rivals ? Porsche main rivals are GMC or Mack trucks. most of what they make are diesel SUV’s.

  • Necmy

    could you give this numbers as a graphic to make the article more enjoyable ?

  • BobV12

    So the 718 will be axed ?

    • Why would it be?

      • BobV12

        It will be soon less than 10% of sales

        • That doesn’t justify cancellation, they still need an entry level sportscar.

  • Michelin

    Must remember Porsche cars are cheaper than Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mc Laren, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagani and so on ….
    They only sell cars for more of 200.000 dollars.
    Porsche sales are boosted by Cayennes, Macans, Panameras, Boxters and Caymans.
    Cars with prices less than 30-50% of cheeper Ferrari !

    • OdysseyTag

      And yet their brand appeal is on par with theirs. That speaks volumes (pun intended).

      • Michelin

        Brand of course. Coca Cola brand also is a strong brand, but its products are different fron Aston Martins.
        Porsche market is different form LAMBORGHINI or Bugatti market !!! They are not really concurrent ….

        • OdysseyTag

          As in they’ve retained their exclusivity despite what you’ve mentioned of their pricing undercutting others. Only us ‘carheads’ can recognise the different spaces these brands fill but as far as the public perception is concerned – a Porsche is as aspirational as any of the others. It’s broad offering allows it to compete in multiple spaces.

  • schnittz

    The biggest Porsche (sports car) rival is Corvette, I don’t see it on the list.

    • In North America maybe, Corvette is not sold worldwide like 911.

  • Kash

    Let’s be honest, the only real rival in that list is Maserati, as a whole brand, now for individual models the other brands do have 911 rivals, but most of the time you’re talking about the Turbo or higher model competing with something like the 570 or Vantage or Huracan and even then they’re not direct rivals, they’re rivals in terms of power.

  • Can I ask a question is this original articles from you guys?

    Since you used a lot of bad examples on comparing Porsche with smaller niche brand. This article needs revamp badly.

  • botornot387

    Porsche is extremely deserving of such sales figures. best car in nearly every segment they perform in, with exclusivity, and quality to back it up. I would love a Panamera and a 911, or 918 😀 in my garage any day.

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