Corbellati Fires New Missile On Geneva With 1,800 HP

The Geneva Motor Show wouldn’t be the Geneva Motor Show if it didn’t have some new European automaker promising the world with a new hypercar. And this year it’s Corbellati’s turn.

Corbe-who-now, you ask? Corbellati. And no, we haven’t heard of them, either. But they’re shooting for the moon. Building upon a decades-old fine art and jewelry business, the family is now preparing to unveil the Corbellati Missile.

The design is highly evocative of classic mid-engined Italian sports cars like the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and Ferrari 330 P4, with a low-slung and rounded form. But its spec sheet is the stuff of pure fantasy.

The parameters boast of a 9.0-liter twin-turbo V8, with an aluminum-alloy block, four valves per cylinder, a four overhead camshafts. It targets an output of 1,800 horsepower – all of it channeled to the rear wheels through a six-speed transaxle and (thankfully) a limited slip differential.

With that much power in a carbon-fiber chassis (and carbon-fiber bodywork), Corbellati wants the Missile to exceed 500 kilometers per hour – or more than 310 miles per hour. An adaptive suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes aim to keep it all in check.

That speed would be significantly faster than the Hennessey Venom GT and Koenigsegg Agera RS – cars that have been clocked at over 270 mph. Will Corbellati prove up to the task? We have our doubts, but finding out won’t be a simple matter.

There are only a handful of places in the world with uninterrupted, paved straights long enough to attempt such speeds. Bugatti has used the VW Group’s Ehra-Lessien test track. Hennessey took to the runway at the Kennedy Space Center. Koenigsegg closed down a highway in Nevada. Who knows where Corbellati will try to back up its claim, if it ever gets to that. Maybe Porsche will rent them some time at the Nardo Ring in southern Italy. But we’re probably getting way ahead of ourselves.

Article updated with live images of the car from Geneva

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  • So many question about this one.

    Who are they? What engine is it? Was it stroked and turbocharged LS? What about the emission and homologation? Does the body even aerodynamically capable for 300mph?

    And beside I don’t like the design, like modern rip off 3 Stradale that belongs to GTA game.

  • wait a minute

    I don’t think this can be the final direction, I can’t see anything fresh in this design, and if suppose to be retro they should at least observe 1960’s proportions.

  • Andrewthecarguy


    • LWOAP



    A boat engine in a car? Would they actually do that?

    • Astonman

      The old ZR1 Corvette engines were built by Mercury

  • Shane
  • Dariush

    It’s like Lyon motors, only they are not black so people won’t openly laugh about it

  • Adopting boat engine in car has been done before, but honestly it’s just not practical, maybe for SEMA show but not for daily.

    My money is in LS variants, or one of those Steve Morris engine.

    • willhaven

      Not hate on the LSx, but it’s simply not special enough for a car that will probably demand $1+ million.

      • Well I don’t hate LS either, but yeah it seems that this is bound to be another vaporware.

    • RDS Alphard

      I don’t recall seeing LS base engine has bigger displacement than somewhat like 7.8L though, so I’m thinking that boat engine… since it seems rather compact, too.

      • Could be, that’s why I got so many question. But pretty sure someone has stroke LS engine up to 9 L before tho?

  • SteersUright

    Holy cannoli this thing is seriously ugly. Do the founders of this car company not have eyes??

  • R55

    Looks and sounds straight out of GTA 5

  • Tumbi Mtika

    “With that much power in a carbon-fiber chassis (and carbon-fiber bodywork), Corbellati wants the Missile to exceed 500 kilometers per hour – or more than 310 miles per hour. An adaptive suspension and carbon-ceramic brakes aim to keep it all in check.”

    I’m gonna call ALL THE BULLSHIT on this.

    • Yep and look at the design, doesn’t look aerodynamic or screaming down force for me.

      • Tumbi Mtika


  • Bash

    It’s always fishy when they feature a car THAT much tinted.

    • Lol, you are right. My bet it’s a design buck. While they promise to bring it into production.

  • Mill0048

    The name on the rear is just not legible.

  • willhaven

    Ok – this car looks terrible. I know it’s a total concept, but check out the panel gaps and the horrid paint job. This is a total face palm.

  • Rzrlf

    look at those door gaps.. and hood.. and trunk.. quality stuff

  • SteersUright

    This one looks made by a very talented welder/craftsman in his Ukrainian shed. Is this a joke?

  • I clearly see that they bring prototype or even static model but it looks so cheap and the quality is questionable.

    How they expect a customer, let alone an investor fall for this.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    looks like a high school project.

    • Nick099

      I agree. The body panels look like they have waves.

  • Matt

    Besides from a few angels, I kinda like its looks. Maybe in part I like it because it’s from a small company and would like to see them succeed because so few actually do.

  • Luv the Geneva show model’s grey paint job 😉 suggesting that it’s stripped of its outer layer after having reached 500 km/h.

  • Sjaak

    Spyker air intakes…

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