Range Rover Velar’s Roof Sliced Off By Absent-Minded Truck Driver

A forgetful truck driver has unwittingly created the world’s first Range Rover Velar Convertible.

On Wednesday, a truck driver in his 40s was delivering a red Range Rover Velar. However, after dropping off another vehicle in Bolton, he forgot to lower the top deck of the transporter. As a result, while travelling along the motorway near the Salford border, the top of the Velar smashed into a bridge, utterly destroying the luxury SUV.

The sight is devastating. The entire windscreen and roof assembly of the Velar have been ripped off, leaving the SUV a total loss and inevitably making for one very disappointed owner who will have to wait longer for his new SUV to be delivered.

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The Velar wasn’t the only vehicle on the transporter at the time of the crash. A silver Range Rover Evoque was also on the transporter, but it escaped with little more than a smashed windscreen and dented hood. A third vehicle located on the truck’s lower deck wasn’t damaged at all.

Speaking to police, the driver claimed that, after making his delivery in Bolton, a woman with a pram asked him to move his truck. He did so but completely forget to lower the top deck of the transporter. The driver has been reported for driving without due care and attention.

A breakdown recovery truck was also damaged in the crash after the roof of the Velar smashed into its windscreen. Fortunately, according to The Mirror, no one was injured in the crash. Shame about that red Velar, though…

  • Six_Tymes

    “Driver reported for due care.”
    what does that mean? I never heard that before

    • Jay

      I went to their twitter, there are quite a few posts with talk like this. Just their way of talking I guess.

      • LeStori

        It is legalese as used by the legal system.

    • Status

      “Driver reported for [being in absence of] due care [in the operation of a motor vehicle].”

      That’s how I understand their wording, and from that of the first hit on google. I would assume that ‘due care’ is a short-hand means of describing shit driving on UK roads.


    • smartacus

      i wonder if it’s their form of “careless driving”

    • Anony Mousse

      ‘Driving without due care and attention’ is a motoring offence in the UK. It’s related (but not identical) to careless driving and dangerous driving, which are also separate offences.

  • GE90man

    Land Rover Velar convertible confirmed.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    That will buff out.

    • smartacus

      otoh, i do see an opportunity to install a racing roll cage,
      a Recaro or Sparco and just use it for the track 😉

  • i’m seeing replacement parts already..

    • Maximilian Norlande Rabbitt

      I would hope the replacement is an entire Velar. I think any roof damage THIS severe is too much to repair. o.o

  • Alduin

    Well atleast they can kind of fix it up and sell it as a cabriolet!

  • Paul

    A little body work and they can sell it as a convertible.

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