World’s Ugliest Ford Mustang Is Up For Sale; Buy It And Kill It With Fire!

We can only describe this as a Ford Mustang being bitten by a Lotus Elise in a top secret lab experiment that gone horribly wrong.

This …distinct creation first caught our attention back in 2013 when it was first offered for sale, asking $32,500 for it. Now though the custom-bodied, salvage-titled 2007 Ford Mustang V6 is offered for $5,995 on Craigslist.

The car’s new body is described to have been made by hand-formed steel, except the door skins, roof and part of the trunk. Headlights are out of a 2008 Lotus Elise while the taillights come from a 1989 Cadillac, because why not.

The new hood tilts up, the door latches are operated remotely while the ad also mentions a Vortech supercharger. Total mileage is 37,000.

Perhaps it’s time for someone with $6k burning a hole in their pocket to just go buy it and put the poor thing out of its misery.


  • eb110americana

    It looks like it should flip open to accept a VHS cassette into it for rapid rewinding–if you are old enough to remember those days.

    • LWOAP

      I remember the days of Best Buy, Circuit City, and Radioshack. My how times have changed.

    • fgclolz

      For me it was the Betamax.

  • Obsequious Lickspittle



    I wouldn’t pay more than 1k for this thing.

    • Obsequious Lickspittle

      What in? Rial?

      • LWOAP

        I was going to say USD but that works too.

    • Six_Tymes

      LMAO you would pay money for this?

      • LWOAP

        Yes. 200 dollars is my maximum.

  • kachuks

    Dude has a website. Sheetmetalhappens.

  • TrevP
  • Christian Wimmer

    This monstrosity really makes a Ford Mustang II look good.

  • robotlogic

    Someone should start a go fund me page to buy this thing and remove it from the world! Record and post a group of people destroying it with baseball bats and sledge hammers! I’d donate $10 in a heartbeat!

  • BrucieBruce

    As ugly as it is, the fit and finish is reasonable. That means someone went to a great deal of effort to make it look exactly as ugly as it does. Not admiring, just saying …

    • Matt

      Yes, particular attention was placed on having just the right amount of red paint overspray on the wheels. Nice touch.

  • TB

    Holy crap that’s awful…

  • Mind Synthetic

    that zebra floor mat, my eyes are burning

  • Bo Hanan

    10 points for balls, bravery and execution. Otherwise no.

  • Zed68
  • TheBelltower

    Meanwhile, tens of thousands of cars have been scrapped from floods. Why couldn’t Mother Nature have taken this thing out, instead of one of the unmolested Mustangs?

  • Bullitt2605

    It must be the Cadillac/Corvette Mustang, the people designing those cars are capable of this.

  • I m surprised that the interior is completely stock and clean.

  • I’m pretty sure the Elise headlamps worth more than the car.

  • AnklaX

    whoever did this to the car needs to be put in Arkham Asylum.

  • Ary Wisesa

    Wow… Even though I’m not into it, I still respect the owner for his/her way of statement making. He/she is really courageous and different, which is good. I disagree with the writer’s intention to burn it down. I think I could make a good use of it. Restoring it to its original body crosses my mind. Or perhaps the engine is still in good condition and can be transplanted to another old non-operational Mustang. Just saying.

    • I don’t think you shouldn’t restore it back, the seller says it’s salvage title which means the car has a crash at some point or suffering damage that insurance call it the day.

      And sadly it’s not the V8 engine, it’s the less desired V6 and I don’t think you will get a lot of buyer for it.

      With$6k it’s not that worthed for parts source either so yeah please don’t do it.


  • Dave Sturge

    A car only Homer Simpson could love. 😜

  • Balcis


  • rodriguez256

    All that work and they couldn’t at least change out the wheels? At least they didn’t destroy a GT.

  • Marty

    Let this be a lesson.
    Next time you sit in front of a computer, be aware of the fact that just because you have the ability to change fonts and colors you are not automatically a graphic designer. Just like this guy, confusing the ability to beat sheet metal into shapes with the ability to design a car.

    Picture 50 % of all cars on the streets looking like this. That’s how the world looks for me as a graphic designer.

  • Bash

    This is sick,,, in a bad way,,, in a rotten way.

  • Eythan Aldrich


  • roadhog29389

    The front is a horror story, But I don’t mind the back for some reason

  • Infinite1

    The Batmobile called, it wants it’s fins back

  • SteersUright

    You have to wonder what the mindset is of this person was. Did he/she set out making something only a mother could love? Or were they just messing around and knew the whole time this thing was hideous?

  • alecs

    HANDSOME!Long Live This Stang!!!

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