2018 Honda Accord Vs 2018 Toyota Camry: Let The Battle Begin

When it comes to mid-size sedans, two names are normally at the top of everyone’s list: Camry and Accord.

These two models dominate the segment as Toyota sold 388,616 Camry’s in the United States last year, while Honda moved 345,225 Accords. As Honda pointed out in its press briefing in New Hampshire, the Accord alone outsells 30 different brands such as Mazda, MINI, and Fiat.

The two models have a bit of sales rivalry and since they were both redesigned for the 2018 model year, we couldn’t resist pitting the two vehicles against one another. While the test was short and only good for some initial observations, its clear consumers are going to benefit from the improvements made to both sedans.

Without further ado, let’s meet out contenders. The Accord I drove for this test was a Touring model equipped with the turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine developing 192 hp (143 kW) and 192 lb-ft (260 Nm) of torque. It was pitted against a Camry SE featuring a 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 203 hp (151 kW) and 184 lb-ft (249 Nm) of torque.

The performance figures are pretty close and the driving experience reflects that as both models offered decent acceleration. However, a closer look at the numbers really a weighty difference as the Accord tips the scales at 3,294 lbs (1,494 kg) while the Camry comes in at 3,340 lbs (1,515 kg).

Most drivers probably won’t notice the difference and surprisingly the Camry is more fuel-efficient as it has an EPA-estimated fuel economy rating of 28 mpg city / 39 mpg highway / 32 mpg combined. For comparison, the Accord gets 29 mpg city / 35 mpg highway / 31 mpg combined.

Since it’s not fair to compare a rental fleet Camry SE to a luxurious Accord Touring, we’ll skip over the tech features and confirm both models have well-built interiors but the Accord has a slight edge in the styling department. That’s a tad subjective but I’ve never been a fan of Toyota’s overwrought interior design.

As for the driving experience, both models offer a comfortable and compliant ride. However, the Accord seems to have the edge in the handling department as the Camry didn’t feel quite as connected to the road. The latter model also seemed to exhibit a tad more body roll but, again, this was just a very limited test.

We’re not going to call a winner at this point but if history is any indication, the Accord and Camry will continue to dominate the sales chart and drivers will be well served with either vehicle.

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  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    Both cars are unattractive and uninspired. Yes we want a car that drives well and performs, but is it to much to ask to make them actually look as good as they drive?

    • Nordschleife

      I respectfully disagree. While they are not natural beauties they are neither unattractive nor uninspiring. What they are is divisive in their design and I’ll take that over safe and plain any day.

      • Matt

        He’s right, they’re unattractive. Awkward proportions and a general feeling that the designers tried too hard.

        In a few years they’re going to look terribly dated because they rely too much on gimmicky details rather than solid, timeless proportions.

      • c3vzn

        Yeah I agree with you. Both Honda & Toyota have tried hard this time to not be anonymous. They were never going to look like sexy sports cars but I believe they at least have character this generation.

  • Mynameis Taylor

    if I had to choose, I’d choose the Honda. The accord has always and will always look better than a Camry

    • Chris Zeidler

      That’s funny, because the back of the Accord looks like a 2012 Camry.

      • Mynameis Taylor

        there is nothing about that Accord, new or old that is reminiscent of a Camry. I would never get them confused. while they are funkily shaped, the lights aren’t similar to that of the ’12 campy

      • Heyu Yoma

        Doesn’t help the fact that the back of the Camry looks like a 2013 Nissan Sentra…

  • Jesse A. C. Majors

    My first comment was too nice, after further review, these cars are super ugly. I’d take a Kia, Hyundai, Masada, Even a Nissan over these design anybday.

    • Chris Zeidler

      Too bad your choices will only last as long as you could lease it before the problems arrive.

      • Jesse A. C. Majors

        Most of those choices offer 10 year warranties so, I’m willing to put up with good looks and and extended warranty than cars that look like they’ve been in a front end collision by choice. 😂

    • no25

      did he just say “masada”? and we get it bud: you don’t like either car. congrats. go troll somewhere else.

    • gshemant

      Optima is outdated and the CVT in the Altima is horrid. On a side note, it’s much better to look at these pics with a grain of salt. A lot of cars nowadays simply look better in person. I thought the same with the new Camry and I’d assume the same with the new Accord.

