Mercedes-AMG To Slowly Phase Out V12

Mercedes-AMG will slowly phase out its range-topping V12 engines as the German marque only sees a future for such powertrains in its luxury vehicles.

Speaking with Automotive News at the New York Auto Show, Mercedes-AMG chief executive Tobias Moers said the AMG brand will stop using the V12 when it phases out its range of 65 vehicles. This will leave vehicles from the Mercedes-Maybach range as the brand’s only models offered with 12 cylinders.

“There is still demand for a V-12, but if you move forward with a V-12 in the future, the investment will be too high, in my perspective.

“You have to increase power, and you have to move forward with the technology in that engine. We’d better invest our money into electrified V-8 vehicles,” Moers said.

Mercedes-AMG has already started to kill off its ’65’ line of vehicles. The new Mercedes-Benz G-Class, for example, will no longer be offered in 65 guise. Additionally, reports suggest that the Mercedes-AMG SL 65 could be killed in the coming months.

Moers also revealed that the next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class won’t get an S65 derivative.

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  • Vanishing Boy

    I shed a tear.

  • DMax

    It’s a sad day when another V12 hits the chopping block.

  • Christian Wimmer

    So these low volume V12s are being phased out because of “emissions” but mass-market V8 gas-guzzling [performance] SUVs and Pickups get a free pass?

    • Definitely an excuse, V12 demands is still exists in some part of the world. My bet it Merc wants to get more efficient from economic point of view or to make a reason on Maybach exclusivity.

      • Cobrajet

        The 65 AMGs are clearly bought for the status, as the 63 AMGs are faster. The Maybach brand mean’s that there is no point in having a V12 AMG anymore.

        • Or those who want torque, the V12 make sup with the torque but yeah those who bought it mostly to show they can afford the most expensive model.

          But the thing is Maybach were meant to be luxury, meanwhile V12 AMG can cater to those who are “money-no-object” stuff.

          • Cobrajet

            Both can cater to that. The AMG V12 is used in the Maybach S650.

        • Benjamin B.

          True… the G65 AMG is not faster than the G63 AMG. It’s heavier actually. Yes, it has a shit ton of torque, but the 4L AMG V8 makes a pretty good amount of it also.

  • Elmediterraneo

    No one needs a 20 year old V12 when you’re working on a 800 hp hybrid modern V8.
    The next S-class won’t get any S65 because a hybrid V8 S73 will replace it.
    I just hope that the future S73 will keep some exclusive feature to the current S65 as the chrome grill or the polished wheels.

  • CJKnox

    So I take it, only the Maybach models will have V12s now? Of course, the current V12 is almost 20 years old. I’m assuming it’s going to get replaced with something much more modern and up to date in the near future.

    • Cobrajet

      Maybe the standard S600 will stick around, it just means that Maybach will be the way to get a more expensive V12 instead of AMG.

  • smartacus

    This is not AMG speaking,
    this is Red China speaking
    To say this now, pre-tariffs
    is categorically impossible.

    Electrification requires rare
    metals that are mostly from
    you guessed it …Red China

    Yet another corporation has
    become the paid mouthpiece
    to Chinese Communist Party

    • smartacus

      NTM; i just got
      finished reading
      yesterday’s article
      about the impact a
      Trade War will have
      on… German Cars

  • That’s actually kinda stupid, big V12 is still demanded in market such as Middle East and Russia. Not to mention people who just want to have the biggest engine all over the world.

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