Here Are Some Pro Tips On How To Avoid/Deal With Road Rage

Unless you’ve never been in a car, odds are you came across the phenomenon known as road rage at some point in your life.

Officially, it’s defined as a motorist’s uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act and is expressed in aggressive or violent behavior. It can manifest itself as rude gestures, verbal insults, physical threats/assault or dangerous driving methods meant to intimidate.

According to Richard Gladman, head of driving and riding standards at IAM RoadSmart, there are plenty of things you can do in order to avoid becoming a victim of road rage, or to simply avoid making matters worse if you happen to be the one at fault:

– If there’s conflict between two parties, there’s a likely chance you’ve both played a part. This doesn’t mean you should react. Try to take yourself away from the problem – let the other driver go on ahead. Even if you feel wronged, letting the other party go will make no difference to the rest of your day.

– Is someone being confrontational or aggressive? If so, don’t make eye contact and don’t react visibly. Try not to think about them so that the incident doesn’t affect you afterwards.

– If the other party is still being aggressive to you and you are in fear of your own safety, call the police.

– If the other party approaches you in your car, can you drive away safely? If you can, consider doing so. But don’t rush off and drive like the getaway driver in a film, or if you think the other driver is going to chase you.

– Do you have a passengers who can film any behavior on a mobile phone? This will help in terms of evidence. Remember to include the registration number of the other vehicle involved.

– Don’t open your door, don’t open your windows fully and don’t start or get provoked into an argument.

– If you were at fault, admit it and apologize. It may be enough to diffuse the situation quickly. And do not do anything that can be interpreted as retaliation. Even if you weren’t at fault, is the argument really worth it?

Once the incident comes to a halt, Gladman advises that you should pull over and get some fresh air if you still feel upset over it. Distractions such as listening to the radio might work too.

So what is it about being in traffic that makes people so susceptible to losing their tempers?

“Unlike pedestrians walking towards each other; who can easily get a feel of what the other person will do, where they might go or the mood they’re in, you have no such opportunities cocooned in your car.”

The psychology behind it is pretty fascinating. Where two pedestrians might actually smile and apologize simultaneously if they nearly bump into each other on the sidewalk, the same two people would react in a completely opposite manner if behind the wheel of their cars.

  • Six_Tymes

    basically you have to allow ultra DBAGs to roam free, allowing them to get away with their continued life long DBAG events on society.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Has anyone else noticed that people use their turn signals less often nowadays? Of all the drivers I see doing lane changes, turns, etc., I probably see half of those drivers actually use them.

    • Infinite1

      I have, half of it is due to the fact that the moment you put on your turn signal, the guy in the lane you want to get into, will speed up just to be a douche. I still do it regardless, rather not get hit or save the offender say it’s my fault since I didn’t have my turn signal on. The other half is that people just don’t care, I can count on one hand how many people I see daily that glance over at the lane that they want to get into nowadays before changing lanes. With current tech like blind spot monitoring, it’s good to have but it’s also another reason for drivers to not look at the road themselves since they relay on just the tech.

    • Mill0048

      That’s because one hand is holding and operating their phone and the other is steering. Down here in Florida, turn-signal use is non-existent. Especially the closer you get to Miami.

  • Moveon Libtards
  • CJKnox

    Umm slow down and just let them go.

    You’ll save gas and they’ll calm down.

    • R55

      This is what I usually do if someone is right up my behind. They’re obviously in a rush for something, rather than them crash into me I just pull over and everyone continues their journey in peace.

      Well, until the next car he comes up behind.

    • Adilos Nave

      It makes my blood boil when someone is riding my bumper on a curvy, twisty road that I know to be dangerous or closely monitored by police for speeding. What do you do about that? Can’t pull off and giving them a nice tap of the brakes just makes them even more aggressive.

      Now that I’ve hit 40, I’m a FAR calmer driver than I was 20 years ago. Basically, speeding and driving aggressively isn’t worth it.

      • DantesLegions

        “giving them a nice tap of the brakes”… no matter how you word it, this is called brake checking and it’s illegal. It’s actually worse than tailgating.

        • Adilos Nave

          But isn’t tailgating illegal too? And I believe the person tailgating would always be held responsible if they hit you regardless if you braked or not. It’s simply failure to follow at safe distance.

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            If you intentionally hit the brakes for no reason, and cause an accident, it is your fault.

          • Adilos Nave

            Just so I have this straight, you guys are all in favor of driving like asshats one foot off the bumper of the car in front of you even if they are driving the speed limit and not taking unnecessary risks. Got it. Think it would be awfully hard to prove you hitting the brakes for no reason. Squirrel? Small bump in the road?

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            Just get slower and slower very gradually. Their piss will be boiling by the end and they will back off or overtake.

          • Adilos Nave

            That’s a good suggestion. Or start rowing through the gears.

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            Where did I ever say I was in favor of driving like an “asshat”?

            I don’t tailgate, I don’t drive like a jackass, I don’t brake check people. I was just repeating what I heard from a LEO.

  • Rzrlf

    Pro tip: be sure to yell that they have no d**ks

  • Infinite1

    People are in such a hurry to go everywhere nowadays and will cut you off without a care in the world. Everyone thinks that they’re more important than than everyone else on the road and can do no wrong.

  • Puddingpopper

    Maybe Popo can go after people sitting in the left lane going 10 under, on their cell phone, and of course not using their signals. But I guess catching speeders is more lucrative.

    • Kyle Newberry

      Several states have been doing this. I’m all for higher tickets for people misusing the passing lane. I mean I’d be for eliminating the speed limit all together, but that won’t happen lol

      • Puddingpopper

        Might be a few golden years when there are autonomous cars and driving isnt completely illegal

  • Kyle Newberry

    I wonder if making cars with more “safety tech”, Automatic, and FWD has made the overall roads far less safe? As it requires less of a skill to drive.

  • Mill0048

    As a motorcyclist, I’ve learned long ago road rage isn’t worth it. Just let them go.

  • LJ

    Whenever I get into a situation where potential road rage could occur I just keep calm, try to relax and tell myself that they’re THE FUCKIN’ IDIOT WHO BRAKE CHECKED ME AND CUT INTO MY LANE WITHOUT USING THEIR TURN SIGNAL AND I’M GOING TO BASH THEIR HEAD IN WITH A F&*$*@%#[email protected]*#$*#*%@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    • brn

      I’m not supposed to make eye contact with you.

  • smartacus

    When someone starts road rage with you
    it is…ALL THEIR FAULT.

    Most of the time; it’s a person who wants to get ahead of you
    without realizing or regarding the traffic in front of you;
    or it’s a person who wants to stay ahead of you
    without realizing or regarding the lack of traffic in front of them.

    Honking the horn once at you is not road rage
    Showing you the finger once is not road rage
    Tailgating you once is not road rage.
    not yet…
    Making it their mission to school you, correct you, or punish you, or disrespect you IS ROAD RAGE.

    • smartacus

      Two more things never mentioned is:

      Road Rage artists are typically poor.
      You can be poor and accept life,
      but i’m talking about poor and they know it
      and they are pissed so they embrace having nothing to lose.

      There are also alcoholics, heavy weed smokers, and substance abusers.
      It changes their brain chemistry and they just fly off the handle uncontrollably.

      • smartacus

        Lately; there is a new phenomenon emerging: SOY BOYS.
        They have consumed so much soy in their lives so
        all those PHYTOESTROGENS have feminized them
        They are emotional, erratic, and can’t reaon with logic.

        or you will become effeminate.×577.jpg

  • LJ

    Ever notice people going slower than you are idiots and the ones going faster are maniacs?

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