2019 Toyota Supra Rumored To Be Shorter And Lighter Than Its Predecessor

After years of spy photos and anticipation, Toyota will finally preview the all-new Supra with a concept at the Geneva Motor Show.

While the teaser image suggests the concept will be more aggressive than the production model, new details are starting to emerge about the car.

According to Japan’s Best Car magazine, the production model will measure 4380 mm (172.4 inches) long, 1855 mm (73 inches) wide and 1,290 mm (50.7 inches) tall with a wheelbase that spans 2,470 mm (97.2 inches). If these numbers pan out, the car would be slightly shorter and wider than the previous-generation Supra.

The report also claims the car will be powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine that develops 335 hp (249 kW) and up to 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque when overboost is factored in. The engine will reportedly be paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission which should make the model relatively quick considering it is rumored to have a curb weight of 1,496 kg (3,284 lbs).

This should be taken with a relatively unhealthy dose of salt as the magazine’s past claims have included everything from an all-new Toyota MR2 to a 300 hp (223 kW) Toyota 86 with all-wheel drive. That being said, the numbers are somewhat plausible but only time will tell.

Photo Credits: Toyota and CarPix for CarScoops

Thanks to Tuan for the tip!

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  • ErnieB

    Can’t wait to see the new Celica.. sorry .. I mean Supra 😜

    • Bo Hanan


  • Ruel Lewis

    Nobody wants to see another concept. Just show us the real thing already.

  • LJ

    Uglier, too.

    • no25

      it’s literally wrapped in camo. stop trolling on every toyota post. wait til you actually see it to judge it. i stg you probably drive like a 1995 buick regal

      • LJ

        I drive a 2017 Mazda 6, so I know what an attractive car looks like, and even in camo I can tell the new Supra is fugly.

        • Ary Wisesa

          Then it’s clearly not for you. And they don’t mind about your opinion either since you’re not their target market. After all, based on your own statement, you don’t drive a proper sport car either. So why should they bother to care about your opinion?

          • That’s internet for y’all.

          • LJ

            Correct, ugly cars aren’t for me.

          • no25

            he probably doesnt even drive the Mazda6. He’s probably some 15 yr old trying to pass Daddy’s car off as his

        • no25

          When car brands put cars in camo, they tend to add extra padding, air vents, and odd styling so people cant tell what it is. So, yes, you’re just a no good internet troll. “I know what an attractive car looks like” lol yeah because the Mazda6 is so sexy….lmao

          • LJ

            Not a troll, and the Mazda 6 is regularly voted among the most attractive cars in its class, so…

            And if you want to be taken seriously, I’d quit using “lmao” in your comments like a 9 year old.

  • Six_Tymes

    OK, that’s good news… now be as good looking or better than the original, have a bullet proof engine like the straight 6 was and we’ll talk. This needs a rear wing/spoiler.

    • rodriguez256

      The teaser picture had a wing.

  • StrangerGP

    And more expensive, hopefully they won’t go crazy with the price like Honda did with the new NSX. I know they had to do it because of its powertrain, but it was still a suicidal decision.

    • ErnieB

      Not more expensive than the Z4 .. so I am thinking $40k-45k at most.. can’t be more than that.. if so why would you buy this over a bmw which is essentially the same thing?

  • Six_Tymes

    “dose of salt” so you are insinuating this is most likely all true? Because, if you meant to use the very old phrase properly, and meant to imply to take what you wrote as may not be totally accurate, then you should have typed, take with “a grain of salt”

  • Shahul Usman

    I had a 94 supra, was a great car overall, bullet-proof and fast…in a straight line.. it did have many creaks and rattles though (odd for a toyota I guess?). I think this will fail to live up to that car like the new NSX…

    • Infinite1

      My 96 TT dominated the tracks

      • Shahul Usman

        Drag or road course? I got my 94 in 99.. took to drag strip a few times.. but sold it in 02 for a 03 Mitsu Evo GSR.. thats when I started doing track days and roadcourses… Ive never seen a supra at a track day oddly (VIR, summit point main/jefferson, shenendoah, NJ MSP, and monticello).. 15 years..maybe 45 track days..

        Maybe this one will see more

        • Infinite1

          Track days at Circuits of the Americas in Austin. Did really well when I attended track days and road-courses with it. Drag strips just weren’t my thing as far as competing is concerned.

          I’m glad you still have yours, I regret getting rid of mine. Actually looking for another one but waiting to see how the MKV panes out before I make my next move.

  • DMax

    I hope Toyota knows what it’s doing. It will probably cost around 50k and that money gets you an SS 1LE or GT350. No chance this “Supra” will come close to those two. It’s going to have a tough time in the US market. That said more sports cars on sale is never a bad thing in today’s sea of soul sucking CUVs.

  • Benjamin B.

    This Supra is basically a BMW Z4

    • Bo Hanan

      Z4 Coupe!

    • Ken Lyns

      Cheaper Z4 with a fixed roof, yes, and built in Austria. The JDM version will be a RHD afterthought.

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