Toyota Supra GRMN Racing Concept Leaks With FT-1 Looks

An image has just emerged online which appears to show the upcoming Toyota Supra Racing Concept set to premiere at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

The Japanese automaker recently confirmed such a vehicle would launch in a couple of weeks and published a teaser image showing its roofline, decklid, and a towering rear wing. This image, initially published in a Japanese magazine and shared by SupraMKV, appears to show the same concept in all its glory.

If this image is indeed genuine, the first thing to note is that the Racing Concept adopts essentially the same bodywork as the original FT-1 Concept. What makes the new concept so different is the plethora of aerodynamic parts, including the aforementioned wing and canards on both sides of the front bumper.

Additional racing touches include yellow headlight covers, centerlock racing wheels with Bridgestone tires, and a lowered ride height.

What is of most interest to us is the fact that Toyota has officially referred to the Racing Concept as a preview of the all-new generation Supra. This makes it seem as though the design of the road-going sports car will be similar to the Racing Concept, albeit without the aero parts. Consequently, the exterior design of the FT-1 may remain relatively untouched for the production model.

Stay tuned to Carscoops in the coming weeks leading up to the Toyota Supra Racing Concept’s launch in Geneva.

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  • Howstar
    • seriously


    • love the analogy! hahahahaha

  • Arsu Dhamaka

    That red one please ?

  • enthusia

    this just looks like some speculative rendering. nothing official

    • Honda NSX-R

      Lol exactly, these so called leaks are just renders


    Racing concept is nice but I’d rather see an actual racing car. How about they get back in SuperGT racing or something. Hopefully that BMW engine is reliable and won’t have any problems.

  • Photoshop job this, image imposition mock-up at best

  • Christian
    • LWOAP

      I’m not digging that front end.

  • fabri99

    It looks like a squeezed FT1 Concept. The FT1 looked amazing, but I fear the new Supra will look weird. Proportions, people!

    • Tumbi Mtika

      I scream about this all the time.

  • Infinite1

    Hopefully, the Supra looks much better

  • OMG isn’t this from Car Graphic magazine? They are like the equivalent of Autocar covering JLR product in Japan. (For those who don’t get it, they always make sensational rumors.)

  • Bo Hanan

    Whoever called it the next Celica was right. Styling & performance.

  • Bash

    Maybe it’s just me but the first one, the white in the first pic, with slight re-arranging those air vents; I can see an alfa.. hmmm

    • seriously

      just you, Alfa wouldnt style a car in this category like that at all……its not bad looking I guess but I think Alfa Romeo cars seem to have a little more finesse in their styling not one design cue in this car looks anything like an Alfa Romeo with the exception of it being a car, and having 4 wheels, head lights, etc

      • Bash

        I was talking about something else. i just saw something or imagined that fascia with those air vents in a way that reminded me with Alfa, that’s all.

  • Honda NSX-R

    It’s not a leak, it’s a render.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    This GRMN(correct spelling) SORT OF(?) gives me hope?


  • ramish rambarran

    Gazoo Racing Master of the Nurburgring……GRMN, not GRNM as the headline says.

  • Seeing the latest spy pics (snow testing) in this blog, I have no doubt now that the Supra will look exactly like that GRMN show car – minus the racing bits/add-ons – and while some details and proportions may look awkward (subjective topic), give Toyota credit for sticking as close as possible to the FT1 Concept in a production car – much like they did with the Lexus LC 😉

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