2020 Audi RS Q8 Shows Up Wearing Its Angry Production Clothes (Updated)

Since the new Audi Q8 has already been revealed in full, there’s no reason for the hot RS Q8 test car to continue wearing a full swirly body wrap, thus giving us a first proper look at its muscular bodywork.

Compared to the standard version, the upcoming Audi RS Q8 will feature slightly wider bodywork, sharper-looking bumpers with bigger air inlets, large oval exhaust pipes and a set of massive wheels.  Behind these will sit massive composite brakes with six-piston calipers in a bid to keep this beast of an SUV in check.

The German cousin of the Lamborghini Urus will most likely use the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine and eight-speed automatic ‘box combo, which in the case of the Urus produces 650 PS (641 HP) and 850 Nm (627 lb-ft) of torque.

We still don’t know what kind of power the Audi RS Q8 will offer but it will not be far behind the loud Italian SUV. If we had to guess, we’d say that Audi’s upcoming RS SUV Coupe will offer around 600hp.

As a result, the new Audi RS Q8 is expected to offer a sub-4 sec time for the classic 0-62mph (100km/h) as well as a proper meaty soundtrack from its V8 engine. The Quattro all-wheel drive system is already rear-biased in the normal Q8, featuring a 40:60 torque split, and the same is expected to happen in the range-topping RS version.

The interior will feature the same high-tech features with the standard Audi Q8, including the 12.3-inch virtual cockpit display along with a pair of touchscreens that control the latest MMI infotainment. The RS Q8 will spice things up with more heavily bolstered seats, more vivid color combos and a range of driving modes, including RS-specific ones.

The most powerful SUV in its class?

The new 2020 RS Q8 will go against models like the BMW X6 M and the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 and if our hunch is right, the hot Audi will easily beat its rivals in terms of straight-line performance and power figures.

*Article updated with new spy shots

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Image Credits: CarPix, S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for CarScoops

  • ErnieB

    This doesn’t look as radical as I thought it would.. maybe the black tones it down to meh..

    • Matthew Boyd

      Color and camo may be throwing you off. RS models never seem to fail in the design department, so I’m assuming this one will be no exception.


    who needs urus if you can afford these?

    • ErnieB

      I like it better than the Uruass

      • Honda NSX-R

        Me too

  • donald seymour

    I didn’t know that Porsche also built trains too because they’re getting a train ran on them from VW group.

    • Matthew Boyd

      Ha ha! You mean Audi is? The platform came from their engineer team.

  • As I predicted… The URUS is now just an AUDI in Lambo clothes…

    • Matthew Boyd

      Technically, kind of, but a platform is just the under pinnings of the car like the engine compartment, underfloor and front floor. Practically the entire bottom of the car. Some companies use suspension, brakes and even more components, but the Urus and the Q8 just share their actual underpinnings and of course it’s variations of the same engine. Lambo will have it’s own rear sport diff, suspension, wheels, brakes etc. It will have a different feel. For those who say the R8 and the Huracan are the same cars are wrong too.They share the same engine but are tuned completely different. Both drive completely different because their made with different intentions in mind for each respective consumer. As for the Porsche Cayenne and the Q7 and the Bentayga… We get whats the same, but there all different vehicles. For some reason people think platform sharing is the exact same car and the only thing that’s different is the body, and that couldn’t be so far from the truth. Just think of this, the Audi A4, the Lambo Urus, Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne, and the Q7 all ride on the same platform. No ones saying a Lambo or Porsche is an Audi A4 in Lambo clothes.

      • botornot387

        Exactly! This isn’t badge engineering crica 90’s at GM. The MLB evo platform is more like a set of building blocks, that the individual brands custom tailor for unique traits of their brand. There are an exceptional amount of vehicles that can utilize this platform, but aside from that, there are many things that distinguish them.

  • lagunas3ca

    Hunch is wrong if you think this will beat the X6 M in straight-line performance.

    • Matthew Boyd

      I think it will. Don’t all comparable high performance Audi’s (RS Models and w/ the exception of the S8, S8 Plus), beat all BMW’s in a straight line? Correct me if I’m wrong. BMW will continue to win around the track (with it’s road cars, race cars are a different story) with it’s suitable engine placement and rwd dynamics, but in a straight line, they haven’t been in Audi’s lane.

      • lagunas3ca

        We’re not talking about all BMW’s, we’re talking about the X6 M.

        • Matthew Boyd

          Sorry if I wasn’t clear. i assumed you’d pick up on if I said BMW that’s their M products, not regular BMW’s nor regular Audi’s. This is RS vs M. Yeah I get what your saying. I brought up all Audi’s because it doesn’t happen with M vs RS in other products, so why would it happen here if you get what I mean. I’m betting the RSQ8 will be a rocket and we all know how fast the current gen BMW X5M and X6M are…but there’s is a but. That but is what will it be bale to do against an RS model. This is straight line talk of course.

          • botornot387

            I would totally agree if we were talking about the last crop of models from all the brands, but this really remains to be seen. We don’t know how the new Audi’s will run with the new Porsche derived TTV8. Also, the new X6M is on the way with the powertrain from the new M5 and new AWD system, which is pretty trick for performance. Mercedes-AMG isn’t sleeping in this category either. I personally like the Q8 better in terms of design to either of the other two, but I don’t think the powertrain ticked with just the petrol will put it that much farther ahead. I also think that the RSQ8 may be a phev or at least have that as a plus option. That one, which is supposedly will have 700 hp will be an absolute rocket.

          • Matthew Boyd

            How about I meet you halfway. I can see the industry has caught on to the road car high performance game and adapted awd variants. Like you mentioned the trick awd systems in the current gen E63 and M5, so things will be more competitive in a straight line for sure…but a part of me reserves judgement just due to history, and the projected output and mild hybrid capabilities of the RS Q8. Especially with the 48v system cutting down turbo lag as close to EV throttle response possible. Porsche taking the helm in VW Group for the performance engine in the larger segment vehicles may help or hurt the transition too. We’ll get our questions answered when the round of next gen RS models hit the roads.

          • botornot387

            Agreed. I am really curious to see how Audi tunes the engines. Porsche has almost made them too mile mannered. I actually loved the TTV8 in the RS7 performance. It was a beast and had such a great exhaust note. The Panamera Turbo S seems so subdued.

  • SteersUright

    Looks good. A bit pointless though.

    • Matthew Boyd

      Have you looked at the automotive landscape lately? Your comment almost made me laugh. Subjectively, I kind of agree with you…what is the point of a 80+ inch wide, over two ton 600hp vehicle, but my objective side says, there’s plenty of market share out there for the RS Q8 to grab. Cayenne Turbo S, RR S SVR, BMW duo, AMG’s…the list goes on. I think you’re picking up what I’m putting down now.

      • SteersUright

        I guess you’re right. If theres a market then they will build it. But wth? If you want an entertaining powerful vehicle, get a sedan or sports car. If you want a capable utility vehicle, at some point the excesses of power ruin the overall feel.

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