Lamborghini Says Yes To More Hardcore Huracan, No To Rear-Wheel Drive Aventador

The new Urus might be the Lambo everyone is expecting to hear about right now, but the VW-owned Italian automaker isn’t finished with its two supercars. Far from it.

Speaking to Australian site Drive, Lamborghini’s R&D chief Maurizio Reggiani indicated that an even more hardcore version of the Huracan is on the cards.

The Performante currently stands as the top version of the Huracan, capable of trouncing all comers around the Nürburgring, but it will eventually be replaced by something even more special when the baby Lambo gets revamped.

“Our job is to continuously develop cars to be better,” said Reggiani. “Our strategy in terms of performance during the second life [of a model] is to grow, never to be flat. We work to increase again what we can have from our car… we will see what will be the future performance.”

There will likely be more limited-run hypercars like the Veneno and Centenario as well. The prospect of a track-only special like the McLaren Senna GTR or Ferrari FXX K isn’t included on Lamborghini’s plans, as the company claims its customers want to be able to drive their cars on the road as well.

However, the one thing Lambo is definitely not interested in doing is a rear-wheel drive Aventador.

“It’s something we don’t want to have,” said Reggiani. “The four-wheel-drive system is the most safe and performance focused system they can have in their car.” Without the benefit of all-wheel drive, he remarked, “the traction control would be so invasive.”

While the ten-cylinder Huracan and preceding Gallardo have been offered in rear-wheel drive configuration, Lamborghini’s twelve-pot supercars have been exclusively all-wheel drive since the arrival of the Murcielago in 2001. The last time it offered a RWD V12 was with the 1999 Diablo GT, whose 6.0-liter engine produced 575 hp.

The Aventador S packs 730 hp, which the Italian automaker evidently believes would be too much to handle if channeled only to the rear wheels. “You would have a lot of customers disappointed because the [traction control] system cuts in too much,” noted Reggiani.

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  • That would indicate Huracan will get a facelift before getting high performance version.

    And expect more special edition Lambo at least 1 a year.

  • Six_Tymes

    “is on the cards.” should be IN the cards. Or ON the table


    More hardcore version you say? I got it, they could bring back the Superleggera name. Alternatively, they could make a new Super Trofeo Stradale considering there is already a Huracan Super Trofeo race car.

    • Bob

      Or both? One RWD one AWD there’s a bit of a gap between them I think.

      • LWOAP

        Great idea.

        • Bob

          Like if they made the current Super Trofeo Evo car road legal and made the Huracan Performante extremely light weight with increased power you’d get two very different cars (in every aspect, to drive, to look at, drag times, track times etc) with a very similar goal, fast track times using light weight.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    No RWD Aventador?

    I’m not surprised Audi, but I am disappointed.

  • HG504

    What a load of BS, “without the benefit of the AWD system” “safety” “traction control would be too invasive” that hasnt stopped the likes of Ferrari, Mclaren and Porsche from making fast, if not faster cars than Lamborghini. Those are such Audi-ish remarks, you can tell Audi told him to say that. When you buy a Lambo you want it to be crazy and fast. The Huracan got criticised on release for being too understeery and with its safe and subdued styling. Audi need to give Lambo more freedom.

    • aaronbbrown

      Obviously you’ve never driven a Performante, it drinks everybody’s milkshake.

      • HG504

        Not saying that Lamborghini’s are bad, current models are great, its just that sometimes I wish Lamborghini had abit more freedom so they can really go to town on their newer cars

  • SteersUright

    Love what Lambo is doing lately, even if I have to excuse the Urus. Cant wait to see what new models they have in the pipeline.

  • aaronbbrown

    This is the best car Lamborghini has ever produced, the highest performance Lamborghini per pound. It’s the first time a Lamborghini has ever been at the top of my list of cars that I would like to have. I take the Performante over most any other as a daily driver.

  • Mark Seven-Ultranine

    AWD as implemented by Lambo has proven itself. Just take to a snowy road in Aosta to experience it for yourself.

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