Honda Cuts 2018 Accord Leasing By Up To $1100

On the back of falling sales for the Honda Accord, the Japanese marque has cut lease prices across the United States by up to $1100.

Cars Direct reports that the 2018 Accord 1.5T LX can now be leased at $249 for 36 months with $2399 at signing, a healthy $800 decrease in the signing amount. Consequently, the effective lease cost has dropped by $22 from $338 to $316 a month.

For those customers looking for something slightly better-equipped, the Accord 1.5T EX now starts at $289 for 36 months with $2699 at signing, a large drop from the $3799 previously required. The 2018 Accord 2.0T Sport is also cheaper, thanks to a $10 decrease in the monthly cost and a signing amount that’s $900 cheaper than it was, now sitting at $3099.

Despite these price cuts, the 2018 Honda Accord is still quite expensive compared to some of its rivals. For example, it costs $61 a month more to rent an Accord LX in San Francisco than a comparable 2018 Toyota Camry SE.

Last month, Honda reported a 10 per cent drop in year-over-year Accord sales.

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  • Six_Tymes

    previous generation looked way better than this. but at least they now have the lease prices inline

    • willhaven

      New generation looks way better. Accord finally stands out instead of blending in.

      • Bash


        • willhaven

          Especially in Sport trim.

          • jeepwonder

            The Pontiac Aztec didn’t blend in either.
            There are worse things than blending in.

      • Althea Later


      • dumblikeyou2

        No way. From behind, baby got back and Honda knows American are partial to hatchbacks, but that didn’t stop them from designing a hatchback-like sillouette. Doi!

      • Moveon Libtards

        If you are on drugs and blind.

        This new gen Honda looks cheap. Oversizes Civic. Hence the lease deal because no one wants them.

    • SteersUright

      No Accord has ever been a beauty in my eyes, but at least the current gen looks somewhat sophisticated and has a premium air about it compared to its rivals. That said, the entire front end is a disaster aside from the headlights. Also, the overhangs are so huge this car could never be much to look at. Its best angle is the 1/4 or 3/4 view I guess. Shame, the Civic is decently proportioned. Though, on the overall, Honda/Acura leave MUCH to be desired in the design game. Even the new NSX with its shameful plasticky interior and only somewhat decent exterior isnt up to par. How hard can it be to make beautiful cars when Audi, etc., seem to be endlessly pumping them out generation after generation?

      • Moveon Libtards

        Japanese car makers have lost their edge. Interiors are cheap plastic and quality has gone down a lot.

  • Harry Nimmergut

    The out-of-line lease price is NOT the problem. The car is overpriced and under-discounted, like the CR-V, which is also declining in sales, but not as badly. Prescription for falling sales. I’m sure many think why spend so much on a sedan when you can get a nicely equipped CUV from a competitor for less? I think the Camry is also overpriced, but somehow, they must be discounting it heavily. Toyota doesn’t post cash back deals officially, so I’m not sure. But one would think so. It’ll only get worse once the new Altima has been out for 6 months, since Nissan is known as a huge discounter.

  • Stealth333

    Price is not the issue. It’s the look for crying out loud. So many reviewers and articles ignore this fact and it’s quiet annoying. I purchased the Accord coming from a Volvo because I though the looks of the 2014 were superb! Than I upgraded to the 2017 which looked even better! Now however…I’ll be returning to Volvo once my lease ends up since this new Accord has no premium look to it and looks like some cheap civic.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Yeah the looks are the weak point of it, overall it’s a great car.

      • Stealth333

        Yeah, especially the interior. I sat inside one at the Car Show and was surprised and how well the new interior on the Accord was. If they kept the 2017 exterior and put in the new interior, the Accord could of taken even more sales from Acura/Lexus especially. However maybe they are trying to help Acura out by making them look more premium and luxury.

  • Jay

    Change how the front looks, if should sell a bit more.

    • pjl35

      Cuz the Camry is so pretty?

      • Jay

        Why include something I didn’t even mention. Since you brought it up that front could use some work too but overall I think the whole car looks better than this accord..

