Saudi Arabia Holds Female-Focused Car Show Following End Of Driving Ban

Saudi Arabia recently reversed a decision which prevented women from driving and now the country is hosting a car show designed specifically for them.

Reuters reports the show was held at the Le Mall in Jeddah and says “women flocked” to the event. A number of different vehicles were on display including models from Chevrolet, Nissan, Kia and Toyota. While they might not have been the flashy exotics people typically imagine in the Middle East, the event was focused on fuel-efficient vehicles.

There’s no word on how many people attended the event but Ghada al-Ali told the publication, “I’ve always been interested in cars, but we didn’t have the ability to drive.” She went on to say she’s interested in buying a car now that King Salman has lifted the ban on female drivers which takes effect in June.

The news comes a particularly odd time as reports are suggesting Turkmenistan has banned women from driving in that country. AKI Press claims the ban was enacted in December and police are now beginning to enforce the law. This comes shortly after another odd report which claimed the country’s president wants to eliminate all of the black cars in the country’s capital of Ashgabat.


  • Christian

    CARSCOOP! How can you see what gender it is when the face is hidden! Don’t genderracist!

  • Feminism is cancer

    Watching this really puts the whole Meryl Streep, Oprah Winfrey thing into perspective…….. celebrity feminism really has its head up its own ass, why don’t they ever speak out about half the female population living like animals?

  • Bo Hanan

    Get popcorn.

  • lagunas3ca

    Always knew Mercedes’ SLK stood for Saudi Ladies Klasse. Got a whole new market.

  • Maher

    As a muslim, the 2 countries I hate the most are Saudi Arabia and Iran. Two dictatorships that are using their own twisted version of the religion to control the middle east.

    Like how sad is it that women needs a law to allow them to drive in 2018? Or a law that says you don’t have to cover up your face, again in 2018? Or how in Iran you would get hanged in public if you were caught drinking.

    They’re more dangerous imo than NK, spreading their sick ideologies and planting terrorists all over the world.

    Anyways, sorry for the rant, but countries like these two shouldn’t have any positive media coverage.

    • Holmer_k

      From what I’ve read these past couple of days, you can add Turkmenistan to the list. Their leader just decided woman can’t drive too. And to show just how crazy he is, he’s outlawed Black as a car color too.

      • Maher

        I never heard of that country until I saw the article here just few days ago. It is crazy, but I still don’t find it as crazy as watching spoiled rich oil princes dictate people using religion.

    • Totally agree mate, those two are menace to the world. One is lazy monarch and the other is crazy sick religious leader.

  • Frank Yoster

    Any muslim that believes in sharia an isis suspect!

    • At the very least an Isis sympathizer.

      • Frank Yoster

        Yah exactly.

    • Maher

      Anyone who isn’t brainwashed by the media and knows a muslim or two, should know that there isn’t sharia law, as it says in the Quran that you’re supposed to acclimate to the place you move to. Stick to your beliefs, but don’t force them on the others.
      Now to those that want to force people to change their lifestyles for them, you should kick them out of your countries. Sadly, European are being too soft on those type of people, and mostly them ISIS sympathizers.

      • Frank Yoster

        Ya ur right but i gotta question..why does most of ur islamic countries support sharia law..and make non muslims to keep their religion at home. Islam aint that tolerant bro. The muslims in america or canada that were born here dont follow sharia law..but if i went an islamic country and tried to tell ppl ” love jesus just as i love u” or somethin i would be arrested.

        • Maher

          I can easily tell that you never visited any Muslim country, or else you wouldn’t be saying that.
          Apart from Saudi Arabia, every Arab country you go to, you will find churches, you will find Muslims and Christians living next to each other, and that’s the case with me. I’m a Muslim and my neighbors are Christians, shocking eh?
          Go to Qatar, UAE, or maybe Omman for example, and watch the huge population of foreigners from Europe living there and having churches that they go to every Sunday.

          Fun fact, as a Muslim, I’m obliged to love Jesus as much as we love Mohammed. Another fact? Jesus is mentioned more than Mohammed in the Quran. Okay, just one more fact, Mary is the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran, and not only that, she has a full Chapter that is dedicated and named after her.

          Again, don’t let the media control your thoughts, go out and visit. The media tries to do the same here, but I went out, traveled to Malta, Spain, Canada, USA on three occasions, and I learned to never trust the media, because I met the nicest people during these trips.
          I went to Dallas and Louisiana, my wife used to wear the hijab back then(now it’s off), and people told me to watch out because we’re going to a racist state, and during my time there, we were treated with nothing but love and respect, just like how I expected to be treated, because I know how the media tries to manipulate our beliefs and plant fear in our hearts.

          Sorry for the long ass essay lol

          • Frank Yoster

            Well im assyrian and if ur a muslims u should know who we are and islam genocided my culture..turks killed us…kurds took our lands and trying to name it kurdistan..our culture has been defending our lands against islam for centuries..and now in 2015 they finished the job by killing off all assyrians from the middle east.were the only culture to be living in exile out of our own land..sad but its the truth..its not like i hate muslims or something cause allotta my friends are and they even agree they hate what happened to us cause were the natives of the middle east..and qatar uae and omman, those are tourist countries..they need churches for tourism..dude islam is persecuting buddhists in their own countries right now as we sorry but muslims actions speak more then words.

