Chevrolet Spark Could Be Dropped And Replaced By A Crossover

The Chevrolet Spark recently received a minor facelift but it appears the model could be living on borrowed time.

According to Reuters, GM Korea has suggested the Spark could be dropped and replaced by a crossover. The elimination of the Spark could have major implications as reports have also suggested the Chevrolet Sonic could be dropped later this year. If both models were to be phased out, Chevrolet’s entry-level sedan would be the Cruze which starts at $16,975. This would be a significant jump from the Spark which begins at $13,050.

Of course, Spark sales have been lackluster as Carsalesbase data shows the company only sold 22,589 units in the United States last year. Even in its best year, the Spark was only able to find 39,159 buyers in America.

General Motor’s decision to sell Opel and Vauxhall to Groupe PSA also appears to be another strike against the model. In Europe, the Spark is sold as the Opel Karl and Vauxhall Viva. However, the companies have already announced plans to significantly cut imports from South Korea.

Given the low volume and bleak future, it’s not surprising that General Motors would be considering replacing the Spark with a crossover which would likely be more popular with consumers. Little is known about the model but the report suggests the crossover could go into production in 2022. However, this is conditional on union concessions and support from the South Korean government.

It remains to be seen if a deal can be struck as tensions between GM Korea and its union have been running high since last year. GM has already announced plans to close the underutilized Gunsan plant and has been seeking additional concessions from workers under the threat of bankruptcy. Things boiled over last week as several workers stormed GM Korea’s executive offices in what the automaker described as a “violent incident” that “resulted in significant damage to company property.”


    Let the big three keep putting all their eggs into one basket. Go right ahead.

    • Craig

      I absolutely agree with you.

  • Autoexperte
  • TrevP

    Smaller than the Trax? This SUV/crossover craze is starting to get ridiculous. lol

    • Dr Strangefingger

      Just think of all the bags of mulch you can drive from Home Depot to your front yard.


      • TrevP

        Haha there would be several trips to the home depot in anything but a truck for all the mulch I’d have to buy. (literally just did that a few weeks ago) lol

        • Dr Strangefingger

          I hate mulch so much that I self imposed a 5 bag per year limit on myself. As a result, I’ve learned to respect grass a lot more. 🙂

  • Ανδρέας Μιχαηλίδης

    It was so wrong that they changed it!!! Miss it!!
    The previous gen spark(and all chevrolet models’ previous gen) was beautiful!! Now they look like bad copies of kia-hyundai!!

    • Well this was even more Korean… it was a Daewoo rebadged.Mokka/Trax/Encore and Sonic/Aveo are what’s left of Daewoo inside GM.

  • Ανδρέας Μιχαηλίδης

    If they ‘re going to replace it with an baby suv it should be the 2007 trax concept!! It was so gorgeous!!

  • Dennis Scipio

    Don’t they have similar like that called the Spark Activ?

  • brn

    Or just call it a crossover. Hard to tell anymore.

  • Can someone tell me the difference between a Spark and Sonic? Why did Chevy need both?

  • Six Thousand Times

    I rented a Spark and…loved it. It was all the car anyone really needs. Too bad it’s going away.

    • Dr Strangefingger

      Ummmm, wrong. You do not speak for me… Rest assured, the Spark is the model that I absolutely do not need.

      • Six Thousand Times

        I’m not talking about wants, I’m talking about all the car you really honestly need. Zippy but not absolutely fast engine that sipped gasoline like an older lady sips diet Coke through a straw. Manual gearbox. Just enough room for a couple of people and some luggage. A little bit of fun in corners but not a trackday toy. A decent little cheap car that was also an OK steer. Seemed well made, too.

        • Dr Strangefingger

          I hear you…. It’s all you’d really need. I’d rather walk.

  • erly5

    Surely not everything can be replaced with an SUV? Whilst they have their merits and I can see myself owning one at some point in the future, not everyone wants or needs one. It’s becoming laughable. City cars are not big sellers and have poor profit margins to boot, and when they look as dull as this Spark/Viva/Karl does, is it any wonder no-one buys them?


    Better hope gas prices shoot up.

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