DS 4 And DS 5 Hatchbacks Were Canned Due To Very Poor Sales

DS has killed off both the DS 4 and DS 5 in its ongoing attempts to boost global sales with a fleet of all-new models.

Autocar reports that production of both models has ended and the French company is now only selling the remaining inventory of the two cars.

Last year, a mere 11,746 units of the DS 4 were sold throughout Europe. The DS 5 proved even less successful as just 5,738 vehicles were sold across the same 12 months.

“It was always planned that DS 4 and DS 5 production would end in 2018 as part of this new plan.

“This will also see the reveal of a new all-electric compact model at the Paris motor show that will get our electrification plans going,” a PSA Group spokesman said.

PSA’s luxury brand commenced its latest product plan last year with the introduction of the DS 7 Crossback, which is the its new flagship.

The all-electric compact model mentioned is tipped to be an electric version of the new DS 3 Crossback. It will be the automaker’s second electrified model, arriving after the DS 7 E-Tense Plug-in hybrid. Alongside this electric model, the DS 3 will be sold with petrol engines but not offered with any diesels. The subcompact crossover will target rivals like the Audi Q2.

Further down the road, DS intends on launching a flagship saloon to slot above the 7 Crossback. It will target the formidable BMW 5-Series and play an important role in the company’s ambitions to grow in China.

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  • fabri99

    Eh. These two models came out all wrong. First of all, they were too expensive (the DS5 cost as much as a 3-Series) and incapable to compete with the likes of BMW and Audi. A posh brand wasn’t a bad idea, but it should have been limited to small cars (DS3 and perhaps DS4, and a small fancy citycar, something like a Lancia Y, instead of a DS5). In addition to that, some impratical solutions didn’t make them a sensible choice. Finally, they’ve always looked…sort of undecided, not ugly, but not even convincing. Is the DS4 a coupè or a crossover? Is the DS5 a saloon or a hatchback? They wanted to be both, but they really are neither.

    • Pretty much summed up my thought, Brilliant mate.

      That said, when it first come out, DS4 is impressive.

      • ProtectOurHeritage

        DS4 never even had opening rear windows. Extremely poor given the asking price!

        • KareKakk

          Why should it need opening rear windows? DS sold it a a coupé with rear doors; how many other coupés have rolldown rear windows?

          • ProtectOurHeritage

            It is a glorified hatchback, not a coupe. Most cars with rear opening doors also have opening windows.

          • KareKakk

            So? As said; they sold it as a coupé with rear doors, as way too many people are obcessed with having rear doors for the kids and grannys to get out off, no matter what. As a real 3-doors hatch, it would’ve sold even less.
            Think of the Mazda RX-8, is that a hatchback or a coupé to you? It has no rolldown windows in the rear doors…

          • ProtectOurHeritage

            I owned a DS4, I’m telling you, it was a hatchback. Citroen may have called it a coupe when selling it, but it was listed as a hatchback on all government documentation for it. It was one of the worst cars I’ve ever purchased and now thankfully they’ve stopped making them.

            The RX-8 was totally different. It didn’t have rear door handles and the rear seats were deemed to be used occasionally, like a King Cab truck.

      • fabri99

        I’ve always found the DS4 interesting, but what aspects of it would you consider impressive?

        • More of the design, at that time it looks modern and yet remained very conservative. Oh how I miss those days.

    • Classic Bob

      The Y hasn’t done any favours for Lancia.

      I think DS should try to build on the original DS lines and history, but with a much powerful design and powerplant. The current DS seems like a mismash of nondescript designs, it needs cleaner lines.

      • fabri99

        I disagree on the Lancia Ypsilon: perhaps a bit less with the latest generation, but ever since the 1980s and 1990s it has been one the most successful and appreciated superminis in Italy. I think its little luck outside of Italy is due to Chrysler branding and also to the spreaded idea that Lancias are unreliable and rusty (as were the Betas in the 1970s).

  • Belthronding

    i was a huge fan of ds5 for years and intending to buy one once.i hope citroen/ ds brands ll continue to bring another fancy products after all.


    DS5 was best looking hatchback, so futuristic, so different, so cool, so conceptish, it was a true halo car for Citroen.. I hawe C5, and I’m always looking to DS5 jealously in terms of design. The only problem he was made on C4/DS4/308 platform, if it was made on C6/C5 platform with hydro suspension, and respectables engines, it was a real car, and biggest hit from french manufacturers… Now I’m waiting Metropolis sedan, mine C5 is aging😁

  • ProtectOurHeritage

    Poorly engineered, overpriced and now thankfully gone forever!

    • Bash


      • ProtectOurHeritage

        I speak from experience as a previous owner.

        • Bash

          Ok, I respect that.

    • Bo Hanan


  • Bash

    Those two interiors are prapably on of the best for the segment. I love how it’s laid and put together.

  • Vassilis

    Absolutely love the DS5. A bit of a shame it didn’t sell well but the reasons are well-documented.

  • ProtectOurHeritage

    I owned a DS4. It dropped in price far more than premium rivals over the time I owned it, the engine noise intrusion was so poor that it became annoying and the interior rattled like a bag of old bolts after just 50k miles. I openly admit that purchase being one of the biggest I’ve ever made! The car was nothing more than a glorified C4 with some DS badges and non-opening rear windows.

    Many cars have been built close to their concept cars, it doesn’t mean they were any good to own though, does it?

  • Belthronding

    great choice no doubt!


  • 2sfhim

    The title is misleading. Axing cars after 7 years of production is normal in the automotive industry. They were not axed “due to very poor sales”, even though sales weren’t great.

  • Autoexperte

    next year DS Automobiles bring a big luxury sedan, the DS8

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