The Aston Martin Vantage’s Controversial Face Actually Serves A Purpose

The front end on the new Aston Martin Vantage isn’t as extravagant as Lexus’ spindle grille, but it’s attracted its fair share of criticism. Some think the it is beautiful, while others aren’t that fond of what they call a fish-like face.

The truth is that Aston Martin’s decision to go with the drastically-styled front end wasn’t just design-based. According to The Drive (via Jalopnik), who spoke with Marek Reichmann, the brand’s chief designer, it was chosen for practical reasons, too.

By ditching the traditional Aston Martin grille, which has been on its cars since 1948, the automaker managed to cut out weight from a crucial part of the vehicle.

“Why put 15 or 20 kilos of weight on the nose of a car, in the worst possible spot?” asked Reichmann.

Aston is touting the new Vantage as a proper sports car and initial reviews seem to back that claim up. By designing a new front end for the Vantage, the automaker shifted the balance and the majority of the weight towards the center while also helping in lowering the center of gravity, two things you want in a high-performance machine.

Besides helping the automaker have a 50-50 weight distribution, the design also serves as a major point of difference between the Vantage and the new DB11. The DB11 is more of a grand tourer, while the Vantage is a sports car and Aston wanted to make that very apparent with the way it looks.

“This is not a DB11,” said Reichmann. “This is our sports car. It’s a hunter, the predator in our pack that’s going to chase down and pass a 911.”

Whatever you think of it, you definitely won’t mistake it for a DB11 – which is a good thing, since the latter is also offered with an AMG-sourced V8, just like the Vantage.

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    Dropping some pounds is always nice.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Yeah, I agree…

      • LWOAP

        Now if only your son could do the same but he seems to love his technology.

        • Honda NSX-R


          • LWOAP

            You really need to sit down and have a talk with him. And do it before the Supra comes back. I got a feeling they’re going to get into a lot of trouble together.

          • Honda NSX-R

            The Supra doesn’t hang out with my son as much, the Supra hangs out with BMWs, Porsche Caymans and 911s all the time. It’s hard to convince my son to stop being so addicted to tech when all he keeps saying is “but I’m supposed to be a New Sportscar eXperience tho”

  • danno

    Looks pretty meh to me, almost what someone would make in their garage. Also, how many owners will actually take the car to 10/10ths driving where the weight saving makes a difference.

  • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

    Who would say this isn’t beautiful?

    • SteersUright

      Right here. This isnt beautiful. Sure its cool aggressive as hell with its aggressive flavor-of-the-moment design but it is not beautiful. Aspects of it are, sure. But, as a whole, no way. Also, these types of designs do not age well and this one will look outdated quicker than any Aston should.

  • Honda NSX-R

    It’s that type of car that probably looks a lot better in real life

  • Moveon Libtards

    They should have dropped the pounds and made it more beautiful. It’s called intelligent engineering. Excuses dont count.


    • SteersUright

      Finally, some sense, taste, and class! Wait, you’re yelling. I take the class part back. lol.

  • Nordschleife

    This car is fantastic. It’s not safe and that’s what I love about it. I loved it from inception and when I saw it at the LA auto show I set up a go fund me page immediately.

  • stelvio

    Looks unfinished to me

    • SteersUright

      Agreed. Like a design mockup rather than a finished product.

      • stelvio

        Like one of those tube frame race cars with fibreglass bodies

        • SteersUright

          lol, didn’t think of that at first but now that all I see! Thanks! haha

    • donald seymour

      Yeah, even though I think the car is a complete stunner, I do believe that the mesh grille gives off an unfinished look. I think if they incorporated a 3D texture into the grille then it will give it more life and a completed feel. Right now it just looks like they tacked on a mesh grill at the last minute.

  • eb110americana

    Yes, I am so glad that you removed 10 lbs. of weight from the nose by beating it repeatedly with the ugly stick. And the fact that Marek Reichmann has to defend the hideous Vantage just proves how incredibly successful it truly is.

    • SteersUright


  • SteersUright

    Nonsense. This isnt a race-car, its a street car, and shaping the grille differently simply requires a different shape mold for the carbon, not any additional weight.
    It was a bold move, a gamble, and it failed. The small headlights and gaping grille simply appear as design trying too hard to be aggressive, rather than exude the cool confidence Aston’s always have.

    • eb110americana

      Stop it. You’re making too much sense.

  • Belthronding

    i like this car,any way.
    people have been waiting replacement almost 15 years and i am up for all new astons.
    But what marek says does not make any sense because it is a street car,no one would care if their brandnew vantage weights 15 kg more or less.what he said sounds sort of excuse against critics and smells german.

  • Marty

    Is this a new cooperation with Toyota? A Supra with Aston badge, like that Cygnet thing?

  • Gary Rubin

    As an owner of an earlier model Vantage, IMHO they slapped a Miata face on what could have been a stunning car.

  • Like many car design, in the end you would accept it and even praise it.

    Also the grille was inspired by endurance racer, and it actually works. Unlike TVR Sagaris swoosh.

  • dean

    “This is our sports car. It’s a hunter, the predator in our pack that’s going to chase down and pass a 911.”
    and then promptly break down….

  • Puddingpopper

    Controversial because of the execution.

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