Porsche Creating A Wild 919 Hybrid To Bid Farewell To WEC

Porsche may have officially scrapped its World Endurance Championship effort in favor of a pursuit in Formula E but the German marque has been working on something very special to celebrate its endurance racing success.

Not much is known about the vehicle in question but it has been been dubbed as a tribute to the 919 Hybrid by Porsche and will go on a world tour.

As these videos reveal, the new Porsche 919 Hybrid has adopted a plethora of new bodywork and aerodynamic parts which will drastically improve its performance and wouldn’t be allowed in competition. For example, the prototype has a much larger rear wing that stretches beyond the extremities of the car. There’s also a re-shaped shark fin, sculpted bodywork up front, no headlights, and bespoke side skirts.

While Porsche simply says the car will go on a world tour, we’re forced to think it will be used as much more than a showpiece. After all, why would Porsche go to the trouble of overhauling the vehicle’s exterior just to show it in dealerships or museums around the world?

Instead, the brand may intend on taking the prototype to various race circuits around the world looking to smash some records. Could Porsche attempt to topple the 6 min 11.13 second record set by Stefan Bellof around the Nurburgring in a 956? We sure hope so.

Watch this space.

  • They already broke Spa all time record with 1:41 almost full second quicker than Hamilton in F1 car, they don’t have plan to launch attack on Nurburgring (yet)

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