          • Maher

            I do know who you guys are and I know what your people went through, ISIS monsters sadly finished the job that the stupid Turks started.
            Hear me out, I’m not here defending Muslims, I was talking about Islam as a whole. We are 1.6 billion in this world, and I know there are millions of us who are twisted, sick, intolerant, backwards, pervert, sick fucks, and I would never defend them. But you know, that the Kurds are also Muslims, yet Muslim countries like Turkey, Iran, and the Gulf countries are fighting against the Kurds and doing their best not to let them declare the nation and country of Kurdistan. The point is? Muslim countries just like Christians, just like any other religious groups, they might follow a certain religion, but at the end of the day, it’s greed what control their actions.

            The West, Arab leaders, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Iran, and all those big countries are getting what they worked for under the table, plant fear in the hearts of their nations, and start wars based on this fear.

            These wars we have gone through the best few years, has nothing to do with religion, it’s about greed, oil, weapons, and power. Don’t believe for a second that there is a war against terrorism, when the American allies are the Saudis, and the Russian allies are the Iranian.

            God Bless you, and I hope one day you and your family would come and take back what was taken away from you by force.

          • Frank Yoster

            Wow i gotta say that is the best comment of 2018! God bless u and ur family and i wish u nothing but the best^_^

          • Maher

            Thanks buddy, if you ever need anything from here, look up my name and message me. I enjoyed chatting with a sensible guy like you.

          • Frank Yoster

            U too bro! Hope u have an awesome 2018^_^

          • Maher

            I just want to add, that as an assyrian, you should also know that the Turks committed terrible crimes against Arab Muslims and not to forget Armenians as well.
            Their goal was to expand their empire, and they didn’t hesitate one bit before killing anyone who opposed them.
            Look at Erdogan, he has the same ambitions as his ancestors, but he is sugar coating his ambitions and coming out as this moderate Arab loving peaceful president.
            Trust me on this, I despise every Arab and Muslim leader. I will never defend terrible actions made by Muslims, just because they decided to follow the same religion as I do.

            Now I wonder how many car enthusiasts will read my comments and wonder why the fuck I’m blabbing this much lol

          • Instead of blaming Turks what they have done past in the history you need to look how it was back in the history. With the same logic why the hell British, Italians(Romans), French, Spaniards, and Arabs needed to attack neighboring countries spreading their twisted religion around the world? You tell me why the hell Nigeria has a big Muslim population. Arabs were invaders one point. So Turks came and kicked their ass.So be it. Armenians, Assyrians, including the Muslim Arabs, backstab Turks during the WW1 was good but Turks get back to them wasn’t okay right? Why are the hell Indonesians Muslims and Philippines are devoted Catholic? Because of Christianity or Islam is so great? Don’t make me laugh! The Assyrian guy in here is forgetting when ISIS created the terror in their village their safety zone that they escape is Turkey. Same was for the Kurds the 90’s when Saddam Hussein attacked to their village because exactly the same Kurds killed innocents Iraqi Arabs during Iraq-Iran war.
            Erdogan may have the ambition to become some type of Khalife but believe me most of the Turks I talked they don’t even be associated with any Muslim nor Arab.
            Turkey did not support ISIS are you crazy?
            The US was the supporter of ISIS in the beginning to eliminate Esad. Is matter effect the US supported a lot of Islamic terrorist groups. So they can stop Russia’s invasion of Afganistan in 79.
            They just play both sides of the fields.

          • Vassilis

            I’m so happy you exist. You should be saying those things in every single opportunity.

          • Vassilis

            Maher has summed everything up perfectly but I’d just like to note, it wasn’t Islam that did all those things. It was twisted people using Islam as an excuse. They still do.

          • Maher

            I always do, I have nothing but great memories from my trips and I always make sure I break the misconceptions people here have about Western people.

    • Six_Tymes

      spot on

    • Marty

      A lot of American and European countries have “sharia” laws. But since they are christian and don’t speak Arabic they use other words.

      But I agree about the big picture: if you believe laws should be based on what space wizards in old fairy tales say, you are dangerous.

  • Hijabs and Burkas – Empowering Women into the 21st Century (D)

    • Six_Tymes

      sums it up, just know some may not see your post as sarcasm.


  • Bash

    Nail polish is allowed in saudi!
    But the real thing is, I didn’t know they are allowed to go out and talk/in the media!
    Just saying.

  • MJ Coffey

    It makes me happy seeing all the other happy faces in this short video. Finally, women receive a big chunk of the freedom of being free in Saudi Arabia. I hope that progress will not stop at this point.

  • If you want to know why Saudi let woman drive, it’s because they want to look modern to attract foreign investment.

    Saudi economy rely on oil so much that they had 0 other revenue. They try to industrialized recently and it’s too late. Not to mention western company prefer Qatar and UAE as a trading partner.

    So they push this agenda, and even proclaiming they are building a city targeting to westerner that feature alcohol and bikini beach.

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