Good Lord, Land Rover Has Offered A Lot Of Different Models Over The Past 70 Years [132 Images]

A Land Rover is a Land Rover, right? Nope. Not even close.

These days Land Rover offers no fewer than six distinct model lines. And that’s not even counting the core Defender range. That model has now been discontinued in preparation for the new version’s arrival.

What’s more is that the British SUV manufacturer has offered even more variants over the course of its 70 years of history. The Defender alone (and the three series that preceded it) have bred more configurations than we’d care to count. They’ve included fixed-roof wagons, convertibles, and pickups; with two, three, four, or five doors; wheels or tracks; and more conversions than a riverside Baptist ministry.

Add to that all the Discovery and Range Rover models that have rolled out over the years and you’re looking at a staggering array of vehicles. And you can check out a huge variety of them in the 132-image gallery below.

It’s a rich heritage that Land Rover is only too keen to celebrate this year. And celebrate it will with a special event that will be webcast on Tuesday. When that happens, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see that new Defender unveiled, either.

“Land Rover was born with the launch of a single vehicle,” said JLR CEO Ralf Speth. “Today our family of SUVs is testament to the pioneering spirit of innovation that has characterised Land Rover for seven decades. Our family of Defender, Discovery and Range Rover models provides unrivalled capability, versatility and luxury, giving us the perfect foundation for another 70 years of success.”

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  • Dennis Scipio

    Image 116/132 I neverrrr knew they made a Triple door Land Rover, like what what?

    • Andrew Riles

      I too am wondering how many were factory vehicles….photos 29 and 50 for example…..

      • Mark Hawthorne

        Land Rover has had a special vehicles division, SVO/LRSV and now SVO again, for almost the whole 70 years. They have always had a small group of dedicated engineers that work on in-house produced and externally sourced specials. Conversions like the 6×6 Carmicheal Fire Tender were partially built at Solihull and shipped out for conversion but were ordered through the factory with engineering carried our either collaboratively or with LR approval and sign-off.

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