Replace Your 2016 Cadillac Escalade With A New One (Instead Of A Lincoln Navigator) And Save $10k

Do you own or lease a 2016 Escalade? Thinking about either trading in for a new one, or maybe checking out the new Lincoln Navigator instead? Cadillac is offering big discounts to keep you “in the family.”

According to Bloomberg, GM is rolling out discounts as high as $10,000 off a new Escalade. That’s for a new lease. If you’re thinking about buying instead, you could still save $7,500 off the purchase price. That is, if you get your order in before the end of May.

How can Cadillac afford such huge discounts, you wonder? Because the profit margin on Escalades is that large. As high as $20,000 per vehicle, according to some estimates. Cadillac’s full-size SUV starts at around $75,000. The Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon, which share more than common underpinnings with the Escalade, start at under $50k. Even the luxed-up Yukon Denali starts at $66,200.

The big Lincoln poses a big threat to that nice, fat profit margin. Bloomberg reports that Navigator deliveries have grown by 63 percent over last year. You can bet that a large portion of those buyers have migrated from the Escalade. And the Navigators are flying off dealer lots.

A new Navigator sits an average of just 10 days on a dealer’s lot before it’s sold. And the top Black Label model, which can top six figures, is typically snapped up in about a week. Most the Navigators and Escalades typically sell for over $80,000, which is over $25,000 more than Navigators were selling for last year.

Back in November, Cadillac was offering owners a $5,000 incentive to trade in any Lincoln built since 1999 for a new Escalade. At this rate, you can bet there’ll be more incentives to follow.

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  • baofe

    So what kind of incentives will I get for my 1977 Ford Pinto?

    • kimbentsen

      chocolate bar?

      • Infinite1


  • Craig

    If I had to pick one over the other – I’d go for the Lincoln. As it turns out – I’m not alone.

    • TB

      So very tired of the Escalade…time to put it out to pasture.

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      I’m a huge GM fan and I’d say you’d be stupid to pick the Escalade of Eric the Navigator I’d even pick the new Expedition and Tahoe RST over the Escalade. Cadillac seriously needs to do their homework and go back to the drawing board. It’s in dire need of an IRS .

    • SteersUright


  • Vehicles like this are simply too big for where I live, but if I had to choose one, I’d go for a black Chevrolet Tahoe. Special agents in American TV shows drive them.

  • Jay

    Trade in their 2016 Escalade for the new one that looks exactly the same on the outside? That doesn’t make any sense and leave give it a facelift.. even with that though I’d still prefer the Navigator.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      GM doesn’t know how to do a MMC refresh to save their lives.

  • dumblikeyou2

    Hands down, the Caddy still looks like a boss on the road whereas the Navi (which I just saw on the road finally) was a shapeless box layered with chrome-like appliques. I think the Lincoln has a great interior, but the exterior save for the grille, was as anonymous as the Ford lurking beneath its skin. It’s just my opinion, but the the Escalade still looks eff-u and the Lincoln a bit limp d*ckish.

  • diesel_vdub

    So from the outside they look very similar, but from the inside the Lincoln looks significantly better. And why in the world is the Cadillac still using a column shifter? What it this, 1977?

    • dumblikeyou2

      It’s not the idea, but the size because column gear selectors are still very much in use in the best of the best from Mercedes and Rolls to name a few.

    • Status

      That doesn’t stop Mercedes from using a column shifter, even in their cars.

  • Bash

    Or, Replace Your 2016 Cadillac Escalade With A New Lincoln Navigator and pay only $10k IS the real deal, if any.

  • John S.

    A Chevy by any other name is an Escalade. Built on the same line. No thanks.


    How about no? Lincoln it is. The current one looks exactly the same as the 2016 MY. Gimme a break GM.

  • TrevP


  • Michael_66589

    Its time to buy Escalade and enjoy it until it will be replaced for one of these boring crossovers.

  • mick

    Lincoln has a brand new design. Escalade is comparatively old, with a redesign based off the new GM truck in the next couple of years. Load up the incentive canon and try to stave off the competition. Makes sense to me.

  • Dennis Scipio

    The Escalade still looks classy in my opinion, The Navigator has that too although it takes are more retro looking. But to each is own.

  • Joe E

    I think the Navigator is good – for now – but will get trounced by the next Escalade. The Navigator is impressing because 1) the outgoing model was so f’ing old and 2) its retro design inside and out is striking. For now. I think Lincoln as a whole is relying too much on retro cues that are literally retro, not updated interpretations of classic themes. And we all know how hard it is to update a retro design. I think the Lincolns will start to look cheesy fast, especially as Caddy refines its Escala design language.

  • nauticalone

    Nah, the Escalade was tired back in 2016 (as all the large US SUV’s, except maybe Tahoe) and now if I had to choose a vehicle this big (if I worked for US law enforcement – which I don’t) I would buy the new Expedition!

  • SteersUright

    Here’s another way to deal with competition that has just upped the ante, make an even better product!
    Sad, sad GM and Cadillac, they cant ever seem to produce a thoroughly dominant and excellent product in any single category in any of their brand portfolio. If the US gov’t ever rescues this pathetic company again it may cause civil war. JK, JK., but you get the point.

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