Modded Chevy Truck Might Be The Craziest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Even though we understand why some people enjoy sitting as far away as possible from the nose of their car, this guy definitely took that concept to ridiculous extremes – if that was indeed his intention.

At the same time, this is also a very interesting mod, seen as how you’re not going to find anything similar roaming the streets, no matter where you live.

This truck was snapped at Elyria, a small city in Ohio. Maybe LeBron James leaving the Cavs really did drive some people crazy. Anyway, we found the image on Reddit, posted by user u/LittleOrangeFoxx.

People seem to agree that, no matter how weird it looks, it’s also “kinda cool”, to give off a direct quote. We can only imagine how insane this thing is to drive.

While this is now probably the easiest vehicle to work on in the world, sinceh the engine and drivetrain are totally exposed, we wouldn’t want to imagine what would happen to it during a rear-end collision. Let’s just say that there’s very little “car” between you and something that could crash into you from the rear, so this is really a liability.

We have a feeling that whoever built this thing didn’t care about such pedestrian issues like safety or, say, its turning circle. In fact, we can’t even start to imagine what went into his head, but if it was standing out in a crowd, then he definitely accomplished his goal – and then some.

  • Six_Tymes

    wait, what? bummer no video.


  • eb110americana

    This looks like some crazy twin-turbo build that breathes straight atmosphere without even an inkling of air cleaners. There also appears to be no radiator, although it is probably located under the hood or perhaps laying down between the vacant frame rails. It’s got to be like driving a fire truck to steer an axle that resides in a different time zone.

  • Bash


  • Finkployd

    haha looks so cool

  • Craig

    An accident waiting. I could easily see someone thinking that they had plenty of room to get into ‘his lane’ and smash into the front part of that vehicle.

    • brn

      Party pooper.

  • Marty


  • Stephen G

    We know who was elected president. We don’t need further affirmation that the US is filled with stupid people.

    • twinstick1

      We know who was elected President and who he ran against. Thankfully, the US still have more sane people than idiotic ones…

      • Stephen G

        Enjoy your truck

        • twinstick1

          Here’s you sign…

  • Jason Panamera

    Is it in the same time rear wheel drive and front wheel drive ?

  • Random_bruh

    It seems he wanted even weight distribution. Engine up front, fat ass out back! All that HP but with a truck bed, there is no weight back there. It oddly makes a lot of sense this build hahah

  • john1168

    I wouldn’t do it to any vehicle of mine but I gotta say I like it! That’s some wacky $h!t right there:) I’d like to see a video of it too. Time to look around on youtube.

  • TrevP

    That is stupid and not safe.

  • Bob White

    How do you insure something like that?

    Does Ohio also have a lead problem in their water? Lol

  • Wolverine350R

    Is it front or rear wheel drive?

    • john1168

      yes 🙂

  • haji


  • twinstick1

    My only issue with that is that the headlights are way back away from the front and wouldn’t be of much use at night.

  • Stephen G

    What you doing to fix it?

    • Six_Tymes

      nothing, because hes probably from the generation that sits at home, plays video games and smokes weed all day and complains about others.

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