2019 Audi TT Facelift In Detail: Gets Special Anniversary Model, New 2.0lt Turbo Versions

It’s been a few hours since Audi has officially revealed the updated TT Coupe and Roadster but now the German car maker detailed the revisions that include a new special edition and the new powertrains.

The 180PS 1.8 TFSI engine previously offered in entry-level models was dropped in favor of a 2.0-liter TFSI with 197PS (194hp). In fact, the turbocharged 2.0-liter TFSI unit will be the only engine available, offered in three different power guises. Mid-spec models that previously came with 230PS (226hp) are boosted to 245PS (241hp).

Audi will apply its latest naming convention to the aforementioned models, meaning that the 197PS version is badged 40 TFSI and the 245PS 45 TFSI.

The third version is of course the TT S model, which sees its output slightly dropping to 306PS (from 310PS) due to the latest WLTP regulations. Despite the drop in power, Audi claims that the 2019 TT S is fractionally faster in both Coupe and Roadster forms in the 0-62mph procedure, scoring 4.5 and 4.8 seconds respectively.

As for the facelifted TT RS, it will continue using the 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine but Audi hasn’t released any figures yet. It’s expected to join the range from next year.

New Special “TT 20 Years” Edition

In addition and in order to celebrate the model’s 20th anniversary, Audi will offer a new special edition, the “TT 20 Years” model. The new anniversary edition features Nappa leather seats in moccasin brown and specific Panuka contrasting stitching that harks back to the early cars with their ‘Baseball Leather’ upholstery.

Other features include special badging on the steering wheel and gear lever, as well as stainless steel tailpipes, Matrix OLED taillights and matt-finished Audi rings on the side sills. Customers will be given the choice of either Arrow grey or Nano grey paint finishes. Production of the new special edition TT will be capped to 999 examples.

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  • Six_Tymes

    Looks great. I am interest to know what face list and or upgrades the RS will gain.

  • SteersUright

    These TT’s are always described as being rather poor to drive. Firm ride, yet clumsy handling the gives up at the limit. Inert driving experience, not much feel of any sort. Not qualities you want to associate with a pricey sports coupe. They really have to stop basing it on a Golf chassis and give it proper weight distribution or it will continue to be the poser’s sports coupe. Shame that to get any sort of a proper Audi sports car you have to step all the up to the super expensive R8. The could really do with a proper Cayman/Boxster rival starting at like $50k.

    • Matthew Boyd

      I’ve turned into the Audi police on this forum following my departure from the company in 17′ as I see so many people speak on the dynamics of their vehicles as if they’ve driven them to their personal capable limits, let alone seen one in person, which many let alone have not even driven a TT/ TTS/ TT RS. They’re very rare, as each are built to order and not mass produced. Don’t believe every car review either as large out of shape auto journalist believe they’re race car drivers and rate cars based on 0-60 times and how well they can drift.

      From a person who’s driven all three (TT/TTS/TT RS), they drive well, are comfortable yet sporty. Excellent in cabin tech, sport exhaust sound good inside and out the car, and maintenance is low. Yes there’s the TT Cup race car, which has been replaced by the RS3 LMS, but dynamically through it’s dna, a transversely mounted engine mostly over the front axle causing understeer when pushed too it’s limit isn’t ideal for racing (rear sport diffs can do wonders if you’ve ever driven a car with one), but not a bad thing for a road car that operates in all climates and weather that’s isn’t pushed to it’s capable limits on the roadways.

      The 718’s are built for a purpose, and believe it or not, the TT line up is also. Those two purposes are different and judging by your comment you can see that too. It looks like you like Audi, and want the TT line up to be more of a dynamic Porsche competitor. Is that the right assumption?

