New Seat Arona Is A Good Subcompact SUV That Needs More Sparkle

The new Seat Arona is the latest SUV of Group VW’s Spanish brand that aims at grabbing a slice of rapidly growing crossover market in Europe.

You can think of it as a Seat Ibiza on stilts, and you wouldn’t be far from the truth as both models are built on the same architecture, though the Arona offers a more practical cabin with enough space for families.

Sitting underthe Ateca in Seat’s range, the new Arona enters one of the busiest segments in the European market, with rivals such as the Renault Kaptur, Nissan Juke and the closely-related VW T-Roc.

The engine range includes the turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder TSI unit offered with 95PS and 115PS, the latter combined with a six-speed manual or an optional dual-clutch transmission. Those looking for a bit more oomph can go for the range-topping 1.5-liter TSI Evo engine that offers 150PS and features a cylinder deactivation system. Diesel options are limited to a pair of 1.6-liter TDI units with 95PS and 115PS.

Seat also offers a range of personalization options, including a two-tone paintjob, in order to spice things up, while the interior is logically laid out and can offer a nice environment if you opt for one of the more brightly colored trim options.

There’s no question that the Seat Arona is one of the most complete models in the sub-compact SUV segment, but it lacks the sparkle of some of its rivals, as Carwow points out in their review that you can check out in the following video.

  • Bash

    Another boring small SUV, as good as a slightly raised hatchback, and has no sparkle.
    Here you go, fixed your heading.

  • VWG as a whole nd to understand that a crossover with a two-tone roof is not enough to make a car stand out. A car needs selling points and this has precisely none.

  • The old Ibiza ST had much more character…..and space.

  • haudit

    A relative of mine was looking for a new, small SUV at the end of last year, and her initial choice was the Nissan Juke, which I swiftly nipped in the bud. She then decided that she liked the looks of the Renault Captur. After a quick test drive in both the Captur and the Arona, she’d switched her allegiance to the SEAT, saying that the Renault felt like a sloppily assembled, floppy old bus in comparison. The fact that the SEAT drove better, was better made and considerably better equipped (SE Technology trim), and by some miracle of financial sleight-of-hand, cost roughly £50 per month less on a four year PCP deal (despite having an RRP almost £1,000 higher than the Renault) sealed the deal.

    • ace_9

      Women (but also men, including me) like also CX-3, which seems like a more attractive car and it also handles well and the engine is reliable.

      • haudit

        She loved the look of the CX-3, but Mazda’s PCP deal wasn’t even remotely competitive with what SEAT were willing to offer.

        • ace_9

          Yes, Mazda does not try to win customers with attractive prices. It’s is quite contrasting to the other manufacturers which are always having some discounts, bonuses, etc. With Mazda you just always pay for what you get. Sometimes there is a small bonus, but nothing that would make anyone say, that it was a really good deal 😀 I think they want to be perceived as something between common and luxurious car makers.

          • Autoexperte

            after a cracked timing belt, the Seat is already more expensive and that is not uncommon in a Seat

          • ace_9

            Arona is using either 1.0 or 1.5 petrol engine or 1.6 diesel. Both petrols are quite new (especially 1.5) and I don’t really know much about the diesel one. But if price is important, I would say that we are talking about 3 cyl. 1.0. this engine is not yet particulary known for cracked timing belts, but I agree with you, that reliability is questionable. But if someone wants to have a car for around 3 years (still within warranty) and then sell it, I think it’s safe. In fact seat is offering 6 years warranty (or 100 thousand km) in my country.

        • Autoexperte

          Seat is shit

        • Autoexperte

          I mean the cars, not the furniture

        • Autoexperte

          she learned what a timing belt is 😉

  • Loquacious Borborygmus
  • Paul

    It looks like they tried to copy the new Nissan Kicks.

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