VW Shows Off New I.D. R Pikes Peak Electric Racer

VW has revealed the name of its new electric Pikes Peak contender, which is simply called the I.D. R.

The new German electric prototype racing car will participate at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 24 in Colorado.

The new I.D. R marks the first time Volkswagen R and Volkswagen Motorsport divisions work closer together for a joint product.

“Pikes Peak is without question the most iconic hillclimb in the world,” said Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management. “The I.D. R project represents a fantastic opportunity for Volkswagen to change the conversation about e-mobility, both emotionally and from a sporting perspective.”

The announcement of the name was accompanied by a pair of illustrations of the new race car, revealing a shape similar to that of the Le Mans-contesting prototypes.

“We want to be at the forefront of electro-mobility with Volkswagen and the I.D. family,” said Volkswagen Member of the Board of Management with responsibility for Development, Dr. Frank Welsch. “Competing in the most famous hillclimb in the world with the I.D. R Pikes Peak is a valuable test for the general development of electric cars.”

No technical details have been announced yet, with VW only saying that their new race car will be four-wheel drive and that it will show off the sporting potential of the upcoming I.D. family of all-electric vehicles.

  • Well, it looks unique and no doubt it will be fast, it’s just I don’t feel the car vibes.

    • alexxx

      Cause there are no…😁

  • fabri99

    All these electric concept cars by VW are definitely interesting, but they just look so…anonymous. I don’t feel anything looking at this design language, they just look like… cars. But in a bland, unimportant way (much like the cars architects use in their models, just to show where a car park or a garage would be).

    • alexxx

      Anonymous…Nice name for VW… I think it is their philosophy…

  • Javokhir_Sam

    It is weird and useless for VW try to be cool in model range and in whatever. VW is as its name implies is vehicle for masses. The best example is Golf. Nothing else. No supercar or hypercar. Not even a classy or luxury car as what Phaeton proved in its existence. VW cannot be accepted in this Pikes peak racer form as well. If they want non sensible car for masses and do something else, they just can put that effort under other brands: super/hypercars under Bugatti or luxury vehicles under Audi or Bentley. The list goes on…

    • Mr Mister

      This isn’t about creating a new model based on this, this is a purpose built to conquer Pikes Peak race car. They’re doing it as a testbed and publicity stunt to get data on (in this case it would be extreme power use at rapidly changing altitude with electric powertrain) and hype electric powertrains, in advance of their forthcoming electric models.

      I don’t see them making hypercars from this, as they realize they have brands where that will make sense (IIRC they made a few VW supercar concepts in the 90s and early 2000s, but then realized that it’d be better to leave that to Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and even Audi like you said; and yes the Phaeton). I can see your argument that it might make more sense for VW to make an electric car that’s focused on efficiency (like the XL1), but for now VW makes as much sense as anyone else in the company.

      Audi doesn’t seem into hillclimbs any more (shame they didn’t take their Le Mans cars to Pikes Peak after they left Le Mans), and Porsche is off waffling between racing series (they should’ve done the same, have them compete for both Pikes Peak and Nurburgring times, where they could share the costs of the trip for both). Lamborghini would do less well there than at the Nurburgring (since forced induction is much better at altitude, and Lambo keeps going out of their way to say they’re want to stick to normally aspirated in their cars, but maybe it’d be a good challenge for the Urus). I think it would’ve been a good fit for Bugatti, but it’d have so little in common with the Chiron that its not like it’d really say much for the link between their race car and road car. Maybe future vehicles, although I kinda doubt it, as I expect they’ll go more for sedans and SUVs/crossovers than for more hardcore performance. But perhaps if they come up with a new powertrain (think a hybrid would be a good fit, where it’d be mostly electric for comfort, but then have a turbine for max performance and range extension, could even have it serve to provide suction for aero).

      In a way its actually funny, since so many of the rally cars that used to dominate hill climbs were based on econoboxes and hatchbacks. Top Pikes Peak racers are now looking more like Le Mans cars because the whole course is paved since 2012. I don’t think we’ve seen anyone beat Peugeot yet because we haven’t seen a similar level of factory support in that class (where they basically had their rally and Le Mans teams work together to build that monster of a car, which had very little of the regulations that either group normally contends with in their racing programs – although obviously had some limits in terms of financial cost).

      • Dr Strangefinger

        Too many words dude. Your reply never had a chance…

  • Mark Seven-Ultranine

    VW futurizes a 917 — weird.

  • truthsayer

    I hope it looks close to this. I will be there, E hill climb cars don’t look great.

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