    • steve

      We have a 2018 TTS and these have the magride suspension with various settings. On comfort mode and 19” wheels the ride is perfectly smooth and with 300hp the car is extremely fast. We looked at quite a few other vehicles before settling for the TT – including the Q60 with 400hp which was heavier and slower, 718 Cayman which is ridiculously expensive when specced the same as the TT, Camaro which is so poorly made and cheap looking in comparison. Whilst the TT is built on the same platform as the Golf – it uses an Aluminium construction that makes it lighter and more agile.
      The Cayman is a marginally better drivers car but it only seats 2 and we think running costs would be much higher – poorer warranty and higher service costs in our country.

      • SteersUright

        I agree with everything you say except the part about the Cayman. Having owned both a TT and Cayman, they are night and day. Below 5-6/10th’s, perhaps not so much so I guess how you use the car also factors in. I tend to beat mine up and enjoy them breaking loose near the limits. In that sense, the TT was just clumsy in my experience. At the limit it was either of two things: with traction control on I’d get severe understeer and with it off the nose heavy coupe would try to spin out in circles.
        TT’s are lovely things, inside and out, but easily outperformed by a Camaro SS and many others in terms of true sports car attributes (not just straight-line), but excel in perceived quality, technology and other areas.
        I guess my biggest gripe is I’d love Audi to offer a true sports car for the masses, somewhere around $50k, a mini R8 sort of car. And the TT in any guise, is mostly just a fast, pretty face for me.


    First gen TT still looks fesh


  • TheHake

    So what does the 40 and 45 refer to? I really think this was a silly idea by Audi.

    • steve

      It refers to the power range of the engines – rather than the engine size. Higher number = higher power.
      It’s not really any sillier than a BMW 328 having a 2 litre engine – with the power of a 2.8. Or a 116, 118, 120, 123 & 125d all actually having 2 litre engines with different power outputs!

      • TheHake

        I know that, but what does the numbers relate to? In the case of BMW, it’s kinda loosely based on the performance you would traditionally expect from a 2.8Lt for the 328i, even though it’s just a 2.0Lt, etc. Even M-B loosely uses the same system as BMW. But the 40/45 etc from Audi? That relates to nothing obvious. It’s not intuitive at all.

        • steve

          It’s really no different to BMW (and does not fool you on engine size!!) each number corresponds to a power range.
          Badge number Power output
          25 80kW and under (up to 106hp)
          30 81kW to 91kW (107hp to 127hp)
          35 110kW to 120kW (145hp to 159hp)
          40 125kW to 150kW (165hp to 198hp)
          45 169kW to 185kW (223hp to 244hp)
          50 210kW to 230kW (278hp to 304hp)
          55 245kW to 275kW (324hp to 363hp)
          60 320kW to 340kW (423hp to 449hp)
          70 400kW and above (529hp and above)

          • TheHake

            How can you say it’s no different? BMW’s numbers are at least intuitive since it links back to what people would expect from a certain capacity. But how does 25 relate to 80kW and under?? It totally arbitrary. They should change to to 23344556632345345 = 60kw, 13423425235623456456 = 70kw, 67457245234524564 = 80kw…

          • steve

            99% of motorists hardly know which fuel to put in their cars or where the oil goes. The badge on the back is only really for office carpark willy waving or real motoring enthusiats. Luckily the S and RS models from Audi don’t use this stupid system!
            I am not defending their naming system – merely giving you the power outputs against their crazy numbers!

          • TheHake

            I just feel they should have some intuitive number, but it’s probably because BMW will hit them, since the X2 20i, X3 28i etc uses the 2 number system already. I just think these numbers of Audi has no base in anything. Why not 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 then? An A1 25 immediately makes you think, WOW, 2.5Lt A1. Awesome! Meanwhile back in the ranch…

          • TheHake

            I kinda like the VW TDI method. I red = 110kW, DI red = 140kW, TDI red = 176kW.
            Also worked with the old 1.9Lt TDI. More red letters = more power.

          • steve

            Agreed! In the UK a golf with all red TDI was 150hp and was very sought after.

  • Infinite1

    Always loved the TT since the second generation came out but the MK3s are by far my favorite. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do to the RS facelift.

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