That’s Fresh: Citroen Is Resurrecting The C4 Hatchback

The slow-selling C4 hatchback was dropped last year, and Citroen now has the C4 Cactus pseudo-crossover to compete in the compact segment.

However, in a surprising move, the French firm will reportedly bring the C4 hatch back, reports AutoExpress, after talking to the company’s CEO, Linda Jackson, who admitted that the regular C4 hatchback is still “extremely important” to them.

“I’m not saying we’re going to get rid of Cactus, but we will introduce a new C-segment car“, Jackson said. “It’ll be in the sector, but it will not be traditional. Nor will it necessarily be the C4 Cactus. As time evolves, we’ll move back into what we call our core model strategy, which will be to have a C-segment car.”

Introduced in 2010 and facelifted four years later, the second generation Citroen C4 shared its underpinnings with the first-gen Peugeot 308. The latter was replaced by an entirely new car in 2013, which won the 2014 European Car of the Year award.

PSA’s next logical step would be to use common platforms for the new Citroen C4 (name unconfirmed) and the third generation Peugeot 308, which would allow both cars to share the same engines and technologies and, thus, reduce costs.

At this point, however, there’s no word on when the new C4 might be launched and whether it’ll get a Cactus version as well.

Note: 2014 Citroen C4 shown

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  • Christian Wimmer

    I always liked these. Very lovely styling inside and out.

    I suspect they sold slowly because Citroen themselves offer roomier alternatives for the same money (the C4 Picasso and Mitsubishi-based C4 Aircross SUV come to mind).

    • PEG

      C4 mk2 sold slowly because it’s dull, boring style in every aspect, not personnality at all, pretty much like its litle sister C3 mk2. Compared to their predecessors, they are better built but lack in appeal.
      C4 Aircross is not selling at all, pretty much like its clone 4008, and C4 Picasso are much more expensive. Apart from boring clients to death, the C4 has another problem, it isn’t as comfortable as clients expect from a Citroen. Add to this the fierce competition in this segment, and the fact Citroen is constantly second player after Peugeot in product development…

  • Vassilis

    Loved the first C4. Beautiful car.

  • Able

    The first generation of C4 was much, much nicer than this second generation with a high quality and more bespoke feel. And the coupe was so handsome to look at!

    • this C4 went for a more conventionnal design, problem was to me, it was based on the first 308 that had very strange proportions. If Cotroen made a new C4 based on current 308, with a better design, I’m sure i’d look better. Stil was a confortable car.

  • Victor Ferreira

    The first C4 was revolutionary and interesting. This is just an outdated econobox. Sad, coming from PSA.

  • StrangerGP

    They should get rid of the Cactus, it’s actually smaller than the new C3 Aircross. Plus with the recent facelift they made it boring looking so no one will really miss it.

    • they tried to make it look premium, wich it is not. It was suppose to be fun, and not too expensive. As my mom who knows nothing about cars and wanted one “it was a Fashion accessory, now it’s just an other car”.

      • Obsequious Lickspittle

        I drove the older version last month as a hire with the 75hp engine. four up it was a slow as a snail.
        Still, it rolled nicely in the corners…
        Quirky and not without a little charm (inside) but I couldn’t live with one.