17 States Suing The EPA Over Its Decision To Weaken Fuel Economy Standards

California has followed through on its threat to sue the Trump Administration over its decision to withdraw proposed fuel economy standards.

According to a press release from California Governor Edmund Brown Jr, the state is “moving to curb toxic air pollution and improve car gas mileage” by suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in an attempt to keep the proposed standards in place. California isn’t alone in this endeavor as it is being joined by 16 other states.

In a statement, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said “The states joining today’s lawsuit represent 140 million people who simply want cleaner and more efficient cars.” He went on to say “The evidence is irrefutable: today’s clean car standards are achievable, science-based and a boon for hardworking American families.” The attorney general then criticized the EPA and, its administrator, Scott Pruitt for refusing to do their job.

California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols echoed that sentiment by saying the standards “were based on the best judgment of engineers” and they’re already being achieved years ahead of schedule. She then attacked Pruitt by saying his decision was “based on no new information or facts.”

The lawsuit was filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and claims the EPA acted “arbitrarily and capriciously,” violated the Clean Air Act and failed to follow its own rules and regulations. The lawsuit goes on to say the government hasn’t shown any evidence to support its decision to weaken fuel economy standards.

California says keeping the standards in place is critical as the reduction in carbon pollution would be the equivalent of taking 134 coal power plants offline. The state also says drivers would save $1,650 per vehicle.

Besides California, the other states involved in the lawsuit include Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.

18 different automakers have pushed the government to relax fuel economy standards as they have claimed that a million jobs could be at risk if the standards are implemented. The EPA granted their request as Pruitt has previously said “Obama’s EPA cut the midterm evaluation process short with politically charged expediency, made assumptions about the standards that didn’t comport with reality and set the standards too high.”


    I don’t see this changing anything but you never know.

  • brn

    I don’t understand. The EPA is empowered to make regulation. It does. I then changes that regulation, years before it’s instituted. This is a lawsuit?

    • Ken Lyns

      Publicity stunt. Lawsuits against the federal government have a 100% failure rate going by legal precedents.

  • danno

    1/3rd of the states dictating to 2/3rds of the states. WCGW?

  • badcyclist

    Next EPA mandate: coal-fired engines.

    • danno


  • Paul

    One look at the list of states and it like OK the usual suspects pretty much.

  • Harry_Wild

    “Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.”

    All these above state have strong environmentalist movement, elected liberal progressives in Congress and in state government! No surprise here! They are the globalist!

    • smartacus

      Exactly, they are all S*hole states
      Liberalism is truly a cancerous disease
      with so many desperate people fleeing them.
      i know cause i see them invading here everyday!
      They come from the aforementioned states with abject poverty.


      • botornot387

        Cancer is what you get when you ruin the environment by not controlling the hazardous waste and pollution you put out, and the vitriol coming out of your mouth.

        • smartacus

          you lose.

          You leftist
          liberals and
          your moms
          are society’s
          cancer and
          will be consigned
          to the ash heap of history.

          • botornot387

            I don’t lose anything, except maybe my lunch reading your comments. The only thing uneducated here is you. I am not a leftist, I’m a realist. Stop labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion a leftist. This isn’t CNN or Faux news, and if would benefit you to do some research, instead of spouting off and repeating what the cheeto says.

          • smartacus

            oh yes you DID lose.
            i didn’t realize how badly you lost
            till you just told everyone.
            You are leftist then turn around and say no you arent.
            You even use leftist tactics in your speech without even realizing it.
            Next time you lie, son, make sure you know who you are dealing with.

            i’m not even lifting a finger and

    • botornot387

      Clearly because being able to breathe is all about politics and pushing a liberal agenda.

    • brn

      “elected liberal progressives in Congress”

      As a resident of one of those states, I can tell you your statement is incorrect. Our legislature is republican controlled.

      The truth is, both sides are nuts.

  • MultiKdizzle

    33 states run by craven science-denialists willing to sacrifice the habitability of planet earth to appease their ignorant supporters.

    • Exactly. How is cleaner air became a waste of money? Annually 200,000 thousand people die prematurely due to air pollution in USA.

      • Shahul Usman

        You cant reason with the ignorant and greedy… EPA= Environmental Pollution Agency.. the swamp is bigger than ever.. auto companies will still have to build cars for the global market even if the US is going backwards

        • smartacus

          exactly, you can’t reason with the ignorant and greedy.

          the disproven science of climate change is defended
          religiously by the zealots who don’t want Billions in
          research funding to dry up, so they fudge numbers
          distort facts, silence the truth. There’s big money
          involved in keeping the climate change scam alive.

          • Shahul Usman

            ^ case in point..

          • smartacus

            ^case in point…

        • Enter Ranting

          EPA=Enrich Pruitt Always

          • smartacus

            abolish the EPA.
            give the authority
            back the individual
            states to set their own.

    • botornot387

      You cant really reason with someone who has a user name like that. They don’t understand reason. And if you take these 17 states out of the US, you take basically 90 percent of the economy. But honestly who needs clean air. we only have to breathe.

    • smartacus

      typical failed liberal states
      with their tent cities.

      Willing to sacrifice
      human dignity
      for the failed
      religion of
      lie that is


  • danno

    Egregious waste huh?
    How about we talk real money here like the $535 Million wasted on Solyndra by Barak
    Or the 2015 King Gold Mine waste water spill that was overseen by your beloved EPA, again under Barak’s watch with the potential $ risk at $335 million

    • Enter Ranting


      • smartacus

        but Comey giving her a pass

  • Enter Ranting

    Liberal elites = successful, well educated people. Trumpies just hate them. Then again, Drumpf does love the uneducated…

  • SteersUright

    Well said!

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