Mercedes-AMG C01 Vision Study Imagines A Sleeker Project One

Mercedes-AMG’s Project One hypercar has a lot of good things going for it, even though it’s far from being a finished product.

Still, some say that it will be able to set a new Nurburgring record, thus dethroning the Porsche 956 and its time of 6 minutes 11.1 seconds. As for power, we expect somewhere between 1,000 and 1,100 horses coming from the F1-derived 1.6-liter turbocharged hybrid powertrain, in turn working alongside a robotized manual 8-speed transmission.

Of course, that’s just “fancy talk” for now, because the production version of the car is yet to be built and one can argue that, given its specs, it should look more aggressive. Now, this C01 Vision render by Invisive represents a different take on a Mercedes-AMG hypercar, one where a greater emphasis has been placed on aesthetics.

Based on the rear-end design alone, we’d wager that such a car (if it was real) would generate enormous amounts of downforce, possibly more than the 675 kg (1,488 lbs) expected from the Project One. Visually, though, this render actually reminds us more of the Aston Martin Valkyrie than the Project One, or at least a sort of mix between the two.

See the original Project One below:

But what do you think? Could Mercedes do a better job at designing a more eye-pleasing hypercar? One could only hope.

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  • Zandit75

    Bit too much like the Valkyrie, but definitely better looking than the official Mercedes product.

  • Honda NSX-R

    A *sexier* Project One.

  • Six_Tymes

    C01 is sure much better than what the project one looks like

    • Bash


  • Bob

    Borrows more than a few elements from Valkyrie but looks so much better for it.

  • eb110americana

    The Project One has some incredibly sculptural and shapely bodywork that displays expert control of complex surfacing. It is beautiful on a level that apparently few people can grasp. The fact that this complexity is being traded for the flashy creases on modern Aston Martins–which are actually, and legitimately ugly cars now–doesn’t mean that it’s worse. This rendering isn’t bad, but it scarcely looks like a Mercedes, and it isn’t 1/10th the car that the Concept One is.

    • Bob

      Maybe the fact that few people can grasp it gives you a clue. It may have “expert control in complex surfacing” but that apparently doesn’t equate to good looks for the majority.

      If a chef displays “expert control” in putting a dish together, and most people think it tastes bad, does it mean most people are wrong?

      • eb110americana

        By that logic, the most exquisite food on the planet would be McDonald’s. They sell the most, they are the most successful in the most countries, they have the most locations, clearly they are superior in every way. There are also numerous artists who died penniless, but whose works are now worth millions, so at the very least, public opinion is inconsistent. Certain short-lived features like the split-window Corvette or the gullwing 300 SL are now incredibly collectible, but were underappreciated in their time.

        There are almost no organic shapes left in car design. Everything has gone to sharp creases these days. In the ’90s, it was the opposite. My point is that I have seen this car in person, and it is gorgeous. Creases show up better in photos though, so if the rest of the world wants to be enamored with scoops, wings, edges, folds, flicks, lips, flares, cuts, etc. fine, then pick just about ANYTHING else from 99% of the market. There are still those of us who appreciate Figoni & Falaschi, classic Alfas, Ferraris, and beautiful, sculptural form.

        • Bob

          McDonald’s is a Toyota Corolla, bland and boring yet frustratingly popular because of convenience and marketing. It’s not the same thing as a Michelin star chef using his best technique to whip up a lofty and exhorbitant meal that tastes offending to the greater majority of people who taste it.

          An extension of this is when a minority, usually evaluating more than just the simple aesthetic of overall taste then question the majority’s ability to appreciate the meal because of the nuances of some ubiquitous quality in the meal like how perfectly seasoned it is.

          Often, it’s a bit of an insult to past instances of actually good meals that also share this ubiquitous quality (as in your Alfas of yore, Ferraris and the like) when this offensive meal is then compared to them.

          Now we both enjoy perfectly seasoned meals you and I. I love organic design. I really do. I don’t even think the Project One is all that offensive but because it has organic shapes doesn’t mean it comes together perfectly as an overall design.

          Mazda’s newest concepts make a far better use of organic design for instance. They come together almost perfectly and most people seemingly agree that they are beautiful in ways we generally don’t see anymore. The Jaguar B99 concept also made better use of organic shapes because it came together into an overall attractive package.

          It’s not even that the Project One is ugly. It was just underwhelming because it didn’t come together as well as people hoped it would.

          I’m pretty certain that time, and its performance, will make it a car that people are fond of in the end but I find that designs that people have to warm up to, like food whose taste must be acquired to be appreciated, were never exceptional to begin with.

  • Puddingpopper

    MB should make this instead

  • SteersUright

    The rendering is far more gorgeous but thats easy when its just a rendering with no regard to engineering the real deal. That said, the headlight design and placement is easily the worst offender and almost ruins the front end look of the car. I really hope they reconsider/redesign those.

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