That Sneaker Kid is Selling His Louis Vuitton-Wrapped Ferrari F12

Remember that kid in Dubai who bought a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and had it wrapped in the scheme of his favorite sneakers? Well, he’s put the Italian supercar up for sale.

The twelve-cylinder Prancing Horse is the property of Rashed Belhasa, the son of a billionaire construction tycoon. The 15-year-old goes by the handle “Money Kicks” on YouTube, where he’s accrued millions of viewers.

He made headlines this past summer when he showed off his F12 Berlinetta, coated in a red wrap to match his Supreme/Louis Vuitton shoes. He couldn’t drive it, of course, but hired a chauffeur to drive him around in it.

Rashed may end up never having sampled the Ferrari himself, unless his dad rented him some track time and got permission for the kid to climb behind the wheel (which doesn’t seem like such a stretch for an Emirates billionaire).

Anyway, whoever has been driving the Ferrari has put 5,853 miles on it, as it’s now listed by Dubai supercar dealer Deals on Wheels, with an asking price of 699,000 Emirati dollars – or about $190k at current exchange rates. Not into the sneaker wrap? It’s removable, presumably, and underneath it sports a yellow paint, with matching interior trim.

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  • Zandit75

    Pretty poor wrap job. Don’t they normally do the paint inside the door cavities?

    • LWOAP

      I’m assuming they do.

    • europeon

      Nah, the wrap job is solid.
      You can do the door shuts and other hidden areas, but the doors and rubber seals have to be taken off (and once again when the wrap is stripped), which is always a risky and dangerous thing.
      In this case I’m glad they didn’t, it’s such a tasteless wrap and the car won’t suffer when it’s going to be taken off.

      • Zandit75

        They’ll get a better price for it if they remove the wrap prior to auction.

        • anonymous

          Don’t forget to tag the previous owner when you posted the process of stripping those chintzy wrapper off.

        • europeon

          Are you sure about that?
          I mean, it’s tasteless for you and me, but this guy is somehow famous, and that means his taste is shared by a good chunk of the population.

          • Kash

            I’m not quite sure about that last part of your comment. When it comes to “celebrities” (that word has really gotten a loose meaning in the last few years) I feel like a lot of people did the same as Hipsters did, even if they didn’t really like it they went with it because other people didn’t like it, they felt like they were doing the right thing by going against the grain.

          • europeon

            I think you’re out of touch with the young generation, old lady. 🙂
            What you say might have been true in the beginning, but by doing that, the acceptability threshold was lowered so much that people started to like it – truly, not ironically.

            Case in point – this half a billion views abomination:


          • Kash

            I think we’re just seeing it on a much larger scale, also you have to assume a large portion of those views are from people watching to see how awful it is and make fun of it, etc.

          • europeon

            It would be true if that would be an isolated case. Ok, it got a ton of views from masochists the people just being curious to see what’s that all about, but those people got their fix of tasteless crap, and wouldn’t keep watching other similar videos, right? Well, you can search for yourself to see how popular this kind of stuff is.
            I also have the (mis)fortune to have a 12 year old kid around me, and I see all this stuff first hand, picking her up from school and interacting with her friends.

          • LWOAP

            Didn’t watch it yet nor will I for that matter. I must ask, though; what the fuck did he do to his dreadlocks?

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I’d say that’s a blessing they didn’t.

    • Kash

      Reputable shops will take the doors, hood, and trunk off to wrap them completely so you don’t have this problem.


    Remove that awful wrap and we got ourselves a deal.

  • Wanda

    Remove that awful wrap and we got ourselves a deal.

    • LWOAP

      Oh look, another bot account and it’s your first comment too.

  • Ughhhhh, It’s just blatantly awful and wrong.

  • Eagle By Singer

    I don’t usually wish for death among people….

  • chumaxa .

    Stupid chavy wrap with idiotic brand logo.

  • Bash

    Now he made it actually cheap!!! 😀

    • Nah it has supreme sticker on it. It’s 10 millions car now.

  • nastinupe

    Well at least the paint has been protected. I’m not into yellow sports cars but I love the F12’s.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    How did Ferrari let this happen?

    • LWOAP

      They either weren’t aware of it or they did and let it slide because they figured it wouldn’t be worth the hassle of making a fuss over a wrap.

      • Tumbi Mtika

        *cough” Deadmau5 *cough*

        • LWOAP

          Ok, yeah, there is that example but if I recall; didn’t he replace the Ferrari badges with prancing kittens instead?

          • Tumbi Mtika


  • Liam Paul

    I look at that wrap and I think , Enzo Ferrari must be turning over in his grave. It does not look good at all. Looks like a bad cartoon of a car

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