Toyota To Reexamine Its Sedan Lineup, Could Cut Certain Trim Levels

Ford recently announced plans to reduce their car lineup and allocate additional resources to trucks and crossovers.

It appears Toyota could also do something similar as the company’s North American group vice president and general manager, Jack Hollis, has revealed the automaker is reexamining its sedan lineup. Bloomberg reports the company is committed to popular models such as the Camry, Corolla and Prius but might reduce the number of trim levels that each model offers.

As Hollis explained, “We will look and evaluate every single” trim. He went on to say the company will examine the performance of each before deciding if certain trim levels are no longer needed.

The move echoes Ford’s decision to dramatically reduce the number of different build combinations that will be available on the next-generation Fusion. When the company unveiled its plan last October, it confirmed the number of combinations on the Fusion will be cut from approximately 35,000 to just 96.

Despite the potential cuts, Toyota still sees a healthy market for sedans. Hollis expects American consumers will purchase more than 5.5 million of them this year and says Toyota “should be able to maintain and continue to grow [its] market share.”

There’s no word on which variants could be getting the axe but Toyota offers a dizzying array of different trims. The Corolla and Prius each have seven different trims while the Camry has ten. Speaking of the latter, the price difference between the Camry L and Camry LE is just $505 and the only major changes are a power driver’s seat, a split-folding rear seat and 17-inch alloy wheels.

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  • caddy45

    That white Camry is ghastly.

    • no25

      no. it’s not. at all. much better looking than a lot of the competition.

      • LWOAP

        Please. The front end is horrible regardless of what trim level it is.

        • TB

          Agreed…the front end of the blue one looks like a bic razor….

    • Honda NSX-R

      White is the worst color for this car

      • LJ

        Visible is the worst color for this car.

        • Dr Strangefinger

          Dude, that’s funny!!!!

  • Paul

    Slap them with the ugly stick then turn around and say they need to re-examine sedan line up and possibly cut trims. Go figure.

  • Dr Strangefinger

    Well they can start by ‘cutting’ that ridiculously ugly front end off…

  • Christian Wimmer

    Since the new Camry is so good, what’s the point of the Avalon?

    • Bash

      The Avalon looks way much better all around.

      • Not the 2019 Avalon though.

        • Bash

          Specially and specifically the 2019 model, what makes you think otherwise?

          • I just think that the 2019 model looks revolting, compared with the 2013-2018 model. The new one’s interior may be the best Toyota has designed so far, though.

      • Christian Wimmer

        But do Camry and Avalon buyers really care about style? AFAIK these cars are bought because they are cheap and no frills and thrills reliable.

        • Bash

          The new Avalon 2019, looks different tho, in a good way. It’s something you wouldn’t mind driving!

    • SpongeBob99Swell

      The Avalon (despite being a full-size sedan and not a mid-size like the Camry), still has better style, tech, interior room, luxury, ride and handling, comfort, quality, utility and practicality, personality, refinement, better/easier to live with etc for not that much more money. The new Camry may be so good… but it’s still isn’t (and never will be) a match for the Avalon.

      Think about it, if Toyota made the Camry better than their own flagship sedan, they would shoot themselves in the foot.


    And rework that front end because it’s ugly.

  • Vanishing Boy

    If Toyota can read this, just reduce the lineup like it was in the ’90s:

    1. Camry = DX (Base), LE (Mid), XLE (Luxury), & SE (Sporty, no more XSE BS)
    2. Corolla = DX (Base), LE (Mid), & SE (Sporty, replace S)
    3. Corola iM -> Rename to Matrix = DX (Base), LE (Mid, replace xR), & SE (Sporty if ever, since no xRS anymore)
    4. Yaris iA -> Replace or Phase it out.

    • Taegon Lewis

      I have only, one idea, for the Yaris iA:

      Rename it, as the Echo. (And, probably, redeem its predecessor’s name; due to, its controversy for poor crash-test ratings.)

      (For, the grades; I need further information, from the previous Echo.)

      And, if the Mazda-based DJ-Chassis iA doesn’t work for some buyers, or is too old/too small for a high majority of drivers; replace it with the XP150-chassis Vios (Sedan), and, (also) badge it as the Echo.

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