Subaru WRX STI Could Receive A Minor Power Boost For 2019

Subaru recently teased the next-generation WRX with the VIZIV Performance concept but it appears the company hasn’t forgotten about the current model.

According to a document discovered by The Truth About Cars, the 2019 Subaru WRX STI will have an upgraded turbocharged 2.5-liter boxer engine that develops 310 hp (231 kW). This is a modest increase of 5 hp (3 kW) and it matches the output of the limited edition WRX STI Type RA.

Subaru of America product communications manager Dominick Infante told the publication it was “too early for us to comment” about the report but the modest power increase seems well within the realm of possibly.

It remains unclear if the model will receive any additional changes but the 2018 WRX STI received a host of styling updates including a new front fascia with restyled LED headlights and a larger lower grille opening. The model was also equipped with new 19-inch wheels and roof rack mounting brackets.

Interior changes were fairly limited but included upgraded materials and redesigned door grips. On the technology front, the car received a larger 7-inch infotainment system and a 5.9-inch multi-function display.

Engineers worked on improving the STI’s performance by making changes to the suspension and the all-wheel drive system. The model was also equipped with an upgraded Brembo braking system that used stronger monoblock calipers, larger drilled rotors and new brake pads with “significantly greater surface area for improved braking feel and fade resistance.”

The standard Subaru WRX was also mentioned in the VIN decoder document but it suggests the model will continue to use a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine with 268 hp (200 kW) and 258 lb-ft (349 Nm) of torque.

There’s no word on when the 2019 WRX and WRX STI will be introduced but the current models start at $26,995 and $36,095.

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    Amazing. A whopping 10 whole horsepower. That’s definitely going to put the Civic Type R, Megane RS, and Focus RS to shame. Oh, I can see it now. They’re shaking with fear.

    The Germans better look out too. Their cars are going to be mincemeat when this beast rolls out the door.


  • Shane

    This is why Japanese car brands are dying out, especially in the fun department. Another year with no real improvement. Give me an 04 please.

    • Stealth333

      I owned a 2004 STI, and apart from it having a raw feeling, the 2018 is a much better car overall. It’s safer and more family friendly because you have more room in the back with better trunk space. Also the car is very reliable when left stock. You guys forget that people with such money have better jobs and a family. Teens don’t buy these cars so all they do is complain about #’s online when they don’t even play a role in the market since they buy used anyways. Also the STI is a fun car. Clearly you have never experienced one. It’s the same as with people who talk crap about the 86/BRZ. Those cars handle amazingly, yet you have people complain about them when they never even drove them properly.

  • Six_Tymes

    ev’s are going to kill sales of gas only performance cars sooner than you think. obviously different, but relatively quickly like how suv’s are killing off sedans in recent years, it wont be long before ev’s kill off what lots of us like and enjoy reading about. add autonomous into the mix and you’ve got a serious recipe for boring coming soon. 5-15 years is my guess we will start seeing big changes

    • Donal Maher

      It might happen slower than you think. Sure, the OEMs are piling money into it, but, the charger availability, transmission network, and available power generation are not yet anywhere near capable of handling a mass migration to EV. Then, factor in the availability of l-ion battery tech/parts/materials….
      There are many hurdles yet to overcome. There will be a long overlap period with mild hybrid power instead.
      As for autonomy, I also think that needs work, on the crash outcome decision logic and liability for insurers. There’s also the public perception to shift. Look at the negativity after one fatality……..

  • Donal Maher

    Disappointing. Mitsubishi sold the Evo 7 Extreme and later the FQ400 MR with 400bhp from a 2.0l.
    Granted the service intervals are ridiculous, but, still, they managed it.
    My Legacies (on my third) and many iterations of Impreza came stock with 280bhp from a 2.0l back in the mid nineties. My current one (2005MY) with very little modification is 316bhp at the crank from its twinscroll 2.0l.
    I do not understand how they’ve managed to make variations of the same EJ engine for this long and not be able to offer at least 350bhp reliably with warranty. It boggles the mind.

    • LWOAP

      My guess is Subaru was like “Why fix what has worked for so long?”

      • Mill0048

        Yeah, it’s sad the performance has stagnated. It might be due to emissions (pretty old tech in that 2.5) and, most likely, resources (financial and human). Subaru’s been working pretty hard trying to fully develop and launch the Ascent as well as revamp several money-making vehicles. Not to mention future products and technologies we haven’t seen yet. Plus they are trying to tie Volvo as the safest automobiles available.

  • Stealth333

    Honestly, I own a 2018 WRX STI and 300hp is more than enough for the street. I have no idea what people are complaining about. If they make this car 400Hp, in 2 years people will start to complain again because they would of gotten used to the number. Guys…we are not trying to fly off into space….we don’t need 1000hp+….drivers can’t even control 100hp cars and manage to crash them. >__<

    • Shane

      At their current rate the WRX STI will be bigger than a Phantom and have 300 HP… And you will love it!

  • Greg

    The only thing that can save the STi is if Subaru produced a tuners package with forged internals and let the buyers mod it to the power they desire. As it stands the proposed ‘improvements’ are just more of the same, that is, nothing to see here pass on that thanks.

    I’ve had a 2010 Sti from new and loved the hatchbacks utility and its still fun to drive but it burns oil (as they all do) feels totally outdated and the 2019 in my opinion is another step backwards.

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