Mercedes-AMG Built The GT 4-Door Coupe To Take On The Porsche Panamera

To some, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe is a confusing vehicle. It’s a four-door (or, more accurately, five-door) liftback that’s (supposedly) based on of a two-door supercar, which could baffle some, especially as the brand already has the new CLS covering the four-door coupe segment.

But, according to Mercedes, the GT 4-Door Coupe is so much more than a tuned CLS. Speaking with Road & Track at the New York Auto Show, Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers shed some light on why AMG spent the time and money on developing the GT 4-Door Coupe.

“We saw that if C63 and E63 customers were looking for the next level, we didn’t have a great offering,” Moers said. “For most of them, a CLS was not the right approach, so we lost some people to other brands.”

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While Moers didn’t come right out and say it, the most obvious rival is also based in Stuttgart. If you get into an E63 S and think that you need a luxury sedan with even more performance, there’s really only one car that you can go with: the Porsche Panamera. Sure, the E63 S is quicker in a straight line than the Panamera Turbo, but when it comes to driving dynamics, there’s a big difference – plus, the Porsche is available in the even more powerful (and expensive) 670HP Turbo S-E Hybrid.

It’s easy to write the GT Four-Door oupe off as being just another sedan with a potent AMG engine, yet that’s not the case. Yes, it does use Mercedes’ modular sedan platform that’s similar to the E63 and the CLS, but other than that, it doesn’t share a lot of parts with other sedans in the brand’s lineup.

“It’s not just a modified CLS,” said Moers. “There’s an understanding at AMG of how to engineer, how a car feels, how a car should drive – this was done with that car.”

With its 630-hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, which is the most powerful AMG engine right now, new front and rear subframes and rear-axle steering, you can see where Moers is coming from. And all of those changes make it sound like the GT 4-Door Coupe could very well be the ideal super sedan. Moers, for one, believes that “it’s not far away.”

Well, we can hardly wait for the comparison test with the Panamera now, can we?

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    • PK

      the amg gt 4 rear looks better.

      • LWOAP

        Technically it’s the GT 4 door Coupe. The GT4 is a race car version of the AMG GT. I know, it’s silly.


    does mercy already has standard cls to compete with panamera?

    • “For most of them, a CLS was not the right approach, so we lost some people to other brands.”

      Jesus Christ, read first before comment.

  • Now all I want is some driving test, maybe bad looks hide some amazing performance underneath.

    • DRG

      That’s personal taste for you – luckily we don’t all think the same. As much as the Panamera is a great car I’ve never been able to stand the look of it! This, on the other hand I quite like.

  • SteersUright

    The AMG GT4 isnt extremely good looking but neither is the Panamera. The biggest risk though, is that most reviews of the C63 sedan and E63 sedan reveal that AMG does NOT know how to dial in a chassis. Nearly all reviews I’ve read mention they lack balance and are both understeery and oversteery, more akin to old-school muscle cars than true performance cars. The latest review puts the new M5 at the top of the heap and I highly doubt this AMG GT4 will unseat it. Still, its a Benz and a decent looking one, so Im sure it’ll sell on that alone but who know how well. Were I in the market for a top performance sedan I’d probably go for the BMW since Audi refuses to make a proper RS6 sedan for us here.

    • DRG

      Actually Benz chassis do exactly what they are designed to. When they want to build a car to have hooligan tendencies they make one (car journos struggle with this because they look for the same characteristics in everything they test), and when they prioritise pin sharp handling they do that too (examples ranging from the lowly A250 which beat the Golf GTi around any track despite being heavier and having lower outputs to the GTR). Frankly I don’t expect this to out handle the Panamera, but that will be a function of the priorities lying elsewhere.

  • DRG

    It certainly looks a helluva lot better than a Panamera

    • chingiss

      I disagree. The new generation Panamera is now one of the best looking and modern vehicles Ever made. The Sport Turismo is my dream car.

  • CJKnox

    I’ll take the Panamera

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