  • Six_Tymes

    Side view and rear 3/4th view of the Honda looks Exactly like a Chevy Malibu

    • Heyu Yoma

      And the rear of the Camry looks like a 2013 Nissan Sentra

  • WG

    I would still choose the Mazda 6.

  • Bash

    Neither. Mazda 6 is better than both.

    • Alex Nadashkevich

      You like Mazda asssssembled in Mexico? My mechanic said: welcome to club of my permanent clients! when I said I probably will by Mazda….

      • Bash

        Don’t you think 6 months is a little bit too early! lol

  • marioGTI

    I like the Camry, the new Accord no is no longer a looker with its weird proportions and lack of class, the outgoing Accord was much nicer looking vehicle.

  • SteersUright

    Accord all day if I had to choose. I get these cars, they’re for non-enthusiasts who want reliable transportation and great value. These are definitely that. As for me, I’d never buy either. Too damn boring.

  • thunder bolt

    how do you give an award to both design losers?

  • rover10

    Both are visually challenged.

  • Bash

    The front end of the white Accord reminds me of the charger, a bit from distance, maybe its just me tho.

    • Jesse A. C. Majors

      Yep it’s just you. Put the two side by side.

      • Bash

        I’m not gonna put the two side by side to proof -to me- what i already see! besides, its my opinion, and i don’t care what you really think of it, to each his own!
        cheers 😉

  • ck

    It’s a tough choice but between the 2 of these, I would pick a Kia Stinger.

  • 3rdworldjunkie

    New Accord is nothing but a bloated Civic.

    • Heyu Yoma

      Yes, and the Civic is a damn good car. The Accord is now even better.

      Also remember that the Camry is now on the TNGA platform which the Prius and CH-R also use.

      • 3rdworldjunkie

        Don’t mind platform sharing likes Toyota or any brand in this matter. However what were the excs of Honda thinking? Didn’t previous gen Accord sell having distinctive look?

        Honda has lost it. There is no Power as they can’t Dream any more.

        Honda is becoming another A to B applinces.

        My 2 cent

  • Socarboy

    If I had to choose between these pair it would be the Camry. For the number one reason a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated (non-turbo) engine verses a 1.5 liter turbo that the Accord uses.I don’t know why especially Ford, GM, and now Honda are forcing these engines on the public? Look at the numbers here in this test the 2.5 NA beat the 1.5 turbo in both fuel economy and power. I’ll bet it will beat that 1.5 turbo in longevity too. Ford is already admitting its Ecoboost small turbo engines perform better on premium fuel even though they are rated to run on regular, I suspect the same will also be the case with the 1.5 turbo Honda mill.


    wait until new mazda 6 came out at least next year

  • Rocket

    They’re both styling-challenged, but I’d go with the Camry with its proven Aisin gearbox and available V6.

    It’s too bad Honda gave the Accord the profile of a sportback without the utility of one. With the small trunk opening they actually compromised utility with the design. And then there’s that face …

  • Craig

    I don’t think the Camry has much to worry about.

  • Camry’s interior is beautiful and I much prefer it really, the Accord’s dash is also nice although it reminds me of the previous gen facelifted C-Class (especially the centre air-vents) and the front somehow reminds me of an angry Bison. The Camry looks like it’s being hit by an explosive shockwave in slow-motion.. They’ll both do well.

  • Infinite1

    “Let the battle begin….” for the most boring sedan in 2017

    On a serious note, they’re both great contenders and will still continue to sell well over their rivals despite not being as good looking as the previous gen. I am a bit disappointed with Honda’s new design language, it’s just not working for me

  • Trackhacker

    2017 Accord Sport takes the win. The 2018 Accord like a oversized civic and looks cheap. The 2018 Camry is better than the 2018 Accord, but at the end, the 2017 looks the best!

  • Jason Miller

    The Accord is the best looking, save for the stupid chrome uni-brow.

  • PK

    Camry = 3 Series

    Accord = C Class

    • Heyu Yoma

      Accord = A4*

      • PK

        nah. the accord is the c class.

        the nissan altima is the a4.

  • TB

    Interior – Honda no question
    Exterior – Umm….jury is still very much out…not all that impressed with either.

  • 31/12/2999
  • Alex Nadashkevich

    Current tendency in design has touched almost all manufacturers) Looks like they trying to design most ugly “dart vader helmet style” cars. Why cars now looking as cheap Chinese toys, with strange lines, stupid usefulness holes on the body in the front and back??? All these f…ng holes have chrome plated frames! Definitely, designers smoking plant….

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