Hyundai High Performance Vehicle Boss Reportedly Confirms Plan For Stand-Alone N model

Hyundai is staging the media launch of the Veloster N at the Nürburgring and a new report is suggesting the company has confirmed a stand-alone halo model.

In an interview with Auto Express, the head of Hyundai’s high performance vehicle and motorsport division said the launch of the i30 N and Veloster N represent the “first phase of N vehicles.” Thomas Schemera reportedly went on to say the next phase will involve the creation a bespoke sports car that won’t be based on an existing Hyundai model.

Little is known about the car, but Schemera said “The whole idea is to strengthen the Hyundai brand, to bring more emotion.” This suggests the car will be a high-performance halo model with an emotional design that brings plenty of attention to Hyundai and the company’s N brand.



Schemera went on to say “I can tell you Albert Biermann [Hyundai’s head of high performance development] and myself are interested in hot things and have some ideas in the pipeline for a halo model.” He added that fans should “Rest assured, we are coming up with something.”

There’s no word on what that something is, but the magazine reports there is an internal debate about what form the halo model should take. The two obvious choices are a two-door coupe or a high-performance sedan.

A coupe would be the more emotional choice, but a sedan would likely appeal to more buyers. However, there’s no shortage of performance sedans and a four-door Hyundai N could potentially overlap with the Kia Stinger and Genesis G70.

Since the company is still debating the basics, it will likely be a long time before we see a stand-alone Hyundai N.


Hyundai HND-9 concept pictured

  • Six_Tymes

    who designed this? is really great!

  • Mind Synthetic

    i see aston and lexus, dare i say some nissan Z in the DLO, and pontiac solstice in profile. still waiting for korean companies to be a bit more original

    • bd0007

      The HND-9 Venace concept is more than 5 years old.

      • Mind Synthetic

        and all the cars i have listed are well over 5 years old

        • bd0007

          And one could say the new Supra has a very similar greenhouse to the Venace concept (btw, don’t see any Lexus influence).

          Hardly anything these days is original when it comes to auto design, and claims like the Solstice profile is just silly (yeah, it has a 2-door coupe profile, but the 2 really aren’t that similar – the Solstice’s profile is closer to that of the Z4).

          People accused the Veloster for copying the front of the Aston One-77, when in actuality, the Veloster concept debuted first.

    • Dude

      In that they’re coupes maybe but not past that. You could translate almost any concept car into a combination of other cars. That doesn’t mean it’s unoriginal. That should be reserved when specific styles or aspects are stolen (ie chinese brands)

  • bd0007

    The first stand-alone N model will likely be a mid-engine hatch like the RM16N concept.

  • Big Black Duck

    This or the Supra….me thinks this will dominate in sales

  • c3vzn

    That concept is really old but has aged so well.

  • Nordschleife

    This sounds very Volvo/polestar 1 bullcrapish.

  • gbmike25

    Now THAT is sharp

  • While I’m hoping sleek GT or 2+2, based on the recent spy shots, it’s probably production version of RM16 concept, mid engine hatchback. Which is quite fun since the last time you got this sort of car is in Clio V6.

  • ivan

    aston vibes are real

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