        • pjl35

          I figured it was obvious why I’d mention the Camry, seeing as that’s the Accord’s main competition amongst other family sedans…

      • Moveon Libtards

        Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are both ugly and full of cheap interior bits.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Personally I think the side is worst part of it. Looks too generic from that view

  • pjl35

    ” For example, it costs $61 a month more to rent an Accord LX in San Francisco than a comparable 2018 Toyota Camry SE.” You mean “lease”? “Rent” sounds like you’re getting a rental car.

  • BlackPegasus

    “ it costs $61 a month more to rent an Accord LX in San Francisco than a comparable 2018 Toyota Camry SE.”
    da fuq? 🙄

    • JustTheFactsMaam8

      San Franciscans are special.

  • Harry_Wild

    I think Honda should make an A5 Sportback clone out of the new Accord! Yes that is what I am looking at to purchase right now. It so much more functional and for Honda; it just addition; since it already slopes like a liftback.

    • Honda NSX-R

      Idk man, I think it’s already got that Sportback kind of look to it…

      • Harry_Wild

        That is what I just said in my previous comment that you reply to but it is still not a liftback car where the rear door lift up so you can haul stuff in it. The current Accord is a sedan with a trunk door!

        • Honda NSX-R

          Oh I get what you mean now

  • Althea Later

    It’s not exactly a nice car to sit in…. unless you like flat, cushion-less seats that are low to the ground in a drab environment…. I do not get the point of this car at all. It says “Accord” on it so people will buy it.

  • SteersUright

    You’re getting twice the car in this new Accord than any Camry, so the slight (lease) price bump seems justifiable over a Camry. That said, when looking to buy, they are far closer on price making the far better Accord a no-brainer in my opinion.

    • Honda NSX-R

      I’ve driven both (the Accord Sport 2.0T and the Camry XSE V6), and I completely agree with you. But I do wish Honda made the Accord look more like an Accord.

  • jaykit

    Terrible lease rates. LX w/ zero down in the article above come out to about $386/mo. all in w/ tax in FL. Pure garbage. Honda is being way too stingy. If you are nimble you can get an outgoing Lexus GS or ES for about $20 mo/ more. Night and day doing a commute in one of those vs an Accord.

  • Moveon Libtards

    Because it is not selling.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I drove an Accord Sport 2.0T, and I won’t lie, I was really impressed by it (yeah, I know, Honda fanboy). I would go as far as saying it’s one of the most impressive cars I’ve ever driven, and I’ve driven BMWs, Lexii, and Jaguars. It felt quick, the steering feel was great, and the brakes were great. I drove a Camry XSE V6, and, while it was nice, it didn’t impress me as much compared to the Accord. The braking feel is something I didn’t like as much with the Camry. Okay, so what about the pricing? For the Sport 2.0T, I was getting around 28,000 USD for it. The Camry? 36,000 USD. Between these two cars, I would go with the Accord without thinking twice, especially with that price difference in mind. HOWEVER, I do wish the Accord styling was better. It looks too generic, it looks like a Chevy Malibu rather than a Honda Accord, and I feel that Honda should’ve made the Accord actually look like an Accord. Reliability wise, the Camry might be better anyway with its N/A engines compared to the new turbo engines in the Accord. And the leasing rates may be too much, but I do think that paying the premium for the Accord is absolutely worth it.

  • Honda NSX-R

    I would go with the GS350 F-Sport too if I could choose between that, the Camry, and the Accord. I sat in one recently and loved nearly everything about it. Even the infotainment system (it gets fun to play around with it after a few minutes). But I still think that the Accord is “more car” than the Camry from my personal experience

  • PeterMcPumpkinPhD (Harvard)

    Honda’s problem is it isn’t Toyota. The smart money buys a Camry

  • john1168

    Sorry for being off topic but that is one heck of a unibrow on the front of that Accord. Nice headlights though.

  • getoffme

    So what would be the next excuse now?

  • SteersUright

    Lol, the old used value vs new car b.s.
    Sure, in the world of us enthusiasts, its a real thing. For the majority, its lease, to new lease, to new lease, and on…. In that regard the Accord’s #1 competitor is the Camry. Drive the 2 latest versions back to back and then for the same money, your money, tell me the Accord isnt the far better drive.
    Or dont and go buy the GS Fsport, I LOVE that car for the record.

  • Sgt Soros

    Still doesn’t change the fact that this is an ugly beast!

  • Jay

    Apparently they disagree with you.

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