Bumblebee Movie Coming This Year, Stays True To Source Material

This year’s Transformers spinoff focuses on Autobot favorite Bumblebee, in a sort of origin story type of plot where he finds himself on the run in the year 1987.

As this is the first time we see the character as something other than a Camaro, we can’t help but notice his change in looks as well as size. The Travis Knight-directed movie will give us a much smaller and seemingly fearful Bumblebee.

The movie is set to premiere on December 21st, 2018 and according to Paramount Pictures, goes a little something like this:

“On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug.”

Other cast members, such as John Cena and Pamela Adlon will be joining Steinfeld, while Martin Short, Peter Cullen and Jess Harnell will be doing voices for certain characters. Cullen of course is known for voicing Optimus Prime, while Harnell will return as the voice of Barricade.

At this point, little else is known about the movie, but since it takes place two decades before the Autobots officially landed on Earth, we’re intrigued to see how everything unfolds. Also, the original Bumblebee toy was a VW Beetle, which means die-hard Transformers fans will be thrilled to see the character as he was first envisioned.


  • iea96

    Keep milking the same franchise instead of creating something new, good job.

    • Mill0048

      Yep. Right in line with the cartoon and toy franchise that was milked to death in the 80’s and 90’s.

  • BlackPegasus

    More trash.

    The same ole trope has been done a million times.
    -Loving child finds sentient robot/alien
    – develops protective attachment to robot
    – goes on an adventure while protecting robot from the evil gubment.


    • Rzrlf

      loving child? more like sassy child of a producer plays a street smart white girl who will also befriend muscular single father type action star

      • BlackPegasus

        LOL stop 😂

    • Moveon Libtards

      Hollyweird is stupid.

  • Status

    “If you stop going to bad movies, they’ll stop making bad movies.”

  • Moveon Libtards


    Hahahahahahahahaha! What, will it spew toxic diesel fumes at its enemies and then make excuses for killing the environment in the process?

  • Alfa Giulia QV

    Yes, because that’s what the world needs: another Transformers movie. Keep milking it dry just like with the Fast and Furious and Star Wars franchise. I’m sure there is no possible way that can get old.

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