2018 Yenko/SC Chevrolet Silverado By SVE Puts Out An Insane 800HP!

There really is no such thing as too much power, even for big trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado. This is the 2018 Yenko/SC Supercharged Silverado, created by Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) as a nod to the legendary Yenko Camaros and Corvettes.

Offered only with the lighter version of Chevy’s truck, the 2018 Standard Cab Short Bed model, the Yenco/SC Silverado comes with a flat black hood insert, cowl stripes and hood graphics as well as 22-inch gunmetal alloy wheels.

Under the bonnet lies a supercharged 6.8-liter V8 that produces really insane numbers: 800hp and 750lb-ft of torque to be exact. The modified LT-1 engine features a blueprinted aluminum block, forged steel crankshaft, forged steel beam rods, forged aluminum pistons, CNC-ported cylinder heads and SVE’s custom supercharger.

To harness all this power, SVE has also added their own progressive-rate front springs that are lower by 2 inches and a rear 5-inch lowering package upgrade. A beefy custom front swaybar with a 1.5-inch diameter is also fitted and a set of 16.1-inch vented rotors with six-piston Brembo calipers replace the factory front brakes.

The cabin can be dressed in leather as an option in six colors, plus a more classic combo consisting of partial leather with houndstooth cloth as well as matching stitching and a numbered plaque.

SVE will only build 25 of these super-trucks and will charge you $46,995 for the base version of the Yenko S/C Silverado, which also comes with a 3-year/36,000-mile limited warranty.

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  • Never really big fan of SVE’s work but $46k includes the donor car? That sounds like good value for money.

    • RDS Alphard

      I read on another website that $46,995 are just conversion, you gotta purchase the Silverado for $46k… so it’s almost $100k but not-too-bad for a 800hp truck.

      • eb110americana

        Yeah, that seems much more likely, considering they’ve gone with all new engine internals and a fully blueprinted 800 hp.

      • Ah now that make sense, well again at that price, really not for me.

  • cat

    Top speed of this pick up?